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I had the worst toothache and decided to book an appointment here. I can't thank them enough for the prompt and efficient service they provided. The toothache was resolved quickly and the staff was incredibly caring and professional.

Mark, Patient

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Emergency dentist open 24 hours near you in Saint Joseph

At Authority Dental, we're dedicated to providing you with immediate assistance for your dental emergencies in Saint Joseph. Be it dental trauma care, a dental abscess, chipped, or cracked teeth, and even issues with teeth grinding, you can rely on our 24/7 hotline. We swiftly link you up with emergency dentists nearby. Don't suffer in silence, dial our hotline today.

What are your options to fix a cracked or chipped tooth?

Repairing a cracked tooth

If you suspect a cracked tooth, a gentle rinse and immediate attention may offer preliminary pain relief. Factors like a vertical crack extending to the gum line might necessitate an extraction. Alleviating your discomfort and protecting the pulp remain priorities. Need similar expert care in your home? Our 24-hour services are close at hand in Saint Joseph.

Treatment options for a throbbing tooth pain

Oral bleeding advice

Recognizing the seriousness of oral bleeding can hinge on a few key elements. Long-lasting, frequent, or heavy bleeding may indicate a deep-seated laceration requiring immediate attention. However, an occasional light bleeding, such as after flossing, might only signal a need for improved oral hygiene practices. Regular dental cleanings can indeed play a vital role in preventing such bleeding by promoting wound healing and reducing the risk of gum disease. It's both prudent and timely to book an appointment at our office in Saint Joseph for your regular dental cleanings.

Tooth replacement after dental trauma

Dental care for jaw pain

Jaw pain can be associated with several symptoms including swelling, difficulty opening your mouth, and muscle pain that can lead to headaches. Yes, certain sleeping positions can cause stress on the jaw potentially leading to pain. If you're experiencing prolonged discomfort, you might need muscle relaxants or an immediate dental appointment. Our Saint Joseph office can help alleviate your suffering.

Avulsed tooth from an accident

Immediate treatment for gum infection

Gum infections exhibit unique warning signs, such as swollen, red, tender gums that bleed easily, especially during brushing or flossing. Severe infection may cause persistent bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth. Aging does increase gum infection risk, emphasizing the importance of regular check-ups with an emergency periodontist.

Dental x-ray showing dental abscess

Dealing with sudden tooth sensitivity

The leading triggers of severe tooth sensitivity include enamel deterioration or gum recession often caused by aggressive brushing, high acid diets, or gum disease. Your diet directly influences tooth sensitivity, and introducing changes might help. Fluoride toothpaste offers palliative relief and strengthens teeth. Our urgent care services at our location in Saint Joseph address immediate dental concerns, ensuring you don't have to bear the discomfort.

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Emergency care for severe toothache

In most cases, toothaches rarely go away without treatment. At our Saint Joseph dental office, the pressure pain indicating a toothache can become severe pain if left unchecked. We recommend a same-day dentist appointment to properly manage the discomfort. Meanwhile, a cold compress can alleviate the pain. Dietary changes can indeed reduce toothaches by limiting sugar and acid intake. Rest assured, we're always near you for emergency dental needs.


What areas do you serve?

Authority Dental helps you find emergency dentists in Saint Joseph, MO, serving areas in Buchanan County, and covering the zip codes 64501,64503,64504,64505,64506,64507.

Why is ibuprofen not working for my toothache?

Ibuprofen is a pain reliever, which works well for muscle and joint aches, but it's not effective in relieving toothache. Toothache can be caused by many things ranging from damaged teeth to gums issues, so ibuprofen cannot address the root of your discomfort. It's best to visit a dentist for diagnosis and treatment.

Can a dentist pull a severely infected tooth?

Yes, a dentist can pull a severely infected tooth. If necessary, antibiotics may be prescribed to minimize the risk of infection during and after the procedure. The tooth will then either be pulled or an alternate solution offered depending on its condition.

Can the emergency room do anything for a tooth infection?

The emergency room can provide pain relief, however treatment for a tooth infection requires dental care from a licensed professional. They may offer antibiotics to help reduce the time and severity of the infection, although long-term resolution needs to be sought from your dentist.

Should I brush a broken tooth?

Yes, it is important to brush a broken tooth. This will help remove food and plaque build-up to prevent any further damage to the tooth. Make sure you use a soft-bristled brush and gentle circular motions and avoid hard scrubbing.

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