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Welcome to Lakeside, VA. We offer expert dental implant services from qualified and experienced professionals. Our team works with you to create the perfect plan for your needs, working with our top-of-the-line systems. Professional installation and long term maintenance ensures a successful and lasting solution. Call now to get the best dental implants in the area.

what are dental implants

The basics of dental implants

Dental implants are titanium root replacements surgically inserted into the jawbone to secure prosthetics like crowns, bridges and dentures.


Why choose dental implants?

Dental implants replace missing or severely damaged teeth, offering natural looking results and improved function. They restore full biting power, allowing you to chew like normal; promote jawbone health; preserve facial symmetry; eliminate uncomfortable dentures and bridges; and increase confidence with a beautiful smile.

Dental Implants Services

Should you consider dental implants?

Dental implants may not be suitable for everyone; those with poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease or bone loss in jawbone are generally advised against the procedure. Also individuals who have a medical history of diabetes, immune disorders, cancer and radiation therapy should better avoid this treatment. On the other hand people with healthy gums and good oral health stand as great candidates for dental implant treatments.

Dental Implants Services

How much do dental implants cost in Lakeside?

At our Lakeside dental implant center, we offer competitive prices for dental implants. The total price of dental implants is determined by many factors, including the number of implants needed, the type of implant, materials used, and additional procedures required. For more information on pricing and options, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Dental Implants Services

Dental implant surgery

The precise dental implant procedure entails inserting a durable, titanium post into the jawbone - creating an anchor for the new tooth. Then, a custom-made abutment is securely attached to fit your smile naturally. Finally, a permanent crown completes the look and feel of healthy teeth.

Dental Implants Services

Dental implant care best practices

Caring for dental implants requires regular brushing and flossing. Avoid sugary foods; use an antibacterial mouthwash twice daily. See your dentist regularly to maintain a healthy smile and ensure proper implant placement.


What are the different types of dental implants?

There are three main types of dental implants: single (placement of one implant in the jaw to support a crown), multiple (simultaneous or staged placement of several implants in the upper arch, lower arch, or both) and full mouth (replacement of all teeth with a combination of fixed bridges and dentures).

Why do dental implants come with a high price?

Dental implants are costly due to several factors, including the specialized expertise required for the procedure, high-quality materials like titanium for the implant post, and custom-made crowns designed to match a patient's existing teeth. Additionally, the lengthy treatment process, involving multiple appointments, and the need for advanced diagnostic tools like 3D imaging contribute to the expense. However, many patients consider the investment worthwhile for the long-lasting, natural-looking results.

Are there any financing options available for dental implants?

We make dental implants more affordable by offering flexible payment plans, interest-free financing options, and collaborating with insurance providers. We also provide discounts for multiple implants and ongoing promotions. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, cost-effective dental solutions, ensuring everyone can achieve a confident, healthy smile without breaking the bank. Let us help you restore your smile today.

Do dental implants hurt?

When it comes to the procedure itself, dental implants don't hurt. As the surgical site is numbed with anesthetic prior to surgery, you should feel nothing more than slight pressure during insertion of the implant post or pieces of hardware used on multiple piece systems. Afterward some discomfort might occur due to swelling and bruising in addition then long-term soreness if any as your mouth heals normally which usually can be managed by over-the-counter pain reliever medications.

What are the alternatives to dental implants?

Alternatives to dental implants include bridges, dentures and crowns, which offer solutions for missing teeth. They can be placed over existing teeth or soft tissue where a tooth is missing and combine multiple replacements into one appliance. They typically cost less than implants too.

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