Candid Co.: The New Clear Aligner Kid On The Block

Whenever a new company pops up in an industry, it’s best to wait on it. You need to see if they’re the real deal.

But when it comes to Candid Co., a new clear aligner company, do you need to wait? Can they compete and stay relevant in the growing market of invisible braces, like those being offered by companies like SmileDirectClub?

In this review, we’ll jump into all things Candid to see if they’re worth your money.

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What Is Candid Co?

Candid straightens teeth with clear aligners (aka invisible braces). You can either take impressions of your teeth or go to a Candid Studio for a 3D scan.

Then a licensed orthodontist will assess your case, design your treatment plan, and Candid sends you a series of custom-fit retainer-type devices that you’ll wear.

Candidates for Candid treatment are those with mild to moderate crowding, spacing, protrusion, and/or discoloration. The way you can figure out how they can help you is by hitting the big red button labeled “Am I a candidate?” on their website.

How Do Candid Teeth Aligners Work?

Candid teeth aligners work the way most invisible aligners work — they gradually shift your teeth until your smile is straight. Typically, you wear them 24/7 unless you’re eating or drinking, and the whole process takes 6 months on average to complete.

Candid clear aligners are tailored toward people who need minor to moderate teeth alignment. As with most aligner companies, if you have a more complex case, you may require in-person orthodontic treatment instead.

Here are the basics steps of the Candid process (we’ll break these down below):

  1. Step One: Visit a Candid Studio or take impressions of your teeth at home
  2. Step Two: Candid makes your custom clear teeth aligners
  3. Step Three: You get them all delivered to your door in one shipment

After taking Candid’s survey to see if you’re a candidate, you can either book a free consultation at a Candid Studio or buy an at-home teeth straightening kit. The kit lets you create impressions of your top and bottom teeth (three impressions each) and mail them back with a pre-paid shipping label. At the studio, a Candid care specialist will take a digital scan of your teeth — no putty necessary.

Candid will then create a 3D model of your teeth that your assigned orthodontist will use to design your custom treatment plan. The nice thing is that they’ll send you a preview of your plan, allowing you to decide if you want to move forward with the program. If you do, they’ll make your aligners and mail them to you.

Candid Co vs Competitors

Is one teeth alignment company “better” than another? Who can say, really? It all comes down to which one works best for you.

But in the interest of fairness, we’re going to compare and contrast Candid and other well-known alignment companies.

Candid vs Smile Direct Club

Although Smile Direct Club has been around longer, Candid seems to be SDC’s biggest competitor.

Both companies offer their services to those with mildly misaligned teeth. And both companies turn away about 10-20% of customers with more complex cases.

As of this writing, SDC is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, while Candid has a B rating. Candid and SDC both offer follow-up phone calls, emails, and video chats throughout treatment to help with your care.

One difference between the two? SDC treatment can be designed by general dentists or other dental professionals, while Candid only works with licensed orthodontists specifically trained in tooth movement.

Candid vs Invisalign

Some people have said Invisalign is more comfortable than other aligners, but that can greatly vary from person to person. They are known as the clearest trays out there, so if it’s important to you that your aligners are not noticeable, that could also be a deciding factor.

One big difference is that Invisalign requires you to have the impressions done by a dental professional instead of using an at-home impression kit. Invisalign also uses buttons and attachments on their aligners, and require in-person appointments throughout treatment.

Candid vs ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect is newer to the game, but still a contender. They say each patient goes through just four phases of alignment, each phase lasting roughly three weeks, meaning the whole process takes only about three months. Throughout the process, you meet with your local dentist for checkups.

Although it sounds nice to wear aligners for just three months, it may mean that the process is less customized and maybe not as effective as Candid’s.

Candid vs SnapCorrect

The process for SnapCorrect lasts 3-18 months, after which you’d start wearing a retainer indefinitely while you sleep. The general process is nothing new — make impressions of your teeth at home, send them to the company, get a custom-fit aligner in the mail.

The one thing that they’re known for is how transparent they are. They’re said to be one of the clearest (aka most invisible) teeth aligners on the market. However, most people are more concerned with the results rather than the clearness of the aligners.

Candid Co Reviews

For the most part, Candid’s alignment program gets top marks. The price, when compared to other teeth alignment companies, is reasonable. The convenience of taking the mouth molds at home is a big plus. Or you can skip that step altogether if you go to a studio. Regardless, the results are positive.

Candid Clear Aligners Pricing

The total price for this whole program — including everything — is $1,995 ($1,900 if you book a free consultation at a Candid Studio). This may sound like a lot, but contrasted with the average cost of most invisible braces, which can be as much as $8,500, Candid Co. offers a decent deal.

The treatment plan, which is custom-designed by Candid’s orthodontists, is free, and you get to see it before you decide if you want to do the program. And if you do decide to go with Candid, you’ll get a complimentary carrying case and their premium whitening system included.

Additionally, they do offer payment plans, and you can see if you’re a candidate for financing on their website. Other than that, you can see if your dental insurance will cover any of it, or you can use a Flexible Spending Account or Health Spending Account.


Candid’s clear aligner program is similar to other similar programs except that they only work with licensed orthodontists, and let you see your full treatment plan before you commit to it. And their prices, comparatively, are very affordable.

So if your budget is a little tight but you still want great results from a clear aligner process, Candid may be a good option for you.

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