Fixodent Denture Adhesive Products: How To Use, Reviews & Side Effects

One of the biggest fears of people with dentures is losing their dentures. “Losing” as in falling out of their mouth.

Mayne this is one of your biggest concerns. Whether you have full dentures or partial dentures, one thing to combat this fear is to get a strong denture adhesive.

And one well-known name in the denture adhesive world is Fixodent. So we’re going to review it to see if it actually works and for whom it might be good.

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How Do Fixodent Denture Adhesives Work?

You probably know how denture adhesives work in general.

But how does Fixodent work? Is it any different than your typical adhesive? What is in this cream that makes dentures stick so securely?

Well, the ingredient that provides the stickiness is the calcium/zinc PVM/MA and the cellulose gum. The ingredients that give it the right creamy consistency are the mineral oil, petrolatum, and the silica. (The Red 27 Lake gives it the color).

Fixodent uses calcium/zinc PVM/MA and cellulose gum to provide a strong denture hold.

How To Use Fixodent

Using Fixodent is very similar to your typical denture adhesive. So if you’ve ever used adhesive, you can probably guess the how-to steps.


First, clean your dentures and let them dry. Next, apply Fixodent on your dentures in thin strips. And lastly, place the dentures in your mouth and firmly hold in place for a minute or so. This should last for the entire day. In fact, you shouldn’t use it more than one time each day.

Inside each box of Fixodent are instructions, which include a diagram showing how you can apply the cream. You should not use more than what you see on the diagram. For example, for full dentures, you shouldn’t use more than six strips of adhesive, or roughly three inches total.

If you place the dentures in your mouth and some of the adhesive oozes out the side, you’ve used too much. If you use the correct amount each time, a whole tube of Fixodent should last about two to three weeks.

It’s also very important to talk with your dentist if your dentures aren’t fitting properly or if you’re not sure how much adhesive to use.


And believe it or not, there is a “right” way to remove your dentures.

The first step is to fill the sink with warm water — this is simply to keep your dentures from shattering if you accidentally drop them.

Second, rinse your mouth with warm water or alcohol-free mouthwash. Next, remove your top dentures by pressing your thumb against the inside of the front teeth, pushing up and outward. Remove your lower dentures by slowly pulling out using a back-and-forth motion.

To get all of the leftover Fixodent off of the dentures, soak them overnight in a denture cleanser solution (or just water if that’s all you have). In the morning, gently brush the dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush using a little bit of toothpaste and warm water. Also make sure to brush the upper and lower parts of your mouth to remove any adhesive residue.

Apply Fixodent using thin strips, and remove your dentures gently — in both cases, follow the instructions included with your Fixodent purchase.

Fixodent Products Reviews

Now let’s take a look at some of the best Fixodent products.

Fixodent Ultra Max Hold


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If you want the strongest denture hold out of the entire Fixodent family, look no further than Fixodent Ultra Max Hold. It claims an 88-percent hold by the end of the day, which is much stronger than Fixodent Original. And you can get this adhesive for under $20.


  • Apparently strongest hold in the Fixodent family
  • Very affordable


  • Some users were disappointed in the length of time the adhesive holds

Fixodent Plus Gum Care




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It’s irritating getting food stuck between your dentures and your gums, isn’t it? Well, Fixodent Plus Gum Care was made to help combat that issue. The idea behind this product is to keep your dentures firmly in place so food can’t get lodged underneath. This product runs for about $50 online.


  • Doesn’t ooze like many denture adhesives
  • Works much better than competing brands


  • Some users report that this adhesive doesn’t last as long as they’d like

Fixodent Complete Original

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Fixodent Complete Original is the flagship product of the company. It boasts a strong and long hold, allowing you to eat, drink, and be merry. And confidence in your denture hold is roughly $20.


  • Strong hold, lasts all day
  • Allows you to eat and drink normally without loosening


  • Most negative reviews involve an issue with poor shipping experiences

Fixodent Plus Scope

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If you want a strong denture adhesive that also freshens your breath, Fixodent Plus Scope is a great option. Its ingredients provide a reliable hold and kill unwanted germs and bacteria in your mouth. And for under $10, it’s a sweet deal.


