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Fast denture repairs

We understand the importance of a speedy solution. We offer walk-in and emergency denture repairs, so you can smile confidently again sooner.


Affordable pricing

High-quality denture repairs shouldn't break the bank. Our services are designed to be affordable, without compromising on quality.


Peace of mind

Regain proper functionality and boost your confidence in social situations. Laugh, speak, and interact freely.

I'm very satisfied with the quick and efficient repair services provided by this dental lab. My dentures feel like new again. I can comfortably eat, talk, and smile without any issues.

Jennifer, Patient

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Walk-in denture repair lab near me in Fallbrook

Denture repair in Fallbrook, CA has never been easier. Our experienced technicians provide reliable and fast repairs that ensure your smile looks its best. With quality craftsmanship guaranteed every time you can trust us to get the job done right. No need to wait any longer - contact us today for your denture repairs and give yourself peace of mind. Experience the confidence of a beautiful smile with top-notch service here in Fallbrook.

Dental lab nearby repairing dentures same-day

What is the procedure of repairing dentures?

To fix dentures, the first step is to inspect them thoroughly and determine what needs fixing. Next, make any adjustments needed such as realigning fixtures or replacing broken parts. Lastly, clean and polish the dentures for a finished look before returning them to the customer.

fixing broken partial dentures

Emergency denture repairs in Fallbrook, CA

As a denture repair lab in Fallbrook, we offer same-day repairs for walk-in emergencies. We work to fix your dentures while you wait, typically in just a few hours. Trust our team for quality, efficient repairs when you need them most.

How much for denture repair near me?

Average cost of denture repair

The cost of denture repair varies depending on the type and extent of the damage. We provide quality service at an affordable rate, so you can be sure you're getting a great deal.

Walk-in local denture repair services

What happens if I don't fix broken dentures?

If you don't repair your dentures, they will become more difficult to wear and may gradually cause damage to the gums and jawbone. Over time, the dentures may no longer fit correctly or securely stay in place.

Soaking dentures in water increases their durability

Reasons why dentures can break

Dentures can break due to age, misuse, dropping them or not using the proper cleaning methods. Old dentures become brittle over time and can crack if mishandled. Incorrect hygiene techniques also lead to bacteria build up causing components of the denture to weaken.

Patients taking care of dentures

Denture care guidelines

Properly caring for your dentures is essential to their longevity. Clean them daily with a specialized denture cleanser; use lukewarm water and brush gently. Avoid abrasive cleaners, hot/boiling water and harsh brushing as they can damage the materials of your dentures. Soak in disinfectant overnight at least once per week to keep them clean and fresh.


Can dentures last forever?

Generally, dentures should be replaced after five to eight years. With proper care and regular check-ups, you can keep your dentures looking great for even longer - so don't let time pass without having them checked out.

Why does my denture keep falling out when I eat?

Dentures can come loose due to poor fit or age. An adjustment from your dentist or replacement may be needed in order to prevent dentures slipping out of place.

How is denture repair different from relining?

Denture repair involves replacing broken or cracked pieces, while relining is when the lining of a denture is replaced due to poor fit or to update the shape and size. Repairs often take longer than relines.

Is it OK to sleep with dentures in?

No, it is not advised to sleep with dentures in. Sleeping with them can lead to gum and tissue irritation, as well as an increased risk of fungal infections. Therefore, your best option is to take out your dentures at night and store them in a safe place.

When do you need new dentures?

If your denture becomes loose or uncomfortable, has visible cracks, feels too heavy or loose in the mouth, or changes shape when removed then you need to have them assessed by your dentist and likely replaced.

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