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I had the worst toothache and decided to book an appointment here. I can't thank them enough for the prompt and efficient service they provided. The toothache was resolved quickly and the staff was incredibly caring and professional.

Mark, Patient

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Walk-in emergency dental care near me in Stratford

At Authority Dental, we specialize in addressing dental emergencies near you round-the-clock. Need an emergency dental appointment? Our 24/7 hotline quickly connects you with reliable dentists for urgent care, from tackling painful dental abscesses and tooth extractions to remedying chipped teeth and controlling facial swelling. Call us when immediate dental care is needed in Stratford.

What are your options to fix a cracked or chipped tooth?

How to fix a chipped tooth

When determining your chipped tooth's severity, we examine and assess signs of further tooth damage. We recommend dietary changes that minimize the risk of reinjuring your tooth, like avoiding hard foods. We can apply a tooth cap while ensuring the molar's health. Prevent chipped teeth by instituting a softer, tooth-gentle diet. Visit our Stratford emergency dentistry office for timely, compassionate care.

Treatment options for a throbbing tooth pain

Treatment for dental accidents

Dental trauma primary symptoms can include pain, sensitivity, or a loose tooth. This could be the result of a head injury or even a concussion, potentially leading to a traumatic occlusion or TMJ disorder. If any of this sounds like you're experiencing, it's important to consult an emergency endodontist. Typically, recovery time can take a few weeks to a few months, depending heavily on the severity of the trauma. Remember, it's crucial not to put off treatment when facing such issues. Our office is here to help, so be sure to swing by if you're in need.

Tooth replacement after dental trauma

Quick aid for foreign objects in mouth

Although it's not uncommon for objects, even fragments of rubber, to get lodged between teeth, you should avoid using sharp tools to remove them as you could cut your gums and expose yourself to periodontal disease. Instead, try gently flossing. Our 24/7 dental office near you is always available to provide professional assistance with such occurrences.

Avulsed tooth from an accident

Managing severe toothache

Differentiating between a normal toothache and a serious one can depend on symptoms you're experiencing. Persistent pain, swelling, fever, and other discomforts could signify problems like periodontal disease, requiring immediate attention such as a same-day dentist check-up. Dietary changes can help to prevent toothaches by lowering your risk for oral diseases. If symptoms persist, seek dental services, possibly include antibiotic therapy.

Dental x-ray showing dental abscess

Handling intense dental sensitivity

Here in Stratford, if you encounter mild sensitivity or have a broken tooth, it's prudent to make an appointment right away. This way, we can accurately diagnose the issue and promptly alleviate discomfort. Regular dental check-ups can nip tooth sensitivity in the bud, as our expert team is trained to find and address even the most subtle signs of oral discomfort. Never let dental issues linger, book your appointment today.

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Managing tooth infections

Dentists typically diagnose tooth infections by examining the area for signs of inflammation and inquiring about any dental pain experienced. If necessary, they might perform an X-ray to detect a periodontal abscess, a clear symptom of infection. There is known link between smoking and oral infections. As an emergency periodontist service, we urge patients experiencing such symptoms to seek immediate attention.


What areas do you serve?

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Does lying down make a toothache worse?

Lying down can make a toothache worse as the position of your jaw can put pressure on the affected area. It is generally best to stay seated or standing and use cold/warm compresses, over-the-counter pain relief, and salt water rinses to ease discomfort.

How long can a tooth infection go untreated?

A tooth infection left untreated can cause serious damage to your oral and overall health and should never be ignored. It can get worse over time, causing more pain, swelling and irreversible destruction of the underlying bone structure so immediate treatment is advised.

Can I leave a broken tooth overnight?

No, leaving a broken tooth overnight could cause permanent damage to the tooth - it's best to see your dentist as soon as possible for proper assessment and treatment.

Are cavities dental emergencies?

No, cavities are not considered dental emergencies. However, they should be addressed and treated as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming larger or more severe over time.

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