The Best Denture Adhesives: Types, Brands, Reviews, Tips

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Whether you’re a new denture wearer or are simply looking for a better brand, our dental adhesive reviews will help you make an informed buying decision. We will also help you understand the types of dental adhesives and how you can be more successful with each.

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What You Need To Know About Denture Glue

Technically, perfectly fitting dentures don’t need an adhesive.

Alas, few things are perfect.

It’s estimated that half of denture wearers use some sort of denture adhesive. No one wants loose dentures. But getting them refitted can be costly. That’s why the right “denture glue” can help you drastically cut down on dental visits.

Did you know? Denture adhesive is also called a “dental glue”. We will use both of these names in this this article.

There are also other things to consider. For instance, some dental creams have been linked to zinc poisoning. While zinc is a naturally occurring nutrient that our bodies need everyday, the systems it plays a part in are delicate. Too much can lead to serious problems.

Don’t worry though. Just continue to educate yourself. You can always talk to your dentist, but we only review dental adhesives with safe levels of zinc (or none at all).

Finding the right dental adhesive can make all the difference:

  • Keeps food from getting under dentures when chewing.
  • Helps relieve those who suffer from dry mouth and/or bad breath.
  • Allows wearers to more comfortably order tough foods like steak.
  • May help relieve gum irritation when used consistently.
  • Increases bond confidence for speakers, singers, and similar.

Finally, it is important to always follow the instructions on the label exactly. You may need to try different brands to find one that is right for you. As you cycle through your options, make sure you always take the time to learn exactly how any given product should be used.

You can always phone the company or a dental care professional if you have serious questions. Just be sure your questions are answered before you begin use.

From here, all you need is a basic understanding of the different types of dental adhesives you might encounter.

Types Of Dental Adhesives

Dental adhesives come in powders, pastes, and strips. You might want to try them all out before you settle on any one product or type. But your main consideration will be balancing personal comfort, bond strength, ease of use, and budget.

Cream Adhesives

Also referred to as paste adhesives or denture glue, this type is probably the most popular. They are easy to apply and make a strong bond. Denture pastes can be applied to wet or dry dentures, though slightly wet generally works better. The only real complaint is that they have a tendency to ooze unless applied perfectly.

Powdered Adhesives

The advantage of powdered adhesives is that they are easier to clean and do not ooze. You simply sprinkle a thin layer on the surface of your dentures while wet and apply the dentures to your mouth.

Adhesive Strips

Denture adhesive strips (also called cushions, pads, or wafers) are the easiest to use, but are more expensive. They are essentially strips that you place on your dentures before applying them to your mouth. This may require cutting the pads to fit, but this isn’t too difficult and they generally get good reviews.

Choosing the Best Denture Adhesive for You

Understanding the scope of dental adhesive reviews online is harder than in many other industries. The main reason is because there are multiple listings for the same brands all across the net.

The denture adhesive industry is well-established with few new players able to break in. However, many different sellers on Amazon (and elsewhere) offer these products. Across these different locations, it is impossible to get an accurate gauge of which products are truly the most popular.

Still, a lot can be learned from scouring these reviews.

After reading literally 1000s of reviews, we have a great understanding of exactly what people are looking for in a denture adhesive. For most industries that we review, we create a set of standards. If we were to do that for denture adhesives, it would look something like this:

Our Criteria

  1. Bond Strength: How firm and how long the bond strength is
  2. Ease of Use: How easy the product is to apply, use, and clean
  3. Comfort: How well do people respond to the way it tastes and feels
  4. Zinc Risk: High levels of zinc can cause health problems
  5. Value: Comparing the cost and usage rates between each product

However, that would not be the most helpful for you. All of our ratings would end up very similar and product type would be a deciding factor in every category.

When it comes to dental adhesives, it’s all about personal preference.

Understanding Dental Adhesive Brands

All of the products on the market are very similar, so it helps to know how the actual companies stack up to each other.

Undoubtedly the two biggest brands in this space are Fixodent and Super Poligrip. Each has a variety of different adhesive formulations. One difference is that Super Poligrip does not use zinc in their products at all.

SECURE is a similar company, but they do not produce the same number of positive reviews online.

There are also a few brands that specialize in one adhesive type. Effergrip makes an adhesive cream. Wernets makes a powder. And Sea Bond and Ezo, and focus on adhesive pads or cushions.

4 Best Denture Adhesive Creams & Pastes: Fixodent vs Super Poligrip vs SECURE vs Effergrip

When it comes to denture adhesive creams, there are about 10 different creams between the top three companies on this list. We have lumped all of the products of each brand together but still highlight the different variations so that you can find something that suits your needs.

Keep in mind that the number one thing that determines the effectiveness of any denture adhesive is how well you follow the instructions. In fact, we’ve noticed that a significant portion of the poor reviews on all denture creams come from those who may have failed in adhesive application (more tips on that later).

1. Super Poligrip

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Super Poligrip Free is one of the best selling denture adhesive on Amazon. You can find different sizes and price points. Overall, Super Poligrip has the widest variety of all denture cream brands. They never use zinc and their price per ounce if usually the lowest of sellers online.

Super Poligrip Original also gets incredible reviews on Amazon. If you’re looking for something fortified to protect against gum irritation, look into the Super Poligrip Extra Care. They also have a Ultra Fresh with mint flavor for fresh breath.

2. Fixodent


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Fixodent is another leader in the denture adhesive market with similar price point and reviews as Super Poligrip. Fixodent Plus Scope is one of the best reviewed creams on the market. It allows you to kill two birds with one stone by fighting bad breath.

Fixodent Original is the top reviewed in the Fixodent brand with some listings scoring over 4.5 average. Varied sizing and pricing options are available. Fixodent also offers a well reviewed artificial color and artificial flavoring free formula.


