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We provide high-quality, cost-effective dentures in New Braunfels, TX to ensure everyone can wear a beautiful smile.


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Transform your life with same day dentures, guaranteeing a captivating smile and a boost in your overall confidence.

I was a bit nervous about getting dentures, but the professional and comforting team made me feel at ease right away. My smile was restored in just one day. Now, I can confidently socialize and enjoy meals without any worry or discomfort.

Mary, Patient

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Same-day denture services near me in New Braunfels

Looking for affordable same-day dentures? Our New Braunfels clinic can help. With full, partial, and immediate denture options, we have something for everyone. Walk-ins are welcome, and you'll walk out with your new dentures the same-day. No more waiting weeks for a perfect smile. Experience the benefits of same-day dentures today and call us to schedule your appointment.

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What are same-day dentures?

Same-day dentures refer to a denture procedure in which patients can receive dentures within the same day as their initial appointment. The process involves the immediate extraction of teeth and the placement of temporary dentures. After the healing process, permanent dentures that simulate natural teeth can be fitted. At our New Braunfels denture clinic, we offer this service as a convenient and time-efficient solution for patients looking to get extractions and dentures in the same day.

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Do you qualify for the same-day dentures procedure?

When considering dentures, it’s important to find the right treatment plan for you. At your first appointment, your dentist will evaluate your oral health and discuss your options. If you need full or partial dentures, you may be a good candidate for the same-day denture procedure, which allows you to have instant dentures without the need for a temporary set. However, if you prefer a more conventional approach, temporary dentures can give you time to acclimate to the idea of dentures before committing to a permanent set. Consultation with your dentist will help determine the best option for you.

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Same-day dentures price in New Braunfels

The cost of same-day dentures is impacted by several factors, including the location of the dental clinic in New Braunfels. The estimate will depend on the patient's specific treatment plan, which may include extractions. Transparent fees are important, as the cost may vary depending on the type of dentures required. Patients are encouraged to contact their dental clinic for more information.

How to care for your immediate dentures?

Same-day dentures maintenance

After receiving your immediate dentures, it's important to take care of them for comfort and fit. Follow-up with your denture dentist in New Braunfels for adjustments as needed. Clean your dentures daily and soak them overnight. Handle them carefully and avoid using hot water. Stick to soft foods while adjusting. Soon, you'll be smiling confidently with your new temporary dentures.

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Delivering precise and quick dentures

At our denture clinic in New Braunfels, we use high-end technology and a skilled in-house dental lab to provide customized dentures that fit perfectly with fast turnaround time. Our digital denture printing allows for precise molding, ensuring accuracy and comfort for our patients. By using 3D printing, we can create detailed prosthesis quickly. Having an in-house dental lab also means we can keep everything under one roof, from impression-taking to final adjustments, speeding up the entire process.

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Best low-cost dentures in New Braunfels

At our dental clinic in New Braunfels, we make it affordable for everyone to have a natural smile with our low-cost dentures. Our cheap dentures are made of quality materials that will last. We also offer payment plans that provide you with a cost-effective solution to pay for your dentures. Get the smile you've always wanted without breaking the bank.


Can I get immediate dentures in one day?

Yes, it is possible to get immediate dentures in one day. This is known as same-day dentures or immediate dentures. They are created before the teeth are extracted and are immediately placed after extraction. However, adjustments may need to be made after the initial placement.

Can I get permanent dentures from immediate dentures?

It is not possible to get permanent dentures from immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are a temporary solution that is used until your gums and jaw heal enough to get permanent dentures. Permanent dentures are custom made to fit your mouth and are designed to last for several years.

How painful are same day dentures?

Same day dentures can vary in pain level depending on the individual's pain tolerance and the complexity of the extraction process. Some people experience minimal pain, while others may require pain medication for several days. It's best to discuss pain management options with the dentist or oral surgeon before the procedure.

Do immediate dentures look natural?

Immediate dentures can look natural but it depends on the skill of the dentist and the quality of the dentures. Some dentists may use advanced techniques to create a natural appearance while others may not. It’s important to choose an experienced dentist and discuss your expectations with them.

Can I eat with immediate dentures?

Yes, you can eat with immediate dentures as long as you start with soft, easy-to-chew foods and gradually introduce harder foods. Initially, you may experience discomfort and difficulty chewing, but with time and practice, you will adjust to the dentures and resume normal eating habits.

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