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Quick denture repairs

With our express denture repair service, rest assured that your dental well-being is in professional hands, making the wait time a thing of the past.


Competitive pricing

Say goodbye to overpriced repairs. We believe everyone deserves access to affordable denture repair solutions that fit their budget.


Peace of mind

Our denture repair services alleviate the stress of dealing with damaged dentures, allowing you to maintain a healthy and confident smile

I'm very satisfied with the quick and efficient repair services provided by this dental lab. My dentures feel like new again. I can comfortably eat, talk, and smile without any issues.

Jennifer, Patient

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Walk-in denture repair lab near me in Temple

At Temple Denture Repair, we specialize in providing fast and reliable denture repair services. Our experienced team of professionals can have your broken or damaged dentures restored to good condition quickly and efficiently. We understand that having the perfect-fitting dentures is essential for a comfortable life; so you can count on us to deliver excellent results with optimal satisfaction. Come visit us today and experience our top-notch customer service.

Dental lab nearby repairing dentures same-day

What is the process for repairing dentures?

The procedure for fixing dentures typically includes cleaning the broken pieces, reassembling them correctly and then setting them in a special acrylic material that bonds and hardens the denture. Finally, any necessary adjustments are made to make sure it fits properly.

fixing broken partial dentures

Emergency denture repairs in Temple, TX

As a Denture repair lab in Temple, we specialize in emergency repairs. Most repairs are done in hours and we offer a same-day walk-in service at our location. You'll never have to go without your dentures for long with our denture repairs while you wait service.

How much for denture repair near me?

How much is the cost of denture repairs?

Denture repair costs vary depending on the type of work needed, but our lab offers competitive prices and excellent service. We can provide an estimate over the phone once we understand your needs.

Walk-in local denture repair services

Should I repair broken dentures right away?

If your dentures aren't repaired, they will become progressively worse and you may experience difficulty eating and speaking as your denture fit worsens. This could also lead to painful sores in the mouth, so it's important to have them fixed as soon as possible.

Soaking dentures in water increases their durability

Why do dentures break?

Dentures break for a variety of reasons, such as general wear and tear, improper cleaning or handling, poor manufacturing quality control standards can lead to cracked teeth or denture bases. Additionally, certain foods like sticky candy or hard nuts can damage prosthetic teeth due to their toughness.

Patients taking care of dentures

Denture care instructions

Dentures require daily cleaning and proper storing when not in use. Rinse them after eating and brush lightly with a special denture-cleaning paste, never toothpaste. Soak overnight in denture cleansing solution to keep them hygienic. Handle with care and always keep moisturized by immersing in water overnight or using a wet cloth during the day.


Are repaired dentures as strong?

Repaired dentures can be as strong and reliable as new. We use the highest quality materials in our repairs for robustness, so why wait? Visit us today to get your dentures restored with confidence - at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Can I repair dentures myself?

No, unfortunately it is not recommended to attempt a denture repair at home. We are more than happy to provide professional and reliable denture repairs in our laboratory.

What happens if you leave your dentures in all the time?

If left in all the time, dentures can cause irritation to gums and lead to infection. They need to be taken out each day, cleaned and soaked in a denture solution overnight.

Do you have to remove dentures at night?

No, it is not OK to sleep with dentures in. Dentures are not designed for continuous wear and can cause damage if worn while sleeping, such as causing soreness or shifting of the denture plates.

What happens if false teeth are not fitting properly?

Signs of ill fitting dentures may include difficulty speaking or eating, a sore mouth and gums, pain while wearing them, clicking noises when talking or chewing, unnatural slippage of the denture plate and bad breath.

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