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If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, get the urgent care you need in Staten Island, NY. Our experts are ready to quickly diagnose and treat any issue before it develops into something more serious. Expect fast responses and quality attention delivered with your comfort and safety as top priorities. Get the help you need today.

what is actually an emergency

What is classed as a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is when you experience severe tooth pain, an abscessed/broken/chipped/cracked tooth or facial swelling that could be signs of a dental infection. If any of these occur, seek professional treatment immediately for the best outcome. Don't wait until it's too late - Contact our emergency dentist today.

how do i know if it is an emergency situtation

How do you diagnose dental problems?

At our emergency dental clinic, we diagnose dental emergencies using a comprehensive assessment and examination process. We do an X-ray to identify the problem's origin, take notes on your symptoms, review past medical history & perform other tests as necessary. If you have a severe oral issue, don't delay - come in today for specialized treatment.

lost or damaged dental crown is an emergency

What are the most common dental problems?

At our clinic, we frequently treat patients with toothaches, abscessed teeth, and broken teeth. We also see patients with lost dental fillings, bleeding tongues, and traumatic dental injuries.

fixing broken tooth with dental implants

Can a cracked tooth be saved?

At-home emergency dental treatments like filling craters and fixing cracked teeth are now available. Providing anesthesia, the dentist will repair your tooth and make sure it's good as new—all in a single visit. Schedule an appointment now for expert cracked tooth repair with no stress or hassle.

wisdom tooth pain

Can dentist save a tooth that fell out?

A knocked-out tooth needs urgent attention. Immediately, rinse the tooth with clean water or milk and place it between your cheeks and gums - avoid touching the roots. Time is of essence, so visit an emergency dental clinic in Staten Island as soon as possible to assess if the tooth can be reinserted successfully.

teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent dental issues

What are preventive dental techniques?

Brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dentist regularly; don't wait for pain to occur. If you haven’t already, make sure to schedule an appointment with us now so we can help prevent any potential dental emergencies.


How long does a toothache last without treatment?

A toothache without treatment can last anywhere from a few days to weeks or even months. If you are experiencing any kind of pain in your teeth, it is important to seek prompt dental care.

Why is tooth pain worse at night?

Tooth pain at night can often seem worse due to lower blood flow and decreased saliva production. This can lead to heightened sensitivity, which is why any slight pressure during the day may not be as noticeable as when you try and rest your head on your pillow at night.

Can a dentist pull a severely infected tooth?

Yes, a dentist can pull a severely infected tooth if necessary. If the tooth is too badly damaged or decayed to be saved, extraction may be recommended to avoid further pain and damage to other teeth or surrounding tissue.

Can the emergency room do anything for a tooth infection?

No, emergency rooms generally cannot do anything for a tooth infection as they are not equipped to treat dental problems. Instead, you should visit your dentist right away as they are most qualified to provide proper care and treatment for an oral infection.

What happens if you don't remove a decayed tooth?

If a decayed tooth is not removed, the decay can spread to surrounding teeth and even damage the jawbone. Sight, pain, infection and abscess can also occur if left untreated.
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