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Get your dentures repaired, fast and convenient. Call now to contact our affordable dental lab in Brea. We're open Monday through Saturday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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Fast denture repairs

With our express denture repair service, rest assured that your dental well-being is in professional hands, making the wait time a thing of the past.


Economical rates

Restore your smile without emptying your wallet. Our competitive pricing ensures you receive top-notch denture repairs at a price you'll love.


Peace of mind

Trust in our expertise. We have years of experience in denture repair, ensuring that you can relax and have confidence in the quality of our service.

I'm very satisfied with the quick and efficient repair services provided by this dental lab. My dentures feel like new again. I can comfortably eat, talk, and smile without any issues.

Jennifer, Patient

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Walk-in denture repair lab near me in Brea

Welcome to Brea, CA for reliable denture repair services. Our skilled team is dedicated to offering quality solutions for repairs, relines and remakes. We use the best materials and techniques so that you can get your smile back quickly. All of our work is done locally, ensuring a personalized experience every time you visit us. For those with special needs we have the expertise needed to provide excellent results in a timely fashion. Contact us today and let's get started.

Dental lab nearby repairing dentures same-day

How do we fix broken dentures?

The process for fixing dentures is to assess the damage and clean the piece. Next we use our high quality materials and techniques to make precise repairs, followed by polishing and checking that they fit properly. Finally the repaired denture is returned in perfect condition ready to be worn again.

fixing broken partial dentures

Emergency denture repairs in Brea, CA

As a denture repair lab in Brea, we offer same-day, walk-in, and emergency appointments for denture repairs. Our experienced technicians can often complete repairs in just a few hours, allowing you to get back to your day quickly. For minor repairs, we even offer denture repairs while you wait.

How much for denture repair near me?

How much does it cost for a denture repair?

Our cost-effective denture repair services are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the best quality repairs at affordable prices. Our experienced team will provide an accurate estimate after carefully examining and assessing the damage.

Walk-in local denture repair services

What happens if I don't fix broken dentures?

If your dentures are not repaired, they may become loose and uncomfortable to wear, resulting in difficulty eating and speaking. In the long-term, this can also lead to jaw pain or misalignments.

Soaking dentures in water increases their durability

What can damage dentures?

Dentures break due to everyday wear and tear, improper cleaning, a sudden force or impact on the denture, buildup of calcium which causes weakening of material through time, and failure to attend regular check-up and maintenance appointments.

Patients taking care of dentures

Denture care instructions

Caring for your dentures is essential to ensure that they last longer. Brush them daily with a soft-bristled brush, even if you're not wearing them. Soak in mild denture solution every night and rinse before use. Handle carefully and avoid dropping or bending the dentures, as this can damage them irreparably.


How long do dentures last?

Denture longevity varies, but on average dentures can last from four to eight years with proper care and professional check-ups. Don't wait too long - replace them now to enjoy good oral health and an improved quality of life.

Can you fix broken dentures at home?

No, you cannot fix broken dentures at home. It requires dental expertise and specialized equipment to properly repair dentures, so leave it up to the professionals. Visit <a href=''>Department of Health Care Services</a> to learn more.

How long can you leave dentures in?

If you leave your dentures in all the time, it can lead to gum irritation, mouth sores and fungal infections. Also, it may affect your bite and make speaking and eating difficult. Therefore, we suggest wearing them only when necessary for comfort.

Can dentures be made to look like your natural teeth?

Yes, dentures can look very natural and like real teeth. With modern materials and advanced techniques, our team of specialists are able to create a personalized denture that perfectly fits each individual patient's mouth and allows them to look more like themselves than ever before.

How often do dentures need replacing?

If your dentures are loose, uncomfortable or your teeth have changed shape then you need new dentures. Also, if there is visible cracking or chipping of the material then it's time for a replacement.

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