• No home remedy can permanently repair your chipped tooth. But, you can use some methods for temporary cosmetic effect and protection of soft tissues in your mouth.
  • Do not attempt to make a tooth filling at home.
  • See a dentist as soon as possible to get proper treatment for your chipped tooth.
  • Trust us when you need urgent dental help. Use Authority Dental to find and book walk-in emergency dentists near you.

Have you just chipped your tooth? Here's everything you need to know.

Temporary chipped tooth repair

To increase the chance of your long term prognosis, you should get professional treatment as soon as possible. Treating the affected area can help prevent further issues such as decay or infection. If you cannot see your doctor right away, you may benefit from the following temporary solutions.

Chipped tooth repair kit

Temporary tooth repair kits can be of great use for broken anterior teeth. You can use them to perform DIY tooth countering. Emergency kits have a special material that can be molded to hide tissue loss.

Such a kit can effectively improve the appearance. It also protects your tongue and cheeks from sharp edges.

Remember not to bite with the temporarily repaired tooth. This is not a permanent solution but can provide some esthetics before you are able to get in to see your provider. 

Dental wax

Dental wax is a special type of paraffin wax. It is also available in the form of emergency kits. Short-term dental repair  with such a wax does not improve the visual appearance. But it does protect the soft tissues in your mouth.

It can also temporarily reduce tooth sensitivity.

At-home remedies for a chipped tooth

No home remedies are not able to repair your injured teeth. Still, they can help reduce painful sensations.

To relieve pain and inflammation, you can use over-the-counter ibuprofen-based pain relievers. Tylenol or acetaminophen can also be used to aid in pain management. Do not take any medications without approval from your medical provider prior to taking such medication. 

Some natural remedies may also aid in dental pain. Apply clove oil to sore gums with a swab or a cotton ball. Peppermint tea has a natural antimicrobial effect. It is also effective in preventing dental infections.

over the counter pain relief

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What not to do with a chipped tooth at home?

Do not attempt to pull out a damaged tooth. Seek emergent dental care if the pain becomes severe.  If the tooth appears severely damaged leave the remaining tooth structure as is and have a consultation with your dental provider. Your dentist will do an evaluation to determine if there is enough tooth structure remaining for repair. 

Do not use cosmetic impression material to fill the inner parts of your broken tooth. Repair kits offer materials suitable only for external countering. If you put them in the tooth, it can be quite difficult for a professional to treat it later. Only certified medical materials are suitable for dental fillings.

Never file your broken teeth. Filing your teeth can increase damage and cause further reduction in tooth structure. Filing can increase sensitivity and make the tooth more vulnerable  to bacteria.



Can a chipped tooth heal on its own?

Injured teeth cannot heal. Still, over time the sensitivity of teeth with small cracks or chips may diminish. A doctor should evaluate and appropriately treat larger chips and cracks. Your dentist will choose the appropriate treatment based on the damage received to the tooth. g. Treatment of severely damaged teeth may include fillings, root canal treatment and dental crowns.

Can I file my teeth with a nail filer?

Do not file your teeth with a nail file or any other household tool. It can cause additional injury to enamel and dentin. You can worsen the condition of cracks if they are present in the tooth structure. See your dentist to determine if they can polish the rough edges.

Is it OK to leave a chipped tooth?

Rather minor damage does not cause any inconvenience. It will not significantly affect the health of your tooth. However, you should visit your dentist to make sure that there are no hidden cracks.