• DIY dentures are significantly less expensive than dentures made in a professional laboratory. Yet, the quality is much lower.
  • The materials used in the DIY kits can be toxic. Also, you cannot customize such dentures to your specific needs, which makes them uncomfortable.
  • Do not try to repair your dentures yourself. You may irreversibly damage them or use potentially harmful materials.
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Are DIY dentures a good alternative to dentures made by dentists? Here's everything you need to know.

Most common problems associated with DIY dentures

Making dentures

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There are a few problems associated with making your dentures at home or even adjusting the dentures you already have.


There are kits available for purchase that will help you fabricate your own dentures. However, they do not include any personalization. The kit does not teach you how to shape your dentures to fit your face and facial structures.

Dentures should be custom-made because there is a balance of the smile line, teeth, gums, and lips that only professional dental labs for dentures can achieve. The balance is unique to each patient and can’t be reached with a simple instruction manual.

Materials quality

Denture DIY kits are inexpensive for a reason - they do not use the right materials. The ones included in the kit are not durable and will not withstand chewing and biting pressure, nor will they have a natural look.

Cheap materials can also be toxic. They can irritate your gum tissue and lips and can even cause infections.


Your teeth must function in harmony with other parts of your body, including your jaw bone, joints, and muscles. All these parts work together to perform the proper chewing functions.

Homemade denture kits cannot take your joints and muscles into consideration, which often leaves people with jaw pain or the inability to use the denture and eat a nutritious diet.

Is it safe to make your own dentures?

Broken dentures

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It is not safe to make your own dentures. There is a reason dental providers must complete additional education to fabricate prosthetics like dentures. It may seem simple, but without the proper knowledge of how all the facial structures work, making your own dentures can cause damage to the jaw and joints.

We also do not recommend trying to adjust dentures you had made by a dental professional. Most adjustments cannot be reversed and if you cause problems with your denture, your provider will likely not offer to fix or replace them for free.

Using super glue to fix a cracked denture or replace a broken tooth is not a good solution. Superglue is toxic when ingested and can permeate through the denture material into the gum tissues.


Are DIY dentures a good pick for a temporary teeth replacement?

DIY dentures are never a good choice for tooth replacement, even if it is temporary. A dentist can fabricate immediate dentures for temporary use, which will last much longer than homemade ones.

How much do DIY denture kits cost?

You can find DIY denture kits online starting at less than $100. Even at this price, we would never recommend them.

What does a DIY denture kit include?

Most DIY denture kits include impression trays, impression putty, casting plaster, wax, and synthetic teeth. Kits will usually include “crafting” utensils, a denture brush, and a denture case.