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what is actually an emergency

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any issue with your teeth that requires immediate care. Common dental emergencies include toothache, abscessed tooth, broken, chipped or cracked tooth. Don’t let the pain continue; visit a dentist or an emergency dental clinic for swift treatment and relief.

how do i know if it is an emergency situtation

How do I know if my tooth is emergency?

At our emergency dental clinic, we understand that the quickest response is most important for a successful outcome. We use advanced diagnostic equipment to precisely diagnose and develop treatment plans tailored specifically to your condition. With experience and knowledge at our disposal, you can trust us with even the most complex situations- take advantage now by calling us today.

lost or damaged dental crown is an emergency

What are the most common dental emergencies?

At our emergency dental clinic, we frequently see patients with toothaches, broken teeth, and dislodged teeth. We also treat patients with lost dental fillings, bleeding gums, and soft tissue injuries.

fixing broken tooth with dental implants

Is it worth it to fix a chipped tooth?

At a dentist, a chipped tooth can be easily fixed with a dental restoration; for example, bonding, veneers or crowns. We provide quick solutions that protect your teeth and give you the best possible smile. Make an appointment today to discuss how we can restore your pearly whites.

wisdom tooth pain

Is a toothache a big deal?

If you are experiencing a severe toothache, the best course of action is to contact an urgent dentist in Bolingbrook. Rinse your mouth with saltwater and take over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce inflammation and alleviate discomfort temporarily; however, it is important that you seek professional dental care as soon as possible. Contact an emergency dental clinic right away.

teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent dental issues

How to prevent dental emergencies?

Brush twice daily, floss once a day and eat healthy tooth-friendly foods. Schedule regular checkups to catch problems before they develop into emergencies. Make sure to use an ADA approved fluoride toothpaste and be aware of any aches or discomfort that could indicate an emergency. Take care of your mouth—it's your most valuable asset. Book an appointment today for preventive dental care.


Will my toothache go away on its own?

It depends on the cause of your toothache. If it is due to an infection then treating the underlying issue will be required to make it go away, but if it is just caused by sensitivity or a piece of food stuck in between teeth, then you may find that the pain goes away on its own with brushing and flossing regularly.

Does brushing teeth help toothache?

Yes, brushing teeth can certainly help a toothache. Good oral hygiene will reduce bacteria and plaque buildup, which is one of the most common underlying causes of discomfort and pain in the mouth. Efficient brushing can also reduce inflammation and sensitivity around the affected area.

Can a dentist pull a severely infected tooth?

Yes, a dentist can pull a severely infected tooth if it is beyond repair and no other treatment option would be successful.

How soon should a dentist see me in an emergency?

In an emergency, a dentist should see you as soon as possible. Most dentists offer same-day or next day appointments and will be able to diagnose any problems quickly and efficiently so you can get back to feeling better sooner.

Are cavities dental emergencies?

Cavities are not a dental emergency, however they can cause pain or discomfort and should be treated as soon as possible. Brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and visiting the dentist every 6 months will help to prevent cavities from occurring in the first place.
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