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Get instant help with severe toothache, broken tooth, and other dental emergencies. We accept walk-ins and same-day appointments.


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I had the worst toothache and decided to book an appointment here. I can't thank them enough for the prompt and efficient service they provided. The toothache was resolved quickly and the staff was incredibly caring and professional.

Mark, Patient

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Emergency dentist open 24 hours near you in Powder Springs

Authority Dental in Powder Springs serves you round the clock, connecting you instantly with nearby dentists for handling dental emergencies like sudden tooth pain treatment, tooth extraction, and remedies for chipped or knocked-out teeth, even a bitten tongue. Don't suffer in silence; call our hotline anytime, and let us help you find a dentist right away to manage your dental emergency.

What are your options to fix a cracked or chipped tooth?

Best treatments for a cracked tooth

Repairing a cracked tooth involves diagnosing the fracture’s extent, then applying suitable treatment. After assessing the damage with X-rays, we may perform root canal therapy on root fractures, or dental bonding for simpler cracks. Remember, a cracked tooth isn't always painful. Sometimes it only causes discomfort when chewing or sensitivity to hot and cold. If you're experiencing dental trauma, don't wait. Our Powder Springs office provides 24-hour emergency repair for sensitive teeth.

Treatment options for a throbbing tooth pain

Avulsed tooth emergency

When a tooth's knocked out, it's crucial to see your local endodontist ASAP. Speedy intervention is key to preservation and possible reinsertion. Thwart further mishaps like walking into a glass door by investing in a quality mouthguard. This gum-shielding tool is a robust line of defense against traumatic incidents. Remember, timely action and preventive measures are of essence.

Tooth replacement after dental trauma

Emergency tooth removal near you

Recognizing when you need a tooth extraction can come down to a few key signs. A severe toothache that doesn't let up or a broken tooth usually requires urgent attention. Sometimes, complications can arise from tooth extraction such as reactions to anesthesia, but our skilled team ensures safe procedures. So, if you're experiencing distress, book an emergency dentist in our office for a prompt tooth extraction.

Avulsed tooth from an accident

What to do when something's stuck in teeth

An object, like hardened candy fragments, lodged between your teeth doesn't always classify as a dental emergency. It could be uncomfortable, but it's usually not harmful if dealt with promptly. Rinsing repeatedly may resolve the issue. However, a foreign body remaining for an extended period might cause discomfort or infection. Our 24/7 dental care is ready to help if necessary.

Dental x-ray showing dental abscess

Emergency root canal treatment you

Dentists typically recommend a root canal when there's deep dental decay, causing significant dental pain, or when soft tissue inside your tooth is infected or dead. Indeed, a root canal is a major dental procedure aimed at preserving your natural tooth. At our Powder Springs emergency dental office, we offer 24/7 dentistry services, including root canals and dental bridge installations. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you need immediate dental attention.

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Correctly diagnosing oral bleeding

Understanding the difference between normal and alarming oral bleeding falls under essential knowledge. Commonly, slight bleeding after rigorous brushing or flossing is considered normal. However, prolonged, frequent, or excessive bleeding could be concerning, prompting you to reach out to our dental office for assistance. We offer reliable solutions for oral bleeding and superior pain management techniques. Hormonal changes can indeed cause bleeding gums, as these shifts often affect oral health. Keep a note; hormonal changes leading to oral bleeding are common during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause and are generally nothing to worry about. Yet, if the bleeding persists, it would be wise to book an appointment with our dental office. We also provide services like tooth replantation among various other dental solutions. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need professional dental assistance.


What areas do you serve?

Authority Dental helps you find emergency dentists in Powder Springs, GA, serving areas in Cobb County, and covering the zip code 30127.

Does lying down make a toothache worse?

It is possible that lying down may make a toothache worse, as it can potentially increase pressure on the affected area. I recommend avoiding any activities that put extra strain on the jaw or teeth and seeking professional advice if pain persists.

How do you know when a tooth abscess is serious?

A tooth abscess is serious when it becomes infected and causes swelling in the mouth, pain that worsens with time or difficulty breathing. In these cases you should seek medical attention immediately.

Should I visit the emergency room for dental emergencies?

Yes, if you're experiencing a dental emergency, it's best to visit the ER. Depending on the severity of your condition, they may suggest over-the-counter pain relief or prescribe antibiotics to manage infection before you speak with a dentist.

Is a black tooth an emergency?

A black tooth is not typically considered an emergency but if you are in intense pain, then it should be seen by a dentist as soon as possible. Pain can signify damage and may require further treatment.

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