Sayeh Hadianfar

Dr. Sayeh Hadianfar DDS

Dr. Sayeh Hadianfar graduated from the Ajman University of Science in 2004. She began practicing in Dubai and has spent a year perfecting her craft by training in Iran. Currently, based in Hamilton, ON, she practices dentistry in her clinic Spinel Dental. Her main focus is patient comfort and personalized care. Her specialty is designing complex treatment plans, which has proven to be an approach greatly appreciated by her patients. Dr. Sayeh is a member of RCDSO, ODA, and CDA. Dr. Sayeh believes in a holistic approach to health and that the body works as a cohesive system. This rare approach, being a mix of science and art, allows her to provide truly customized patient care. She spends her free time attending health-focused conferences, but her interests also include art, design, and culture.