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I had the worst toothache and decided to book an appointment here. I can't thank them enough for the prompt and efficient service they provided. The toothache was resolved quickly and the staff was incredibly caring and professional.

Mark, Patient

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Emergency dentist open 24 hours near you in Pico Rivera

Facing urgent dental treatment needs in Pico Rivera? Authority Dental swiftly connects you to emergency dentists, day or night. If a lost dental filling, cracked tooth, or dental trauma invades your peace, we're here to help. Tooth extraction or immediate attention, we aim to ease your discomfort. Don't endure the pain, reach out to Authority Dental now, and find relief.

What are your options to fix a cracked or chipped tooth?

Handling a chipped tooth

Commonly, a chipped tooth results from biting hard food, injury, or old fillings. Conditions like tooth grinding increase the risk. Regular inspections help identify issues early. Enamel restoration can repair the damage, and we're ready to assist in Pico Rivera around the clock. So, don't wait, seek immediate attention for your chipped tooth.

Treatment options for a throbbing tooth pain

Handling intense dental sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity happens when your underlying tooth layer, the dentin, becomes exposed due to receding gum tissue or enamel wear. It's a painful experience often triggered by hot or cold foods and drinks. In our Pico Rivera office, we understand some foods and drinks can indeed aggravate sensitivity, especially those are high in acid or sugar. They can further erode the enamel and expose dentin, intensifying discomfort. Should you suspect a cavity or infection, it’s best to schedule a check with us, to promptly address potential issues. We’re here to relieve your tooth sensitivity and offer optimal dental care.

Tooth replacement after dental trauma

Emergency root canal dentists near you

At our 24-hour dentistry clinic in Pico Rivera, we often perform root canals to save teeth experiencing trauma or severe temperature sensitivity, relieving pain and preventing infection. Patients typically can drive home after a root canal, but it's a personal decision based on individual comfort levels. Feel free to visit our office to discuss options tailored to you.

Avulsed tooth from an accident

Dental abscess emergency

An abscess certainly warrants an emergency endodontist appointment, as such conditions are considered a dental emergency that requires immediate attention and professional care. After treatment for a dental abscess, you may resume normal eating within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring to maintain your at-home care routine effectively. For any persisting discomfort or yellow teeth concerns, please feel free to schedule a visit to our dentist office in Pico Rivera.

Dental x-ray showing dental abscess

Emergency care for toothache

Toothache is the body's response to an underlying dental issue, often ranging from mild discomfort to severe pain. It's primarily prevented by consistent oral care - think routine cleanings and flossing. However, when plagued by a toothache, a cold compress can alleviate pain while a visit to our dental office stands paramount. Particularly if severe pain indicates a periapical abscess, an emergency dentist visit becomes essential. Don't let the discomfort fester; allow us to help you restore oral tranquility.

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Emergency tooth removal near you

While tooth extractions can sometimes be avoided with early intervention, they're essential in other cases to maintain oral health. The long-term effects vary - some experience minimal issues, but others may need additional dental care. The recovery time often involves swelling reduction and rest care. If you need immediate tooth extraction, it's smart to contact an emergency dentist near you.


What areas do you serve?

Authority Dental helps you find emergency dentists in Pico Rivera, CA, serving areas in Los Angeles County, and covering the zip code 90660.

Why is tooth pain worse at night?

Tooth pain at night may be worse due to the lack of other distractions. The body naturally produces less endorphins when it is resting, so any type of pain becomes more apparent in a quiet environment. Additionally, it can actually be amplified because there is no external stimulation to distract us from the discomfort we are feeling.

How long can a tooth infection go untreated?

A tooth infection can go untreated for quite some time, but it is not recommended as the longer it goes on, the more serious and even life-threatening complications may arise. Please visit your dentist right away if you suspect a dental infection.

Should I visit the emergency room for dental emergencies?

If you are experiencing severe pain, bleeding, broken teeth or swelling of the mouth and jaw - yes, it is best to visit an emergency room for dental emergencies.

Is a black tooth an emergency?

A black tooth can indicate deep decay and should be addressed as soon as possible. While it's not necessarily an emergency, you should visit your dentist to determine the best course of treatment.

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