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Fast denture repairs

Don't wait for days without your dentures. With our lightning-fast repair service, you'll have them back in your hands before you know it.


Wallet-friendly pricing

Restore your smile without emptying your wallet. Our competitive pricing ensures you receive top-notch denture repairs at a price you'll love.


Peace of mind

Our professional denture repair team ensures that your dentures are restored to their optimal function and appearance, allowing your true personality to shine in every social interaction.

I'm very satisfied with the quick and efficient repair services provided by this dental lab. My dentures feel like new again. I can comfortably eat, talk, and smile without any issues.

Jennifer, Patient

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Walk-in denture repair lab near me in Orinda

Welcome to your reliable denture repair services in Orinda, CA. We offer professional repairs and relines for all kinds of dentures, always with exceptional customer service. With us you get quality-assured results that ensure a perfect fit every time. Our expert technicians use the highest-grade materials and modern equipment for best outcomes. Call us today and experience our unmatched dental industry's know-how. Get a fix your smile needs in Orinda—fast & easy.

Dental lab nearby repairing dentures same-day

What is the process for fixing dentures?

The procedure for fixing dentures typically involves first cleaning and disinfecting the appliance, then performing any necessary repairs (such as filling chips or cracks) and finally polishing to give it a smooth finish.

fixing broken partial dentures

Emergency denture repairs in Orinda, CA

At our denture repair lab in Orinda, we offer same-day repairs for walk-in and emergency cases. Most denture repairs can be completed within a few hours, and we can often fix your dentures while you wait. Trust us to provide prompt and reliable denture repair services.

How much for denture repair near me?

How much does it cost to fix the broken dentures?

The cost of denture repair depends on the type and complexity of the damage. Our team will provide you with detailed information about costs after evaluating your needs.

Walk-in local denture repair services

Should I repair broken dentures right away?

Without regular repairs, dentures can cause discomfort and embarrassment. This can lead to difficulty eating or speaking, as well as poor fitting and misshapen dentures. To prevent these issues, it is important to have your dentures serviced regularly.

Soaking dentures in water increases their durability

What causes broken dentures?

Dentures can break due to age, accidents or a variety of hard food items placed inadvertently in the mouth. Over time denture teeth wear down and can become brittle, increasing the risk for fracture. Repairs should be done as soon as possible to minimize discomfort or risk of further damage.

Patients taking care of dentures

How do you take care of dentures?

Properly caring for your dentures is important to promote proper oral hygiene. To ensure long-lasting and hygienic dentures, brush them twice a day with soap and warm water, avoid extreme temperatures (i.e., very hot or cold), store them in a safe place when not in use, and visit your dentist for regular check-ups.


Is a repaired denture weaker?

Yes, repaired dentures are as strong, if not stronger. Through our special process, we carefully and durably reinforce the infrastructure of dentures so they can last you a lifetime. Get your reliable repair now before it's too late.

Why do my dentures keep falling out?

There can be many causes for your dentures slipping out of place. It could be due to the fit being incorrect - either from wear and tear, or because the denture wasn't correctly set initially. In some cases, there may also be underlying health issues leading to improper suction and jawbone resorption. We're here to help you find the best solution for your individual situation.

How is denture repair different from relining?

Denture repair involves replacing and repairing broken or worn parts of the denture. Denture reline is where a gel or paste is added to the inner surface of an existing denture to make it fit better in your mouth.

Can you sleep with dentures?

No, it is not recommended to sleep with dentures in as this can cause dental health issues. It is important to take out dentures at night and give your gums a chance to rest.

What happens if false teeth are not fitting properly?

Signs of ill fitting dentures include sores in the mouth, difficulty talking or eating, a change in bite alignment, sudden headaches after wearing them and discomfort or pain when speaking.

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