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what are dental implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium-root devices that are surgically embedded into the jawbone to serve as a replacement for missing teeth. They provide an anchor for artificial replacement teeth, and help preserve facial structure, along with providing more secure fit than traditional removable dentures or bridges. Implants also stimulate bone growth due do their special material composition which helps prevent natural bone loss.


Dental implants key benefits

Dental implants are a great choice for replacing missing or damaged teeth. They look, feel and function like natural teeth, making them an easy and reliable restoration option. Implants also help preserve the integrity of surrounding healthy teeth while preventing bone loss in the jaw that can occur when there is a missing tooth root. Plus, they can last a lifetime with proper care.

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Are you a candidate for dental implants?

A good candidate for dental implants typically has healthy gums and enough bone in their jaw to support the implant. Other important factors include a commitment to good oral health habits, realistic goals and expectations, ability of patient to follow instructions without complications, as well as no history of smoking or alcoholism. Additionally, depending on lifestyle choices such as grinding teeth at night or having gum disease can also influence candidacy eligibility.

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How much do dental implants cost in Bel Air?

We understand the importance of affordable dental implant options and we offer competitive pricing. The total price of dental implants includes various factors such as the implant material, consultation, surgery, and other individualized factors. For specific pricing and more information, please contact our Bel Air dental implant center for a personalized consultation.

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Your dental implant journey

A dental implant procedure involves numbing the gums, drilling a pilot hole into the jawbone, connecting an abutment to secure the new tooth in place and finally putting an artificial replacement tooth over it. Implants are secured with screws and bonded with cement similar to how regular teeth work.

Dental Implants Services

How to look after your dental implants?

Caring for dental implants is fairly straightforward: brush and floss your teeth regularly - aim for twice a day. Avoid hard or sticky foods which can bend, break, or damage the implant. Additionally, go to your dentist regularly for checkups and hygiene visits so any problems can be spotted early. Lastly, avoid smoking as it slows down the healing process significantly.


What are the different types of dental implants?

Dental implants come in three main types: single, multiple, and full mouth. Single implants are used to replace a single lost or missing tooth. Multiple implants can be used to replace multiple teeth, while a full mouth restoration involves replacing all of the patient's natural teeth with artificial ones. Each type requires different procedures and levels of expertise; however they provide patients with properly functioning replacement teeth which look great too.

Why is a dental implant procedure costly?

Dental implants are expensive due to several factors, including the high cost of materials such as titanium, which is both strong and biocompatible. Additionally, the expertise of dental specialists, who undergo extensive training to perform these procedures, contributes to the overall cost. Furthermore, the required dental laboratory work, advanced imaging techniques, and the multiple visits needed for successful implant placement all add to the price.

Is there a way to make dental implants more accessible?

You can choose from various payment plans, benefit from third-party financing, and explore insurance coverage possibilities. Say goodbye to dental woes by finding a personalized, budget-friendly dental implant solution to regain your confidence and a healthy, radiant smile.

Understanding dental implant pain

Dental implants involve a surgical procedure that can cause some discomfort, primarily during the placement. An anesthetic is typically used to minimize pain while the implant is being placed in bone. Afterward, you may experience soreness around the area; however over-the-counter medications can help reduce any postoperative pain and swelling that occurs. It is important to follow your aftercare instructions diligently during this time for maximum healing benefits with minimal discomfort.

Dental implant substitutes

Dental implant alternatives include bridges supported by natural teeth, full or partial dentures, and root canal treatments. Bridges fill gaps with a false tooth that's attached to existing teeth; dentures are removable plates with plastic or ceramic false teeth; while root canals stop pain from infected tissue in damaged tooth roots.

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