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Sign up for a discount dental plan and save up to 60% on dental procedures like teeth cleaning, extractions, crowns, bridges, braces, dentures, dental implant placement, and more.


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Head over to your dentist and instantly pay less. Most dental procedures are covered under your plan: exams, cleanings, crowns, teeth extraction, root canals, dentures, braces, and more.

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Your discount applies instantly. Unlike dental insurance, there’s no paperwork, no waiting period, no deductibles, and no limits on how much you can save.

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What people are saying?

If you want to avoid paying for dental insurance, then this is your best option.

– Mia

I am indeed grateful, I have undergone an oral surgery recently, and you guys helped me to reduce the cost by a whopping $200.

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It’s a perfect option for me since I retired because my medicare care does not include dental care.

– Aubrey

They have my recommendations anytime. Easy to use and safe.

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Quite affordable for such extensive dental work which would have cost me a lot more elsewhere.

– John

The discounts were enormous. I’m happy I joined.

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With this service, the cost of our dental care has greatly reduced.

– Daniel

Each year, I can save massively with my dental plan. My dentist has no objection to the discount because the company is a reputable one. The yearly fee is nothing compared to the value received.

– James

A single procedure helped me to save three times the cost of typical dental care for three years. I believe it’s worth it.

– Sarah

I was glad when I discovered dental plans. Their service is one of a kind, and they help you to stick to plans with their timely reminders.

– Logan

Many dentists recognize the plan and endorse it.

– Sydney

This plan has been my goto plan for several years now. It has helped my family and me to save a lot because we don’t have a dental plan.

– Bryan

I have benefited a lot from this plan, and it has helped me to save a lot of money as well. My teeth look better now than they used to be a few years ago.

– Jessica

It’s a unique option for those lacking access to dental plans.

– Raymond

One thing I love about it is the fact that I can use the plan immediately.

– Colin

I have saved thousands of dollars already. My dentist now agrees to work at a reasonable price. This is a great option for me than dental insurance that involves too many terms and conditions

– Mary

With this method, you can live without the traditional dental insurance and manage your expenses effectively.

– Richard

This is a super plan and great value for your money.

– Rebecca

I have saved hundreds of dollars on my family dental plan.

– Mark

Not your regular dental plan. It has lots of economic option to suit your dental needs. So affordable compared to the one I was used to initiating and the coverage is of the same quality.

– Alison

I have saved thousands with this dental plan. I would gladly recommend it to anyone.

– Bradley

Top quality dental work at a price you can afford

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Questions & answers

How can I get 2 months FREE?

Take advantage of the special offer for Authority Dental readers. It’s easy! Use a coupon code “AUTH10” on the checkout page and you will get 2 months FREE wih any plan. Click here to get started.

Can I combine a discount dental plan with a dental insurance?

Your dentist will usually allow you to use a discount dental plan to reduce the associated costs on dental care as soon as you get to the limit on your dental insurance plan. However, he may not give you the opportunity to use your dental savings plan alongside your dental insurance for the same dental procedure.

Are these dental plans available in my state?

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