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Welcome to Tuckahoe, VA and our highly effective dental implant care. Our experienced dentists provide precise and convenient procedures that meet all of your needs with a lasting, secure fit. We offer comprehensive treatment options tailored to each individual case for optimal results. Our commitment to modern technology assures you the highest quality care available in the industry today. Come feel confident having restored your beautiful smile here at Tuckahoe Dental Implants. Visit us today for a consultation with one of our expert dentists – call now or book online.

what are dental implants

The basics of dental implants

Dental implants are artificial replacement roots that are inserted into the jawbone and act as an anchor for a prosthetic tooth. Implants can be made from metal (titanium) or ceramic, with titanium providing better durability over time. The implant is secured to the bone via screw threading or cementation and can support crowns, bridges, or dentures. They look and feel like natural teeth.


Why choose dental implants?

Dental implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth. They provide a secure, natural feel and look and will last much longer than other tooth replacement options. Implants also help to maintain bone structure in your jaw, which could be lost without them. Additionally, they allow you to speak clearly and eat food like you normally would (even crunchy foods.). Finally, they won't require any special dental care or adjustments as time goes on - making them easy to live with.

Dental Implants Services

Should you consider dental implants?

A great candidate for dental implants is someone who has lost or been missing teeth, as well as anyone needing a more secure and reliable support for existing dentures or bridges. Those with healthy gums, enough bone to place the implants and sufficient oral hygiene to ensure proper care post-procedure are best suited for success.

Dental Implants Services

How much for dental implants in Tuckahoe?

Our Tuckahoe center offers flexible payment plans and financing options to help make dental implants more affordable for our patients. The total cost of dental implants includes the implant, abutment, and crown. However, each case is unique, and prices may vary based on various factors. Contact us for more details about our services and pricing.

Dental Implants Services

Your dental implant journey

The dental implant procedure starts by numbing the area around the damaged tooth. A small incision is made in the gum, followed by a hole being drilled into the jawbone. An implant is then placed and screwed in, after which sutures are used to close up any cut or slit that was made. The area will then be allowed to heal for several months before a cap or crown can be added on top of it.

Dental Implants Services

How to keep your dental implants in top condition?

To ensure your dental implants last and remain healthy, brush twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove plaque and bacteria. Floss gently around the implant post(s) as well. Rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash or water after eating to reduce food debris and bacterial growth. Additionally, have regular checkups every three to six months for professional cleanings & x-rays so any possible issues can be identified early on by your dentist.


How can one select the right dental implant?

Dental implants come in different types: single, multiple, and full mouth. Single implants are commonly used to replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth. Multiple dental implants can support bridges if there are more than two consecutive missing teeth; they may also hold dentures securely in place with the help of abutments that fit over the existing structure of the jawbone. A full-mouth implant is an artificial replacement for all the teeth in either your top or bottom arch and allows for better functioning by supporting bridges, permanent fixed dentures and overdentures.

Why do dental implants cost so much?

Dental implants' high costs can be attributed to several factors, including the specialized skills required for the procedure, the price of quality materials like titanium, and the need for multiple appointments with dental professionals. Furthermore, the extensive training and expertise of implant dentists, along with the use of state-of-the-art technology, contribute to the overall expense. Despite the initial investment, dental implants offer a long-lasting solution for missing teeth, often making them a worthwhile consideration for patients.

What are some ways to make dental implants more accessible?

We offer flexible payment plans, affordable financing options, and work closely with major insurance providers to ensure your perfect grin is within reach. Don't let cost stand in your way. Book a consultation today and let us tailor a solution that fits your budget. Smile brighter with our easy, accessible dental implant services.

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implants are a popular alternative to dentures and bridges, but many people wonder if they hurt during or after the procedure. Generally, during the insertion of dental implants there is little to no pain as it is done under local anaesthesia. Any discomfort following surgery would be similar to that caused by other surgeries – usually minor swelling and soreness which can be minimised with medication prescribed by your dentist. In some cases post-operative side effects may include infection or nerve damage due to misalignment which should be addressed immediately, although this rarely happens.

Options beyond dental implants

Alternatives to dental implants include bridges, dentures, and crowns. Bridges involve using teeth adjacent to gaps for support. Dentures are removable false teeth replacements that sit on the gums. Crowns cover existing damaged or decayed tooth structure for a natural look and feel.

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