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Affordable dental implant dentist near me in Washington

Welcome to Washington, MI and your new smile. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to help you with dental implants. We will provide quality care and service that meets the highest standards, so that you can enjoy a beautiful long-lasting result. Schedule an appointment today for a brighter future.

what are dental implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts that get surgically implanted into the jawbone and act as artificial tooth roots. They provide a strong foundation for permanent teeth replacements, such as bridges or dentures, and can also be used to secure single false teeth. Implants may require several appointments over months depending on the treatment chosen by your dentist.


Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are the perfect solution for replacing missing teeth. They provide a stable, permanent base that prevents shifting or slipping, maintain normal facial structure and allow natural feeling when eating and speaking. Implants also help preserve jawbone mass, which helps protect surrounding teeth from damage or decay. Moreover, implant tooth restoration looks naturally beautiful without visible screws or connections to your other existing teeth. Enjoy the benefits of dental implants today.

Dental Implants Services

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

Candidates for dental implants usually have good overall health, gum tissue that is free of periodontal diseases, enough jawbone structure to support implants and healthy lifestyle habits. Individuals who are not suited for the procedure include those who smoke heavily, who suffer from uncontrolled chronic disorders such as diabetes or heart disease and individuals unable to commit to regular follow-up visits and proper oral hygiene practices.

Dental Implants Services

How much do dental implants cost in Washington?

Our Washington dental implant center offers various financing options to make dental implants more affordable for our patients. The total price of dental implants depends on several factors, such as the number of implants necessary and the materials used. For more details, please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dental professionals.

Dental Implants Services

Dental implants step-by-step

The dental implant procedure requires a small incision in the gums where the titanium post is inserted into the jawbone and left to fuse with the bone; this process is called osseointegration. Once healed, an abutment will be fitted onto the post connecting it to a custom crown for replacement of your extracted tooth. Lastly, an adjustment may be needed to ensure both comfort and function as you adjust back from your initial bite.

Dental Implants Services

Essential tips for dental implant upkeep

Dental implants require proper care to ensure they last. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash regularly is important for keeping the implant clean and preventing bacteria from collecting around it. Additionally, visiting your dentist twice a year to have the implant professionally cleaned can help keep your mouth healthy and reduce any potential risks of infection. Keeping up with dental appointments will also allow for early detection of any complications that may arise.


What are the different types of dental implants?

Dental implants come in a variety of types - single, multiple and full mouth. Single dental implants are best for replacing a single missing tooth, while multiple dental implants help bridge the gap between missing teeth. A full mouth implant is recommended when all the natural teeth are absent or severely damaged and need to be replaced with an artificial set of teeth that look and feel like real ones.

Why do dental implants require a significant investment?

Dental implants are costly due to several factors, including the specialized expertise and training required for dentists to perform the procedure, the high-quality materials such as titanium used to create the implant itself, and the intricate process of customizing the implant to fit each patient's unique needs. Additionally, the multi-stage nature of the procedure, the potential for complications, and the time investment for both patients and dentists contribute to the elevated price.

Can you help me with financing dental implants?

At our practice, we understand the importance of providing flexible payment plans to make necessary dental implants accessible. We are proud to offer in-house financing with no interest charges, as well as a variety of payment options that fit any budget. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable implant solutions.

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implant procedures do not usually hurt during the procedure, as anesthesia is used to numb any discomfort. Afterwards, you may experience some mild soreness for a few days after the placement of your dental implants but should be able to resume normal activity soon enough. Talk to your dental implant dentist if you feel persistent or intense pain so that they can rule out any potential post-procedure complications and address them accordingly.

Options beyond dental implants

Dental implants are not suitable for everyone. Other options include dental bridges, dentures, and inlays or onlays which can be used to replace missing teeth. Bridges use existing surrounding teeth as anchors; dentures provide various levels of prosthetic fitting based on the number of missing teeth; and inlays or onlays involve filling a space with a custom-made material such as porcelain, gold, or silicate cement.

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