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what is actually an emergency

What is considered a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any painful, urgent problem that requires immediate attention for your teeth or gums - such as a toothache, abscessed tooth, or broken/chipped/cracked teeth. If you're in pain due to any of these issues don't hesitate; call us today and we'll see how our experienced professionals can help.

how do i know if it is an emergency situtation

How do you diagnose dental emergencies?

At our emergency dental clinic, we diagnose dental emergencies by assessing the amount of pain you’re in, performing an oral exam and taking x-rays if needed. We make sure to provide accurate diagnoses so that you can be properly treated as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment with us today to get the relief and care you need.

lost or damaged dental crown is an emergency

What are the most common dental problems?

At our clinic, we frequently treat patients with toothaches, abscessed teeth, and broken teeth. We also see patients with lost dental fillings, bleeding tongues, and impacted teeth.

fixing broken tooth with dental implants

Can a badly broken tooth be saved?

Dentists can fix a broken tooth by reshaping it, restoring it with filling materials, or replacing it with an implant. However, the most efficient measure is to seek immediate help from an emergency dental clinic to avoid worsening the problem. Fix your broken tooth now and reclaim your healthy smile.

wisdom tooth pain

Can a badly infected tooth be saved?

A tooth infection can cause extreme discomfort. If the pain continues, swelling or fever develops, or the area becomes tender and warm to the touch, contact an emergency dentist in Reno. Antibiotics may be necessary to clear up the infection as it can affect your overall health if left untreated. Schedule an appointment with a 24 hour dental clinic right away for treatment and relief from pain.

teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent dental issues

How to prevent dental issues?

As a dentist, it is important to practice good oral hygiene and be proactive about your dental health. Brush twice a day with ADA-approved toothpaste, floss daily and schedule regular check-ups to keep cavities and gum disease away. If you experience any signs of pain or discomfort, seek help from an emergency clinic immediately. Take the first step towards preventive dental care today – book your next appointment now.


Will my toothache go away on its own?

It is possible that your toothache will go away on its own; however, it is still advisable to see the dentist. Toothaches can be a sign of infection or decay and should not be ignored as these issues may get worse without proper treatment.

Why is tooth pain worse at night?

Tooth pain can be worse at night as the inhibition of saliva production during sleep reduces its natural protective and cleansing effects on your teeth. This may lead to bacteria accumulation, inflammation, and further discomfort.

Can a dentist pull a severely infected tooth?

Yes, a dentist can pull a severely infected tooth. Depending on the circumstances, an extraction may be necessary to remove the infection and alleviate any discomfort caused by it.

How soon should a dentist see me in an emergency?

In an emergency, a dentist should be seen as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of the situation, some dentists may offer same-day appointments to ensure rapid treatment and pain relief.

Are cavities dental emergencies?

No, cavities are not considered dental emergencies. However, they should be address as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the teeth and ensure good oral health.
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