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Going to this dental implant clinic was a real game-changer for me. My smile has never been better. I can now enjoy foods I once avoided, and I'm no longer self-conscious about my appearance.

Paul, Patient

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Affordable dental implant dentist near me in Woods Cross

Dental implants in Woods Cross, UT are a great way to restore your teeth and gums. We use the highest quality materials to provide natural-looking results that last. Our team is knowledgeable and dedicated when it comes to dental implant placement. With our advanced techniques, you can expect complete comfort throughout your treatment process. Call us today for an appointment in Woods Cross and get ready to love your smile again.

what are dental implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium, surgically placed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth and provide a secure foundation for permanent or removable dentures.


Dental implants key benefits

Dental implants are a dynamic solution for replacing missing teeth: restoring your smile, speaking and eating with ease, preserving facial structure & preventing bone loss. Get dental implants today to enjoy greater confidence and improved quality of life.

Dental Implants Services

Are you a candidate for dental implants?

Good candidates for dental implants are typically missing at least one tooth, have healthy gums, and enough bone density in the jaw. Poor candidates are those with severe gum disease or wear dentures already; they can also be people who suffer from clenching or grinding their teeth.

Dental Implants Services

How much for dental implants in Woods Cross?

At our dental implant center in Woods Cross, we understand the importance of affordable pricing. The total cost of dental implants is composed of several factors, including the materials used, laboratory fees, and the expertise of the dental team. For more details on how we make dental implants affordable and to get a personalized quote, please contact us.

Dental Implants Services

Dental implant procedure

Dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone and act as a root for your new tooth. Initially, the area is numbed before the implant is inserted, followed by closure of tissue to allow healing. After time and osseointegration (integration with surrounding bone structure) occur, prosthetic teeth can be attached atop the dental implants. A great looking smile can be yours.

Dental Implants Services

How to look after your dental implants?

To care for dental implants, brush your teeth twice a day with a soft bristle brush and fluoride toothpaste, floss at least once a day, use mouthwash to control bacteria growth and visit your dentist regularly.


How can one select the right dental implant?

Dental implants come in three types: single, multiple and full-mouth. Single implants replace a single missing tooth, while multiple replaces several teeth; a full-mouth installation restores an entire set. Implants are powered by titanium screws that fail to decay and can last for life with proper care.

What makes dental implants so expensive?

Dental implants come with a high price tag primarily due to the complex surgical procedure, skilled professionals, and high-quality materials involved. The process requires a dentist or oral surgeon to insert a titanium post into the jawbone, which fuses with the bone over time, providing a strong foundation for the artificial tooth. Additionally, custom-made crowns add to the expense, as they need to be designed to match the patient's natural teeth. Lastly, dental insurance often doesn't cover the full cost, which can make implants seem more expensive.

Can you help me with financing dental implants?

We understand that dental implants can be a significant investment, which is why we're committed to making them more affordable. By offering flexible financing options, including payment plans and extended terms, we help patients fit implants into their budgets. Additionally, we accept most insurance plans and provide transparent pricing, ensuring you know upfront what your costs will be.

Do dental implants hurt?

Dental implant procedures are generally pain-free; however, some patients may experience mild to moderate discomfort during the process. Afterward, most people experience slight tenderness or soreness in and around the gums where the implants were placed, but this feeling usually subsides after a few days of rest and taking prescribed medication.

Non-implant tooth replacement

Alternative to dental implants include bridges, which use existing adjacent teeth to connect a false tooth in place; partial dentures, which are removable replacements for one or more missing teeth; and full dentures, used when all the teeth are gone.

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