Dental care should be affordable for anyone. And now it is.

With discount dental plans you will automatically save 10% to 60% anytime you visit a dentist. No waiting. No paperwork. Find your plan and use it immediately.


Dental discount plans are your best alternative to expensive dental insurance

Most plans start as low as $120 per year and save you up to 60% on dental treatments such as: dentures, implants, crowns, root canals, teeth removals, braces and more. How do you get started?

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Sign up for a plan

Go to this page and select the care that’s most important to you. Enter your ZIP code and sign up for a dental plan that saves you the most money.

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Visit your dentist

Head to the dentist whenever you’re ready. All plans go into effect immediately. Every patient is accepted. There are no pre-existing condition restrictions.

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Save money

Show your membership card when you pay for your service. Unlike dental insurance, there’s no paperwork, wait times, no deductibles, and no limits on how much you can save.

Find your plan now

What’s the difference between dental discount plans and dental insurance?

The short answer is that dental discount plans are more affordable, more flexible, and require a lot less paperwork. For a more in-depth comparison of the options, see below.

Dental Discount Plans
No deductibles – you start saving up to 60% right away.
No waiting – just sign up, print out your card, and make your dentist appointment as soon as today.
Just present your card and save when you pay. There’s no additional paperwork and no waiting for your savings.
Dental discount plans start as low as $97 per year.
Dental discount plans have no caps. If you have a year with a lot of urgent dental needs, you’ll keep saving on every single one.
Dental Insurance
You’ll pay full price out of pocket until you hit your deductible.
When you apply for insurance, you’ll need to wait for the application to be processed before you can make your first dentist appointment.
Depending on which dentist you choose, you may have to fill out insurance paperwork every time you want to be reimbursed–and wait times for reimbursement can be as long as 18 months.
The typical cost for dental insurance is about $350 per year (or $550 for a family).
Most insurance plans cap total coverage at $1,000 to $1,500 per year – if you end up spending more, you’re on your own.

How much you can save with a discount dental plan

With our dental plans you will enjoy significant discounts for most of dental procedures: preventative dental care, major dental care, specialty treatment and cosmetic services. See an example fee schedule below.

ProcedureNo PlanWith PlanYou save% Saved
In depth check-up$98$32$6667%
Teeth cleaning$99$48$5151%
Scaling and root planing$1156$416$74064%
Dental crown$1265$563$70255%
Tooth extraction$215$70$14567%
Wisdom tooth removal$484$192$29260%
Root canal$1376$770$60644%
Full upper denture$1975$737$123862%
Full braces treatment$5658$4526$113120%
Surgical placement of implant body$2086$1669$41720%

Questions & answers

How is this possible to save so much money with discount dental plans?

With so many members nationwide, quality dental discount plan programs have the power to negotiate big discounts with hundreds of thousands of dentists. A dentist with a plan discount attracts more customers and, in turn, is willing to offer better prices. It’s a win-win situation that means big savings for dental plan members.

How to get your own dental discount plan & start saving now

If quality dental care at major discounts (with no paperwork hassles, no health restrictions, no annual limits, and no waiting) sounds like a great deal – that’s because it is. So, how do you sign up and get started?

It’s really simple:

  1. Head over to :DentalPlans
  2. Select the care that’s most important to you (is it orthodontics? Cosmetic dentistry? Basic/preventative care? Choose what matters most to you and your family).
  3. Enter your zip code.
  4. Click “Find My Plan.”
  5. Find the plan that’s right for you, sign up, and visit your dentist whenever you’re ready.

Why do you recommend :DentalPlans?

Simply put, they’re the best, most trusted site out there for buying dental discount plans for individuals, families and seniors. They’ve got a great track record, a long history of good service, and a money-back guarantee.

:DentalPlans comapny works directly with the biggest name in the industry: Careington 500, Aetna Dental Access, Cigna Dental Network, iDental United Concordia, Solstice Plus Plan One, CVS iSave, Sele-Dent, Dentemax or Avia.

Are these dental plans available in my state?

Call now to see which dental plan is right for you:


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Find out how much a dental discount plan could save you today!

If dental discount plans sound like a deal (hint: they are), all it takes is a few clicks to find out what’s available in your area and how much you could start saving today.

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