Natural Denture Adhesive With Organic Ingredients & Without Zinc

What you put in your mouth is a big deal, and no one knows that better than denture wearers.

That’s why, when looking for the best denture adhesive, many people consider organic or all-natural denture adhesive. The benefit of natural denture adhesive products is that they have less chemicals, like zinc, parabens, and artificial colors.

Although you have many choices, the best of the natural denture adhesive creams available is Olivafix Gold Organic Denture Adhesive.

Review Of Olivafix Gold Organic Denture Adhesive

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Olivafix Gold is possibly the most trusted swiss denture adhesive on the market. Because of its strength (24 hour-hold for upper dentures and comparable hold for lower dentures), reliability, and healthy ingredients (35% organic olive oil), it’s the best natural denture adhesive available.

The Swiss make the most innovative denture care products, and Olivafix is the most impressive Swiss-made denture adhesive. It has no petrochemicals, zinc or parabens and it’s taste free.

The great thing about this adhesive is that it does not use the patrol-based Vaseline like many of its competitors do. Instead, it uses purified premium Mediterranean olive oil.

Not only is it the healthiest adhesive on the market, its hold time for upper dentures is hard to beat. Plus, it holds lower dentures superbly too.

Cost Of Olivafix Gold Organic Denture Adhesive

If you compared the cost of two denture adhesives, you’d probably trust the more expensive one, right? The logic is that more time, effort, and quality was put into the more expensive one.

Well, that logic is spot-on when it comes to Olivafix Gold organic denture adhesive.

One tube of this cream is about $23. And although that might seem like more than you’re used to, let’s break down what you get.

One tube lasts about 60 days per denture. That’s about $0.38 per day, which is way less than the coffee you may buy every morning.

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One tube lasts about two months. And you can order directly on their secure websites. Plus, free worldwide shipping is included!
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Plus, this cream improves your standard of living by helping you rid any worry you may have about your dentures coming loose. Your mouth will be healthier than if you were to use other dental cream.

In short, you get what you pay for — quality.