• Adults should not pull their own teeth at home, as this can lead to complications. Pulling loose teeth should be done by a dentist.
  • Children's baby teeth should fall out naturally, but if a tooth is loose and can be wiggled without pain, it can be pulled at home.
  • There are several ways to remove a loose tooth, such as wiggling the tooth, brushing and flossing vigorously, twisting with sterile gauze, eating hard and crunchy foods.
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What is the safest way to pull a loose tooth? This article will show you several options.

When to pull a loose tooth?

When exactly is the right time to pull a loose tooth depends on the patient's condition. There are several aspects to consider before the process.

When you try to pull a tooth, there is a chance that a piece will remain inside. Pulling can also damage your gums and tissues. There is also a risk of infection and excessive bleeding. Professional treatment will help you avoid such damage to your oral health.

However, it is a good idea to extract a loose baby tooth that is hanging out. This way, a child can also avoid accidentally swallowing it. Adults should see a doctor who will examine their  tooth to determine if it can or can’t be saved. If extraction is considered necessary by the dentist, only the dentist or a dental specialist  can perform it in the safest way possible.

How to pull a loose tooth?

There are several options to help you with home tooth extractions. Remember that the procedure also includes necessary aftercare.

Keep wiggling

Advise your child to wiggle the loose tooth as often as possible throughout the day. This way, over time, there will be a constant impulse to loosen the tooth further without the child hurting oneself. Make sure that the wiggling does not cause any discomfort.

Brush and floss vigorously

Brushing and flossing with extra force help loosen a tooth. This way, you can pull it out easily and without pain.

Brush the teeth with natural up-and-down movements with a little more force than usual. Place the dental floss between the loose and adjacent teeth. Curve the dental floss with a back-and-forth motion on the underside of the tooth. Thus, the loose tooth will be pulled out without pain.

Twist with sterile gauze

Take a piece of sterile medical gauze and hold the loose tooth. Rotate the tooth left and right. This will weaken the tissue that holds the tooth in place. This constant movement makes it easy to remove the tooth but may cause discomfort to the child so please stop if that is the case

Eat hard and crunchy foods

Chewing on hard and crunchy foods like apples, carrots or nutscan loosen a tooth even more. As a result, you may be able to pull it out seamlessly.

Leave it to the dentist

A visit to the dentist is necessary if other symptoms occur. Look for abnormalities on the tooth or nearby gums, such as swelling and bleeding. 

Pay attention to the cause that is making your tooth loose. It may be the result of an accident, severe decay or advanced gum disease - all of which need to be assessed and treated by a dentist.

Your dentist will then perform a safe tooth removal and make sure no fragments remain. The doctor will also check the adjacent teeth for decay and the gums for inflammation.


Is it safe to pull a loose tooth on your own?

If a child needs extraction, you can perform it yourself. Note that if the pain is severe, the child should see a dentist. Adults should never try to conduct extraction without medical help.

How can I numb a loose tooth before pulling it out at home?

Sucking on something frozen, such as ice cubes or popsicles, can numb sensitivity in your mouth. This may help you to extract a tooth without pain.There are also over the counter remedies such as Oragel which may help temporarily numb the gums in order for the extraction of the baby tooth to be less uncomfortable for the child.

What are your options after removing an adult tooth?

Unfortunately, you cannot get your permanent tooth back. However, there are other options that you can use to regain your smile. They include dental implants, bridges and removable partial dentures.

What are unsafe ways to remove a loose tooth?

For adults, any extraction without medical supervision can be dangerous. Any method that performs extraction in children with too much force is harmful too. It can lead to incomplete extraction, excessive blood loss, soft tissue damage and infection. Adults should see a doctor for removal. For children, it is better to wait. Sooner or later, the delicate roots will become too weak and the child will experience painless tooth loss. If the adult tooth erupts into the mouth and the baby tooth on top of it is still there, a visit to the dentist is required to remove the baby tooth in order to allow for the adult tooth to properly come out.