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At Voorhees, NJ we specialize in providing dental implants. Our experienced staff offers comprehensive care and treatments to restore your oral health. We guarantee top-notch service at reasonable cost. By choosing us, you get the benefit of a highly successful and an effective solution for missing teeth. Call today to start making that perfect smile happen.

what are dental implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium fixtures inserted into the jawbone to provide a stable, durable support for a restoration such as crowns, bridges or dentures. They effectively replace missing teeth and provide superior esthetics and function.


Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants provide lasting stability, superior comfort & improved appearance. Enjoy a more natural-feeling bite, greater confidence in your smile & the ability to eat foods you may have formerly avoided.

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Could dental implants work for you?

Good candidates for dental implants include people with healthy gums, enough bone to support an implant, and good overall health. People with serious medical conditions such as cancer or diabetes are not considered good candidates as these can affect the healing process of an implant. Similarly, smokers will generally have a harder time accepting the implant due to decreased blood flow.

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How much are dental implants in Voorhees?

Our Voorhees dental implant center offers various financing options to make dental implants affordable for our patients. The total price of dental implants depends on various factors, including the number of implants needed and any additional procedures required. We encourage patients to contact us for more information about pricing and to discuss available financing options.

Dental Implants Services

Dental implant procedure

Dental implant surgery is a complex process, involving careful placement of titanium posts into the jawbone to act as tooth roots. These are topped with abutments and custom-made crowns or bridges - restoring your smile and bite strength exponentially.

Dental Implants Services

How to look after your dental implants?

To ensure long-lasting dental implants, take care of your oral hygiene routine just as you would with regular teeth: brush twice daily, floss once a day and get regular dental checkups. Avoid hard foods and don’t chew on hard objects or ice. Also seek professional advise if you feel any discomfort or pain.


Could you explain the various types of dental implants?

Dental implants come in three varieties: single, multiple, and full mouth. Single implants are used to replace one missing tooth; likewise, multiple implants can be used for two or more replacements while a full mouth of 28-38 implants can offer total replacement along with bridgework.

Why are dental implants so expensive?

Dental implants are costly due to several factors, including the specialized expertise required for the procedure, high-quality materials like titanium for the implant post, and custom-made crowns designed to match a patient's existing teeth. Additionally, the lengthy treatment process, involving multiple appointments, and the need for advanced diagnostic tools like 3D imaging contribute to the expense. However, many patients consider the investment worthwhile for the long-lasting, natural-looking results.

What can be done to make dental implants more budget-friendly?

We offer flexible payment plans tailored to fit your budget. With our low monthly payments, and extended terms, we make dental implants accessible for everyone. Don't let cost hold you back – schedule a free consultation today, and let us design a personalized plan to restore your smile without breaking the bank. Invest in yourself and your oral health. It's worth it.

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implant procedures typically involve minimal to no discomfort, both during and after the procedure. The surgeon uses a local anesthetic so patients experience very little pain during the placement of the implant. Afterward, it is common for patients to feel mild soreness or tenderness in the area while they heal. Any additional pain can generally be managed with over-the-counter medications and will subside within a few days post-treatment.

What are the alternatives to dental implants?

Alternatives to dental implants include bridges, which involve creating a false tooth by placing crowns on either side of the missing tooth; dentures, removable false teeth made from plastic or porcelain-like material; and inlays/onlays to restore small areas of decay.

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