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Quick denture repairs

We understand the importance of a speedy solution. We offer walk-in and emergency denture repairs, so you can smile confidently again sooner.


Affordable pricing

Say goodbye to overpriced repairs. We believe everyone deserves access to affordable denture repair solutions that fit their budget.


Peace of mind

Our denture repair services alleviate the stress of dealing with damaged dentures, allowing you to maintain a healthy and confident smile

I'm very satisfied with the quick and efficient repair services provided by this dental lab. My dentures feel like new again. I can comfortably eat, talk, and smile without any issues.

Jennifer, Patient

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Walk-in denture repair lab near me in Antioch

Have missing dentures created a challenge in your life? Don’t worry, we can help. We specialize in fast and reliable repair of dentures. Our materials are of the highest quality and our experts have great attention to detail when it comes to ensuring an exact fit for you. Get back your smile quickly with us - contact us today if you live in Antioch, CA.

Dental lab nearby repairing dentures same-day

How do we fix broken dentures?

The procedure for fixing dentures begins by cleansing and inspecting the denture. Then, either create a mold or repair any breakage/damage with proper materials such as dental acrylics. Rebase, reline, and refine edges to ensure proper fit inside the mouth before finishing touches like polishing are made.

fixing broken partial dentures

Emergency denture repairs in Antioch, CA

As a denture repair lab in Antioch, we offer same-day repairs for walk-ins and emergency cases. Most basic denture repairs can be done in a matter of hours, and we also offer denture repairs while you wait. Contact us for reliable and prompt denture repair services.

How much for denture repair near me?

How much does denture repair cost?

Denture repair costs vary depending on the complexity of the repair. We provide high quality repairs at affordable prices and offer a free consultation to determine your exact needs and cost.

Walk-in local denture repair services

What happens if I don't fix broken dentures?

If you don't repair your dentures, they can become more damaged over time and may not fit as well, leading to discomfort or complications with eating or speaking.

Soaking dentures in water increases their durability

Why do dentures break?

Dentures can break for a variety of reasons, such as dropping them, using too much adhesive when placing them in the mouth, normal wear and tear from everyday grinding during eating or chewing, or because they were ill-fitting from the start.

Patients taking care of dentures

Denture care instructions

Proper care and cleaning of dentures is essential to maintain their look, fit and function; brush them at least twice daily with a soft-bristled brush. Take them out before sleeping, soak in a gentle cleanser or water and remember to visit your dentist regularly for any adjustments or repairs.


Are repaired dentures as strong?

Your repaired dentures will be as strong, if not stronger, than your original set. Our experts ensure that all repairs go through a rigorous quality inspection and meet the highest standards of strength and durability. Don't delay - restore your confidence with our quick and effective denture repair today.

Why won't my dentures stay in place?

Your dentures may be ill-fitting, possibly due to changes in the shape of your mouth. Please visit us for a fitting so we can make adjustments and ensure that your dentures fit properly.

What happens if you leave your dentures in all the time?

Leaving your dentures in all the time can lead to increased plaque and bacteria build-up, as well as an uncomfortable fit due to changes in the shape of your gums. Over time, this can cause infection or damage to your teeth and gums.

Do you have to remove dentures at night?

It is not recommended to sleep with dentures in as this can put excess pressure on your gums and cause discomfort or sores. If you must sleep with them, discuss a safe solution with your dentist first.

How can you tell if you need new dentures?

If your dentures no longer fit comfortably, have noticeable wear or chips on the teeth, contain loose or missing pieces, or have discoloration from staining; then it is time to get new dentures.

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