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I had the worst toothache and decided to book an appointment here. I can't thank them enough for the prompt and efficient service they provided. The toothache was resolved quickly and the staff was incredibly caring and professional.

Mark, Patient

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Emergency dentist open 24 hours near you in West Mifflin

At Authority Dental, we offer 24-hour dental care to help with dental traumas such as a knocked-out or broken tooth. We understand the discomfort of teeth grinding. Our aim is to connect you swiftly with reliable emergency dentists. Make an immediate call if you need our services. Trust us in efficiently managing your dental emergencies in West Mifflin.

What are your options to fix a cracked or chipped tooth?

Assessing a chipped tooth

Commonly, a chipped tooth results from accidents, tooth injury, biting on hard substances, or aging. Nonetheless, the risk could relate to underlying health issues weakening teeth, highlighted when you need an onlay or veneer. Treating a chipped tooth immediately, using remedies like a composite, is key. If a tooth injury occurs, near you in West Mifflin, our 24-hour emergency dentists stand ready to assist.

Treatment options for a throbbing tooth pain

Expert advice on broken braces

Broken braces disrupt the steady pressure essential for orthodontic treatment, potentially prolonging treatment time, and may cause trauma to the mouth or gum injury. Not always will broken braces require a dentist’s repair, but it's advisable to seek help from an emergency orthodontic office, such as ours in West Mifflin, particularly if a metal brace or wire is poking and causing discomfort.

Tooth replacement after dental trauma

What to do when something's stuck in teeth

Getting objects, even as small as plastic tag fasteners, dislodged promptly from between your teeth is imperative to prevent soft tissue injuries and other oral issues. Retreat from home remedies like using sharp objects or overly forceful rinsing, as they can lead to further problems. Trust our 24/7 dental care for efficient, safe assistance.

Avulsed tooth from an accident

Emergency tooth extraction near you

At times, tooth extraction becomes necessary. With conditions like an abscessed tooth or advanced periodontal disease, removing the tooth can increase patient comfort. Indeed, extraction can impact neighboring teeth, potentially causing them to shift or loosen. Our West Mifflin emergency oral surgeons can offer professional guidance and perform same-day tooth extractions. For tooth health and comfort, book an appointment seamlessly with us.

Dental x-ray showing dental abscess

Dentist's advice on oral bleeding

Should oral bleeding persist, schedule a visit with us. Certain foods and drinks can exacerbate bleeding, triggering rapid blood flow. We'll perform x-rays to identify its causes, which may necessitate root canal therapy. Explore our local dental services near you and take the first step towards better oral health.

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Emergency root canal treatment you

The root cause of a root canal, a service provided by our 24-hour dental practice, often stems from inflammation or infection deep within the tooth leading to acute pain. Because root canal therapy eases this pressure and resolves the pain, you can effortlessly return to normal activities within 24 hours. If you're experiencing continuous discomfort, consider scheduling an appointment with us.


What areas do you serve?

Authority Dental helps you find emergency dentists in West Mifflin, PA, serving areas in Allegheny County, and covering the zip code 15122.

Does brushing teeth help toothache?

Yes, brushing teeth can help with toothache. It helps remove plaque that could be causing pain and brush away food particles stuck in the gums which can cause inflammation. Regularly brushing twice a day and flossing helps prevent toothache from recurring.

How severe can a tooth infection be?

A tooth infection can be very severe, in extreme cases leading to abscess formation and even spread of the infection throughout the body causing illness or death. Early diagnosis is essential to minimize complications and ensure good oral health.

Can I leave a broken tooth overnight?

No, you should not leave a broken tooth overnight. It is important to see your dentist in order to prevent any further damage or potential infection.

Should I brush a broken tooth?

Yes, you should brush a broken tooth as it can help prevent further damage and decrease the risk of infection. Brush gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste twice daily to maintain oral hygiene.

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