• Orthodontic treatment may cause the feeling of loose teeth, which is normal and part of the process.
  • When teeth are straightened with braces, pressure is applied to the teeth, stretching the periodontal ligaments and causing the teeth to move.
  • Good oral hygiene, a soft diet and the use of retainers can help the healing process of loose teeth after orthodontic treatment.
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When loose teeth with braces are a norm and when it is an alarming sign of a serious issue? Here's everything you need to know.

Does orthodontic treatment make your teeth loose?

Technically, the metal wires of curly brackets do make your teeth loose. Without loosening, they will not come into their proper position. This effect is natural and positive for your orthodontic treatment.

Still, it can turn into a problem if you develop any oral disease. Insufficient or improper dental care and oral hygiene are the main causes of such conditions. Decay and gum disease can lead to undesirable tooth mobility. If left untreated, this leads to tooth loss.

While wearing braces

During orthodontic treatment, teeth may wobble due to stretching of the periodontal ligament. Periodontal tissue is a special ligament that holds them in place, like the suspension of a car.

Curly brackets put pressure on the teeth pushing them out of their improper original position. On this side, the periodontal ligaments experience compression. The side without applied pressure stretches. This combination of reactions causes tooth movements.

Wearing braces triggers a constant process of bone loss and bone growth. The teeth become straighter over time. Meanwhile, the changes in the bone ensure that the effects of the treatment with braces are permanent.

After braces

Bone development will continue even after the braces removal. In most cases, the teeth will remain loose for some time due to the treatment process. You will have to wait for your bone to fully solidify into their newly anchored position

You may be concerned that your teeth will move into an undesirable position after the removal of curly brackets. To avoid this, your doctor may recommend that you wear retainers. These supporting structures help control the shifting after treatment.

How to tighten teeth loose from braces?

Usually, after wearing braces, the teeth loosen and gradually retake a fixed position. The first few weeks after the treatment are crucial, but the process can stretch to months. It is important to take proper care of your oral health so that the ligaments and bone can heal faster.

Be careful about your diet. Include more soft foods in your diet for the first few weeks after your orthodontic treatment. Chew as little as possible and avoid any hard foods. Proper oral hygiene is also essential. Thorough, yet gentle, brushing and flossing will protect your oral cavity from gum disease.

Wearing retainers can provide extra protection and support for your loose teeth. Retainers will also help ensure that your teeth will keep their desired position once your jawbone and ligaments have healed.


How long do teeth stay loose with braces?

Throughout your treatment with braces, you may feel that your teeth are loosening. The feeling will be more intense when your doctor tightens the wires of your braces. This feeling may last for about 3 days following the tightening. If you maintain good oral hygiene and manage to avoid gum disease, your loose teeth are not a problem. However, if you have gum disease, unstable teeth can also be one of the main symptoms of its progression. Wearing braces during gum disease may make the situation even worse, which is why many orthodontists refuse to treat patients with active gum disease until the inflammation is stabilized.

Can braces make your teeth fall out?

Experienced orthodontists know how to install braces. They are also aware of the necessity to use braces with healthy teeth. If you work with such a specialist and take proper dental care during the process, your teeth will not fall out. If it happens that you are going through gum disease with braces, this can end in tooth loss. Braces themselves cause teeth to loosen. Without proper support from your gums and with the deterioration of bones, the teeth can fall out.

Does orthodontic treatment weaken your teeth and roots?

A professional orthodontist knows how to install braces. The doctor is also aware of the necessity of applying braces on healthy teeth surrounded by healthy gums and bone. If you work with such a specialist and practice proper dental care during the process, your teeth will be absolutely fine. However, if you suffer from gum disease during the treatment with braces, it can lead to tooth loss. The braces themselves will make your teeth loose. Without proper support from your gums and with the deterioration of bones, they may fall out.