• Your dentures can develop stains like natural teeth, but you cannot use conventional whitening agents.
  • Do not apply abrasive products, hard toothbrushes or household bleaching products to your dentures. Also avoid regular toothpaste and hot water.
  • You can prevent discoloration by avoiding staining products such as wine, coffee or tea.
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What are the best ways to remove stains from your dentures? Here's everything you need to know.

Can you whiten dentures?

Dentures soaking in the glass of water

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You will not be able to whiten your dentures with the same products you use to whiten your natural teeth. The whitening products on the market - like toothpastes and whitening strips - are not meant for dentures.

There are other methods you can use to remove stains from your dentures. However, your dentures will never be any whiter than they are when you first get them.

How can I make my false teeth whiter?

Before you try to whiten your false teeth with professional products, your dentures need to be cleaned. Many times, a good cleaning can remove light stains and make your dentures whiter.

Clean your dentures each day

Your dentures should be cleaned at least once each day. Remove your dentures and use a denture brush (which are much larger than regular toothbrushes) to remove any food particles from your denture. You should clean your dentures over a soft surface or a sink filled with water so that if you drop your dentures while cleaning, they will not break.

Remember about flossing

You may not need to floss your dentures, but if you have any remaining natural teeth, you need to floss those daily. Flossing cleans one-third of your tooth structure, so you will miss much of the surface area if you fail to do it.

Use denture cleansers

There are many denture cleaners available to purchase. They usually come in the form of a dissolvable tablet that you place in a small glass of water. The cleaner will help remove bacteria as well as many stains.

Try natural methods

There are several natural methods you can use to remove stains from your dentures. Hydrogen peroxide has strong whitening powers. Simply apply the solution to your denture and gently brush the denture with your denture brush. Be sure to rinse the denture before placing it back in your mouth.

Baking soda and salt can also be used to clean your denture. Dissolve one of the substances into water and use it to scrub your denture.

Lastly, you can soak your denture in white vinegar overnight. The vinegar will clean your denture and kill any bacteria. Remember to rinse your denture in the morning.

Get professional cleaning

Even if you are completely edentulous (you have no natural teeth), you should still see a dentist once a year. A dentist will evaluate your denture, gum tissue, and bone level to make sure they are all healthy.

While at your appointment, your dentist will clean your denture with an ultrasonic machine. These machines use short, quick vibrations to effectively clean your denture.

What to avoid when whitening dentures?

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There are certain products you should avoid when cleaning your denture. You should not use products that are too abrasive as they can scratch the acrylic. You should also not use hard toothbrushes or regular toothpaste for the same reason. Household bleach is also definitely no-no. If you are unsure how to clean your dentures, find a dental technician in your city to get professional assistance.

Lastly, while you can use warm water to rinse and clean your denture, never use hot water or boiling water. Heat will melt the acrylic and cause your denture to warp in shape.

To prevent your dentures from staining, you should avoid foods or drinks that cause natural teeth to stain. This includes wine, coffee, and tea, among other things. If you do consume these things, always rinse your dentures with water when you are finished.


Why do dentures get discolored?

Dentures get discolored for the same reasons that your natural teeth do. The acrylic, which is what dentures are made of, can easily absorb substances. Foods or drinks that would stain your natural teeth will stain your denture even more quickly.

Can you change the color of your dentures?

When you first get your dentures, your dental provider will ask you which shade you would like the teeth to be. Once you have the final dentures, you cannot change the color of the teeth without getting new ones.

Is it safe to use household bleach to whiten dentures?

It is not safe to use household bleach to whiten your dentures. You should only use natural products or ones that have been approved for use.