  • Lasts all day
  • Tastes good, not like most denture adhesives


  • Some users’ denture loosen during eating

Fixodent Extra Hold Powder


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Fixodent Extra Hold Power is a pretty straightforward product — it provides more strength than a lot of the typical denture adhesives. And it’s only about $20 online.


  • Offers a strong denture hold
  • Easy to remove adhesive when done


  • Can come loose while eating
  • Some users don’t like the grainy texture it can have

Fixodent Plus True Feel




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If you prefer a denture adhesive that has no taste and no unhealthy chemicals in it, then Fixodent Plus True Feel is the adhesive for you. It has no zinc and no colorants, so you can feel better about what you’re putting into your mouth. And it’s under $10.


  • No zinc or extra colorants
  • Flavorless


  • Tends to not last as long as some other Fixodent adhesives

Fixodent Complete Free

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If you like the idea of a healthier denture adhesive, Fixodent Complete Free has no artificial colors or flavors. And Fixodent is “guaranteeing” a strong and long denture hold. For just under $30, that’s a great deal.


  • Free of artificial flavors and colors
  • Strong, long-lasting hold


  • Does include zinc, which can cause irritation

Fixodent Neutral




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With same reliable denture hold as Fixodent Original, Fixodent Neutral also has no zinc added. So you can avoid any potential zinc irritation while being confident that your dentures will stay put. And it’s only about $10 online.


  • No added zinc
  • Same strong hold as Fixodent Original


  • Users report that it doesn’t hold for an entire day

Fixodent Complete Fresh Mint





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Not only does Fixodent Complete Fresh Mint give you a sturdy denture hold, you can have a clean and cool feeling. And it’s not a bad deal for around $25.


  • Offers clean, cool feeling
  • Sturdy hold


  • Includes dyes and zinc

Fixodent Complete Soothing Mint

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What do you get when you combine a strong denture hold, a powerful seal, and amazing comfort? You get the Fixodent Complete Soothing Mint adhesive. Because it’s high quality, it costs about $50.


  • Strong seal
  • Reliable hold
  • Very comfortable


  • It costs more than many of the other denture adhesives
Fixodent has a product for just about any person, preference, and denture.

Fixodent Side Effects

The most common side effect from some Fixodent products is the possibility of zinc poisoning. Using too much adhesive with zinc in it could potentially lead to poisoning.

The common symptoms of zinc poisoning include:

  • Numbness in extremities
  • Tingling sensations in legs
  • Trouble balancing
  • Pain anywhere in body with no clear explanation
  • Weakness in arms or legs
  • Increased instances of falling or tripping

Obviously, if you’re experiencing any of these issues, speak with a physician and your dentist.

As with most denture adhesives, the use of zinc can potentially lead to zinc poisoning if too much adhesive is used at a time.

Fixodent vs. Poligrip

Poligrip is the biggest competitor to Fixodent, and for good reason. Poligrip’s formulas are free of zinc, which is a big positive for many people with sensitive gums. Poligrip also, generally speaking, has adhesive that often last longer.

However, what Poligrip isn’t known for is fighting bad breath, which Fixodent is known for. Plus, Fixodent is one of the most reviewed and trusted brands on the market today.

You can get more info on our top-rated denture adhesive brands in this comprehensive review.

Fixodent and Poligrip both have pros and cons — it comes down to what you’re looking for in a denture adhesive.


  • Fixodent’s strong denture hold is thanks to calcium/zinc PVM/MA and cellulose gum.
  • To apply Fixodent and remove dentures with Fixodent adhesive on it, follow the instructions included with your Fixodent purchase.
  • Regardless of your need or preference, Fixodent has a product for you.
  • The use of zinc can potentially lead to zinc poisoning if too much adhesive is used at a time.
  • Fixodent and Poligrip both have pros and cons, so it comes down to what you’re looking for in a denture adhesive.
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