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what are dental implants

Introduction to dental implants

Dental implants are titanium fixtures that replace missing teeth roots. The fixture is surgically placed into your jawbone and serves as an anchor for replacement teeth, like crowns, bridges or dentures. Dental implants provide a stable foundation for the new teeth which allows you to chew and speak with clarity just as you would with natural teeth.


The perks of dental implants

Dental implants are an innovative solution for missing teeth. They offer a strong, secure and seamless way to restore one's smile. Implants also help maintain jawbone health, improve speech and chewing ability and beautify your smile without causing any damage to surrounding healthy teeth. Plus, dental implants offer the same benefits as natural teeth for years of worry-free smiles.

Dental Implants Services

Are you a good candidate for dental implants?

A good candidate for dental implants is generally a healthy adult with sufficient bone in the jaw to provide support as well as normal tooth and gum tissue. The implant needs enough bone and soft tissue to hold it securely, providing a stable foundation for artificial teeth. Additionally, intense smoking or heavy drinking can hinder the success of an implant surgery - good candidates should not have long-term issues with those habits.

Dental Implants Services

How much for dental implants in Astoria?

Our Astoria dental implant center offers various financing and insurance options to make dental implants affordable for our patients. The total cost of dental implants typically includes several factors such as consultation, implantation surgery, cost of the implant materials, and follow-up care. Kindly contact us for more detailed information regarding pricing and to inquire about our financing options.

Dental Implants Services

Dental implant procedure

The dental implant procedure involves making small incisions in the gums to expose the jawbone, placing a screw-like titanium post into the jawbone for stability, giving it time to heal and integrate with your bone (osseointegration), then attaching an abutment piece followed by either a dull or porcelain crown. The entire process typically takes several months from start to finish.

Dental Implants Services

Dental implant care

To care for your dental implants, first maintain a meticulous oral hygiene routine by brushing and flossing twice daily. Rinse with an antiseptic or fluoride mouthwash and visit your dentist regularly to check the stability of the implant, clean away plaque buildup, and monitor gum health. Avoid tobacco use as it can cause discolouration of implants and reduce their lifespan. Lastly, avoid eating hard or crunchy food that could compromise their integrity because damaging them may require expensive repairs or replacement.


How can one select the right dental implant?

Dental implants are often used to replace missing teeth. They come in three types - single, multiple and full mouth. Single dental implants act as a one-to-one replacement for an individual’s lost tooth while multiple dental implants involve two or more that can be placed at the same time into the jawbone and support an entire row of pushed back teeth or bridge. For patients missing all their teeth, a full mouth restoration is possible through a series of 12 to 14 strategically placed implants along with additional prosthetics so they can restore virtually all chewing ability.

Why are dental implants expensive?

Dental implants are costly due to several factors, including the specialized training and expertise required of dental professionals performing the procedure, the high-quality materials used such as titanium for the implant and ceramic for the crown, the advanced technology employed for precise placement, and the lengthy treatment process that often involves multiple appointments and stages. Additionally, dental insurance plans may not cover the full cost, further contributing to the expense.

How can I make dental implant treatment more cost-effective?

We understand that dental implants can be a significant investment. To make them more affordable, we offer customized financing options, including low monthly payment plans, financing, and discounts for qualified patients. In addition, we accept various insurance plans and work closely with providers to maximize your benefits.

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implants involve surgery and can be uncomfortable, but with the right medications there is usually little to no pain during the procedure. Afterward you may experience mild discomfort that should subside within a week or two, but inform your dentist if it becomes more intense or lasts longer than expected.

Dental implant alternatives

Dental implants are not the only solution for missing teeth. Bridges, partials and dentures made to replace multiple teeth can all be great alternatives, as well as dental bonding to repair a cracked or chipped tooth. Additionally, orthodontic treatments such as braces or aligners aim at shifting existing diamonds into the correct position in order to effectively fill in any gaps left by absent teeth.

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