AuraGlow Teeth Whitening – Is It Really The Best, Or Is That a Myth?

When it comes to teeth whitening, you usually see things like teeth whitening strips or some sort of paste you slather onto your teeth. It’s usually messy, inconvenient, and gets in the way of talking and eating.

But there’s a company called AuraGlow that is determined to make the teeth whitening process, quick, easy, and as convenient as possible. The question is, did they succeed?

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What Is AuraGlow?

AuraGlow is a teeth whitening kit that combines pro-level whitening gel with the power of LED whitening. In 30 minutes a day, it removes stains and can deliver results you’d see at a dentist’s office, all with a hands-free device.

Using dental-grade whitening gel, this kit helps remove even the peskiest stains, like coffee, wine, and smoking. They say it can reverse years of stain buildup.

You may be asking, “How is this any different than other at-home teeth whitening kits?”

That’s a good question. Well, the proof is in the ratings, as they say.

With nearly 2,500 reviews on Amazon, the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit has an overall 4-star review. This makes it one of the top-rated teeth whitening kits with LED light on Amazon.

So is it the best one? It’s definitely up there.

AuraGlow, based on customer reviews, is one of the best teeth whitening kits on the market.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Products

Now let’s take a look at the different types of products AuraGlow offers.

Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System

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With the Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System, you can get professional results from the comfort of your pajamas.

It uses a hands-free device that uses LED technology along with the AuraGlow teeth whitening gel. This one-two punch can wipe out years of stains. After you put the gel on your teeth, the LED teeth whitening accelerator light attaches to a tray that you put into your mouth (which can fit anyone) and once the timer goes off, you’re done!


  • Super effective — remove years of stains
  • Easy to use and quick whitening sessions
  • Very affordable


  • Some users complain of sensitivity
  • Mouthpiece sometimes becomes disconnected from LED light

When you look at the cost of the deluxe kit, you wouldn’t think it’s deluxe. It’s super affordable at just under $50.

On-The-Go Teeth Whitening Pen

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The AuraGlow teeth whitening pen is perfect for when you’re traveling or in a hurry. It’s exactly what it sounds like — a pen that whitens your teeth.

Just twist the bottom of the pen to bring out the whitening gel then paint it onto your teeth — thanks to the flexible brush, it’s super easy to get the gel on your teeth and nowhere else. It takes about one minute and it doesn’t involve any trays, clunky lights, or molds. Plus, the pen is clear, so you can see exactly how much whitening you have left over. And the twisting mechanism makes sure the gel stays in the tube and doesn’t spill.

For best results, use this pen 1-2 times each day and start seeing the difference after just 2-3 uses.


  • Easy to use wherever you are
  • See the difference after just a few uses
  • A very affordable alternative to a full-on teeth whitening kit


  • The gel can be difficult to get out when toward the end of the supply
  • May not be as effective as a whitening kit

For a little whitening pen that allows you to whiten literally wherever you are, the price of $22 is fantastic.

Radiant Effects Teeth Whitening Kit

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This AuraGlow teeth whitening kit is a more affordable version of the Deluxe Home kit with less features. It involves using a whitening gel syringe and a mouth tray (the box includes extras of each). When you use this kit for 30 minutes each day for 1-2 weeks, you’ll start to see shiny results.


  • More affordable than the Deluxe Home kit
  • Very unlikely that you’ll experience teeth sensitivity
  • Effectiveness is top-notch


  • Results may vary
  • Foam overflow can be inconvenient

The idea that you can whiten your teeth this easily for just under $30 is a steal.

All three of AuraGlow’s main teeth whitening products — the Deluxe Home System, On-The-Go Pen, and the Radiant Effects Kit — are affordable and effective.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening – Reviews From Users

Don’t just take our word for it — here are some reviews from actual AuraGlow customers (via Amazon).

“…I am happy that this product does not cause tooth sensitivity. I usually have problems with the white strips because I can only handle using them every 3rd day or so. I am able to use this kit daily with no problem.” – mybad

“Love it. I could tell a difference after my first use. …Overall, easy, I liked that I did not have to put the strips on my teeth and get it all over my hands.” – Kristina D.

“I’ve used the whitening kit three times now (30 minutes each time) and I’m very happy with the results so far. My teeth definitely look whiter.” – Courtney J.

“Product is easy to use, it’s been 4 days since I began and there is some improvement. Overall product is good.” – Amazon Customer

“Product shipped very quickly and the product is very easy to use. I also enjoy that it does not make my teeth sensitive like other whitening products.” – Matt H.

Based solely on user reviews, AuraGlow makes some great teeth whitening products as the reviews are almost all positive.

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AuraGlow – Where To Buy?

You can get AuraGlow products at any drugstore or supermarket, like WalMart, CVS, or Walgreens. You can also find them on Amazon.

Although the easiest way to get your teeth whitening kit is to go directly to AuraGlow’s website. That’s where you can see all of their products in one place, get the most in-depth info on the kits, and also contact the company with any questions.

AuraGlow is available nearly everywhere, but their website may be the best place to find what you’re looking for.


  • Based on customer reviews, AuraGlow offers some of the best teeth whitening kits on the market
  • All three of AuraGlow’s main teeth whitening products — the Deluxe Home System, On-The-Go Pen, and the Radiant Effects Kit — are super affordable and very effective
  • Judging by customer reviews, AuraGlow makes some really good teeth whitening products (almost all the reviews are positive)
  • AuraGlow is available on their website as well as any drugstore or supermarket
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