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We provide high-quality, cost-effective dentures in Charlotte, MI to ensure everyone can wear a beautiful smile.


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Enjoy the seamless transition to a brilliant smile and restored confidence with our same day dentures.

I was a bit nervous about getting dentures, but the professional and comforting team made me feel at ease right away. My smile was restored in just one day. Now, I can confidently socialize and enjoy meals without any worry or discomfort.

Mary, Patient

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Same-day denture services near me in Charlotte

Welcome to Charlotte's premier same-day denture clinic. We understand how important it is to have a healthy and confident smile. That's why we offer affordable full and partial dentures that are available to walk-in patients. With immediate dentures, you can start enjoying the benefits of a healthy smile right away. No more long wait times or multiple appointments. Get your same-day dentures today and show off your perfect smile.

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What are same-day dentures?

Same-day dentures are a type of dentures that are fitted and placed immediately after extractions. The process of getting them involves a consultation with our Charlotte denture clinic where we assess the patient's natural teeth, healing process, and needs. Impressions are taken, and the temporary dentures are created. During the appointment, the natural teeth are extracted, and the immediate dentures are placed. After the healing process, the patient returns for their permanent dentures. The benefit of same-day dentures is that patients leave our clinic with a complete smile.

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Are you a good candidate for same-day dentures?

At your first appointment with a dental professional, your dentist will evaluate your dental health and provide a treatment plan if necessary. If you need full or partial dentures, your dentist might recommend immediate or instant dentures. These are temporary dentures that fit right after extractions, allowing you to have teeth immediately. Your dentist will then create conventional dentures based on the molds made during your first appointment. Candidates for immediate dentures should have stable and healthy bone structure.

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Dentures cost in Charlotte

Same-day dentures cost in Charlotte are impacted by various factors such as the type of dentures needed, any extractions required, and the specific treatment plan for each patient. It’s important to contact a dental office for an estimate with transparent fees, as prices may vary based on individual needs and circumstances.

How to care for your immediate dentures?

Same-day dentures aftercare

After receiving your temporary dentures, it's important to focus on your comfort and fit. Proper care and follow-up adjustments are also crucial. Regularly clean your dentures, and visit your denture dentist in Charlotte for adjustments and any necessary repairs. Keep smiling confidently with these denture care tips.

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Advanced denture technology in Charlotte

At our denture clinic in Charlotte, we utilize our in-house dental lab and high-end technology to provide better dentures to patients, faster. We use digital technologies to capture precise molds and create custom-fit digital dentures. Our 3D printing capabilities enable us to produce prosthesis faster, streamlining the entire denture-making process. With our in-house dental lab, we can quickly adjust and modify dentures to ensure a fast turnaround time for our patients. Overall, our investment in technology and the in-house lab has allowed us to deliver higher quality dentures with improved speed.

Latest dental technology

Top-rated economy dentures in Charlotte

At our dental clinic in Charlotte, we believe that everyone deserves a natural smile, which is why we offer affordable denture options. We offer low-cost dentures that are cheap without sacrificing quality. We provide various payment options for those who might not be able to pay the full cost of dentures upfront. Our goal is to make dentures accessible and affordable to all who need them.


Are temporary dentures necessary?

Temporary dentures are often necessary to replace missing teeth while the patient's permanent dentures are being made. They provide a temporary solution to improve aesthetics and function, allowing patients to eat and speak more comfortably.

Are permanent dentures thinner than temporary dentures?

The thickness of dentures depends on the material and design, not on whether they are permanent or temporary. The dentist will choose the right thickness based on the patient's needs and preferences, which may vary depending on factors such as comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

How painful are same day dentures?

Same day dentures can be painful and uncomfortable for a few days after placement, as the mouth needs time to adjust. However, the level of pain varies depending on the individual's pain tolerance and the complexity of the procedure.

Why are immediate dentures so big?

Immediate dentures are designed to replace teeth that have been extracted immediately after the removal, without having to go through a healing period, which means that the dentures need to be larger to provide a proper fit and account for any swelling or changes in the gum and bone tissues during the healing process.

Can I eat with immediate dentures?

Yes, you can eat with immediate dentures, but it is recommended to start with soft foods and cut them into smaller pieces for easier chewing. Avoid crunchy or hard foods until you become more accustomed to your dentures. Gradually introduce more challenging foods to your diet and practice proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure the longevity of your dentures.

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