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We provide high-quality, cost-effective dentures in Owings Mills, MD to ensure everyone can wear a beautiful smile.


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Same day dentures put you on the fast track to a radiant smile, enhancing your eating and speaking abilities.

I was a bit nervous about getting dentures, but the professional and comforting team made me feel at ease right away. My smile was restored in just one day. Now, I can confidently socialize and enjoy meals without any worry or discomfort.

Mary, Patient

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Same-day denture services near me in Owings Mills

Say goodbye to long wait times and tedious appointments. Our Owings Mills clinic offers affordable same-day dentures with no sacrifice on quality. Whether you need full or partial dentures, we got you covered with immediate results. No more waiting for weeks to get your smile back. Come as a walk-in patient and leave with the confidence you deserve. Book your appointment today.

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What are same-day dentures?

Same-day dentures are a type of dentures that are immediately inserted after teeth extractions, so the patient won't be without teeth. In our Owings Mills denture clinic, the process of getting them involves multiple steps, including examining the natural teeth, taking impressions, and fabricating temporary dentures before extractions. Dentists will then use the impressions and immediate dentures to create permanent dentures that comfortably fit the patient during the healing process. This is an innovative solution that can save patients time and prevent the embarrassment of being without teeth.

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Do you qualify for the same-day dentures procedure?

If you are considering full or partial dentures, have your dentist evaluate if you are a good candidate for an immediate denture procedure. During your first consultation, your dentist will work with you to come up with a treatment plan that best fits your individual needs. If you are approved for immediate dentures, you will receive instant placement of temporary dentures immediately following any tooth extractions. However, if conventional dentures are a better option, your dentist will recommend a treatment plan that addresses your unique situation.

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Same-day dentures price in Owings Mills

The cost of same-day dentures can vary depending on several factors. Factors that can impact dentures cost in Owings Mills include the type of dentures required, the number of extractions needed, and the complexity of the treatment. It's important to ask for an estimate beforehand and ensure that the fees are transparent. Cost can vary depending on the individual's needs, so feel free to contact us for more information.

How to care for your immediate dentures?

Same-day dentures maintenance

As a patient who has received temporary or immediate dentures, it is important to follow care instructions provided by your denture dentist. Ensure that your dentures are comfortable and fit properly, and make adjustments as needed by visiting your dentist for follow-up appointments. Keep your dentures clean and free of any food debris to prevent infection and maintain a healthy smile. For any concerns or issues, contact your denture dentist in Owings Mills.

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Innovative denture solutions at Owings Mills

As a dentist in our Owings Mills clinic, we utilize our in-house dental lab and high-end technology to offer patients a quicker and more efficient denture experience. Our lab is equipped with digital denture printing and 3D printing capabilities, allowing us to efficiently mold, produce and customize prosthesis in a matter of hours. Through this technology, we can provide faster turnaround times while ensuring top-notch quality and fit. Our in-house dental lab is instrumental in our superior denture production and overall patient satisfaction.

Latest dental technology

Best economy dentures in Owings Mills

At our dental clinic in Owings Mills, we understand the importance of having affordable options for dentures. That's why we offer low-cost payment plans to make sure our patients can still have access to high-quality dental care. Our team works tirelessly to find cheap denture options that don't compromise the natural look of your smile. We want everyone to have the chance to receive dental work without the high cost barrier that often comes with it.


Can I get immediate dentures in one day?

Yes, it is possible to get immediate dentures in one day. Immediate dentures are made before teeth are removed, and can be placed immediately after extractions. However, adjustments may be necessary as the mouth heals and the gums and bone change shape.

Do permanent dentures look better than immediate dentures?

Generally, permanent dentures look better than immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are made in advance and can be inserted immediately after teeth extraction. They often need adjustments and do not fit as well as permanent dentures made after the gums heal. Permanent dentures are customized to fit the individual's gums and jaw and usually provide a more natural and comfortable fit.

How painful are same day dentures?

Same day dentures can be painful as the mouth may feel sore or tender for a few days after the fitting. However, this can be managed with pain relievers prescribed by the dentist and avoiding hard or sticky foods. It may take some time to get used to the dentures, but with proper care and adjustment, discomfort should subside.

Why are immediate dentures so big?

Immediate dentures are often bigger because after a tooth extraction, the gums and bone can shrink as they heal, causing the dentures to fit loosely. To ensure a proper fit after healing, the dentures are made slightly larger to fill in the spaces left by the missing teeth and provide support to the healing gums.

How to remove immediate dentures for the first time?

Gently grasp the front of the upper denture and slowly rock it back and forth to release the suction. For the lower denture, use your thumb and index finger to gently grip both sides of the denture and rock it upward and forward to release the suction.

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