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SECURE is the most popular denture adhesive on the market and there is a reason for that. Their product is very high quality and it holds your dentures strong. Denture wearers and dentists all across the world trust and use SECURE brand. Try it!

You can find different purchasing options for the original SECURE Denture Adhesive Cream. They also offer a SECURE Sensitive: a zinc free option for those with sensitive gums that contains aloe vera and myrrh.

4. Effergrip


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Effergrip is the small fish in this pond. With less sales and lower customer review ratings, it is easy to see why Effergrip is at the bottom of this list. However, they seem to have a commitment to quality and user safety because they use a zinc free formula.

Keep in mind they are the little guy. This means their online reviews are less likely to be “sculpted” by skilled marketing teams. That’s why we still included them. They don’t have any product variants but you can find a couple of price and size options for Effergrip Denture Adhesive but you are probably best off looking through their main brand page for the best available offer.

3 Best Denture Powders: Fixodent vs Super Poligrip vs Wernets

If you don’t like pastes and would like to try a powder you have three options.

All of these products have multiple listings on Amazon and elsewhere, which makes it hard to determine which product actually gets better ratings from customers. You are probably best off testing all three of them out for yourself.

Whichever one you decide to go with, you may notice a slightly lesser hold than from your favorite paste adhesive. That’s just the price to lose the ooze. Again, be sure to follow instructions exactly.

1. Fixodent Extra Hold Powder


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Fixodent seems to get slightly better ratings than its two competitors. Their formula does use zinc, but at safe levels. They have a lot of listings for this product, but it consistently does well. You can find different sizes and pricing.

2. Super Poligrip Extra Strength Powder


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It is hard to say for sure that Fixodent is truly the leader when it comes to denture powders. Super Poligrip Extra Strength Powder also gets great reviews across the web.

3. Wernets Denture Fixative Powder


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Wernets is about the only other worthwhile brand of denture powder to be found online. Their reviews aren’t quite as good as the other two, but marketing always plays a role in reviews and theirs is the weakest.

Top 3 Denture Adhesive Stips

Strips, pads, or cushions are easily the most differentiated type of denture adhesive.

There are several companies that have their hands in it and the companies that specialize actually do a pretty good job. In fact, Fixodent is currently sitting out despite the relative success of Super Poligrip’s Comfort Seal Strips.

Well-made denture strips are comfortable, easy to apply, and create a solid bond. Still, you might need to try the different brands to find one that works perfectly for your mouth and denture set. Across all of these products, you’ll notice reviewers who mention experimentation on their way to success with adhesive strips.

You should also keep in mind that users have more luck with strips for the bottom jaw than those for the top.

1. Ezo Denture Cushions


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Ezo specializes in denture strips, which they call “cushions”. They are easily the top selling brand of denture adhesive strips on Amazon—and they get the best reviews too. This is probably a top five product overall. You will notice, however, that their cushions for the lower jaw outperform those for the upper jaw.

2. Super Poligrip Comfort Seal Strips


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Super Poligrip also has a strong showing in this category as well with their Comfort Seal Strips. They do this despite offering only one type whereas other brands make different kinds for uppers and lowers. Their reviews are nearly as high as those for Ezo.

3. Sea Bond Denture Adhesive Seals & Wafers


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Sea Bond offers several denture related products, including baths and brushes. They have a denture adhesive paste that isn’t very popular (and is somewhat hard to find) but their Adhesive Seals sell well. The “Wafers” are simply mint-flavored versions of the same product.

Tips for Using Denture Adhesives

Getting your dentures to stay in place can be quite frustrating.

If you want the hold to last through beef jerky and (gasp!) corn on the cob, you’ll need to start with good fitting dentures. But the proper application of the right denture adhesive can go a long way to increasing your confidence when eating all foods.

We’d like to leave you with a few tips that might serve you.

Follow Instructions: There are many poor reviews from new denture wearers that seem to be a product of frustration as they learn how to adjust to life with dentures. Be sure that you read product labels and use them as they are intended to maximize results.

Less is More: More adhesive does not mean a tighter hold. Start with recommendations found on the product, but many who struggle with their dentures apply too much adhesive. This not only weakens the hold but adds to the ooze factor.

Don’t Forget to Secure: Taking the time to hold your dentures in place just after applying them can make all of the difference. Your product may advise you to clinch your jaw or use your hands: try out both and see what works best for you.

Experiment: Certainly, exhaust every piece of advice the manufacturer recommends. But don’t be afraid to get creative with your application. Advice from other denture wearers can also be a great resource, so don’t be afraid to post a question on a forum and see what sorts of answers you get (or, check out this thread).

Don’t Give Up Too Early: This goes for individual products as well as adhesive types. It’s important to give a product a fair shot, especially when you’re new to life with dentures and don’t have much experience with dental adhesives. Still, don’t be too loyal to a single product if it’s giving you trouble for an extended period.

Reapply When Needed: Don’t be afraid to reapply denture adhesive when necessary. This can be done preventatively (before meals) or whenever you feel them getting loose. The wisest denture wearers keep an emergency supply of their favorite denture adhesive.

Clean Dentures Nightly: Keeping your dentures clean is of utmost importance. Not only will clean dentures bond to adhesives and your gums more readily, but they will keep your dentures from developing a foul odor. Remove all adhesive nightly, brush them like you would your real teeth, and soak them overnight.

Show a little perseverance and it’s pretty easy to find a product that will give you the hold you’re looking for.

If you try several products and still can’t find anything that gives you a secure hold, you might need to have your dentures refitted. This can be expensive (see dentures costs). Your best bet is to do everything you can to find an denture adhesive that you can live with.

You may not ever learn to love your dentures, but you can certainly learn to live with them.