What is a family dentist? What procedures does family dentistry entail?

Benjamin Wang

Written by Benjamin Wang DDS, Nichole McKenna DDS

A family dentist is any practitioner that caters to the entire family. He or she may treat anyone from infancy to old age. It is a matter of convenience whether patients choose to all go to the same dentist.

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Family dentist vs. dental specialists

What is family dentistry exactly?

Family dentistry includes services ranging from the first tooth inspection to restoring missing teeth. Procedures performed on the patient may depend on their age. Here is a run-down of the most popular treatments according to how old you are.

Babies and toddlers

Children dental cleaning

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The rule of thumb is to take your baby to a dentist when the first tooth erupts or before their first birthday. Oral issues may start at this time. You can consult with a family dentist about how you should take care of your child’s mouth.

The most common problems in the youngest patients include painful teething and cavities. Starting these visits early can also prevent future dental anxiety.


Composite dental filling

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Invisalign Teen treatment

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Soft tissue impacted wisdom tooth

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Full lower dentures

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General and family dentists perform similar procedures and hold the same degree. The main difference is that the latter is a dentist comfortable with treating patients in all age groups. The whole family can be a patient at the same professional.

General dentists may be reluctant to work with children and the elderly. They might also not be as familiar with tooth restoration or orthodontics.

It’s a good idea to find a family dentist in your area. Members of the family may have appointments at different times of the year so it’s just convenient. Other things to consider are waiting periods and prices. Both tend to be lower in smaller towns rather than big cities.

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Family dentists are comfortable and knowledgeable when it comes to pediatric dental care. Pedodontists, however, specialize in it. If you have the option, it is recommended you send your kid to a child specialist who will perform procedures expertly and make sure your child feels safe, especially if there are many restorative needs.