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If you're looking for immediate and reliable emergency dental care in College Park, MD, look no further. Our team of certified dentists provides fast and efficient services. We're here to help with every issue you may have - from toothaches to chipped teeth - 24/7. Trust our proven approach of ensuring quality treatment that's tailored just for you. Get the high-quality service you deserve now.

what is actually an emergency

What is considered a dental emergency?

A dental emergency can include toothaches, abscessed teeth, broken/chipped/cracked teeth and more. If you're feeling serious discomfort in your mouth caused by any of these issues, get help now. Consult with a healthcare professional to address the pain and restore your oral health. Act fast--contact us today for treatment.

how do i know if it is an emergency situtation

How do I know if my tooth is emergency?

At our emergency dental clinic we approach every patient with the same standard of care. We thoroughly examine the affected area and seek to determine if pain relief, antibiotics or even more aggressive treatments are required. Our team has decades of experience in diagnosing dental emergencies quickly and effectively. Contact us today for fast relief from toothache, cracked teeth or any other oral health issue you're experiencing.

lost or damaged dental crown is an emergency

What are the most common dental problems?

At our clinic, we frequently treat patients with toothaches, abscessed teeth, and broken teeth. We also see patients with lost dental fillings, bleeding tongues, and traumatic dental injuries.

fixing broken tooth with dental implants

How to fix a cracked tooth?

For a cracked tooth, dentists can use bonding or crowns to quickly restore the affected area. Sedation dentistry is available to provide extra comfort and assurance throughout the process. Don't suffer in silence any longer. Call your local dentist today and make sure that smile stays healthy and strong.

wisdom tooth pain

What happens if you leave a toothache alone?

If you are experiencing a persistent, intense toothache it is important that you contact an emergency dentist in College Park right away. Pain relief and effective treatment will vary depending on the cause, so prompt action is required to treat your pain effectively. Don't ignore the symptoms- visit an urgent dental clinic as soon as possible.

teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent dental issues

How to prevent dental issues?

Brush and floss regularly, use a fluoride toothpaste, keep regular check-ups with your dentist, and avoid sugary beverages to help prevent dental emergencies. Make an appointment today - proper oral hygiene is the key to a healthy smile.


What happens if you leave a toothache untreated?

If a toothache is left untreated, it can eventually lead to serious problems such as infection and even abscess. In these cases, the damage may require extensive treatment and possibly even dental surgery.

Why is tooth pain worse at night?

Tooth pain can be worse at night because the activity level decreases and lack of distraction makes the pain more noticeable. Additionally, as your body relaxes this may cause sensitive pressure points to develop around your teeth or jaw resulting in increased discomfort.

How long can a tooth infection go untreated?

A tooth infection can go untreated for a while, but it's not recommended. If left untreated, bacteria and other debris buildup in the gum tissue resulting in inflammation and possibly causing damage to surrounding teeth or jawbone. So it's important to see your dentist at the first sign of an infection.

Should I visit the emergency room for dental emergencies?

If you are experiencing severe pain or a tooth has been knocked out, it is best to visit the emergency room for immediate care. This ensures that your dental emergency will be treated quickly and with the utmost care.

Are cavities dental emergencies?

No, cavities are not considered dental emergencies. Most dentists recommend regular checkups so that cavities can be found early and addressed before they become a bigger issue or cause pain.
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