Invisible braces: straighten your teeth without wire brackets

Invisible braces are a great solution for patients who want their undergoing treatment covert. Getting clear aligners is becoming more and more common. This brings about the emergence of new brands.

In this article we have compiled a run-through of the most popular options to help you make an informed decision.

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Best invisible braces

There are several brands that offer clear aligners.

  • Work with orthodontists only
  • Remote monitoring by assigned professional
  • Free scan at a Candid Studio or impression kit
  • Costs thousands less than in-office solutions
  • Results in 6 months on average
  • 60% cheaper than traditional braces
  • Over 1,000,000 happy users
  • Free scan at a SmileShop or an impression kit
  • Treatment designed by specialists
  • Two options: full and nighttime
  • Shortest treatment
  • HyperByte technology
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Orthodontists design the treatment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Affordable price
  • ClearComfort™ technology
  • Results in 6-8 months
  • Customer support via text, mail, online chat
  • First set or retainers for free
  • Most affordable
  • Orthodontist-designed
  • Easily removable
  • Highly transparent
  • No office visits
  • High transparency
  • Contoured edges
  • Fully remote
  • Free retainer included
  • Contains whitening products

Each company focuses differently on making the process cheap, comfortable, and affordable. Here is what you can expect.

Candid Co

Candid’s biggest merit is the amount of effort they put into giving patients the best possible quality of treatment. All plans are designed by orthodontists. Afterward, that same specialist provides remote monitoring.

This happens via a device included in Candid’s kit. All changes are tracked so the orthodontist can react accordingly to how the process pans out. He or she might give you the go-ahead to move onto the next aligners or stay with one set for longer, if the teeth aren’t moving as expected.

The Candid treatment can be fully remote with an impression kit and photos. Alternatively, you can get started by visiting a Candid Studio for a free scan. The whole process lasts 6 months on average.


SDC is the most established home teeth straightening kit on the market. They offer two modes of treatment: full or nighttime. The first is, of course, a lot faster. The average duration is 6 months.

In terms of specialist support, SmileDirectClub offers a check-up with a licensed dentist or orthodontist every 90 days. The full treatment can be done remotely, but there are also SmileShops if you prefer to have a scan initially. SDC will soon be available in-office much like Invisalign.

SDC is also famous for their whitening treatment. A bottle is included with the kit, but you can buy additional ones if you want to stock up.


byte is famous for its short treatment time. It averages to about 3 months thanks to its proprietary HyperByte technology. That is a device that comes with the kit.

The HyperByte helps shift teeth into alignment by emitting high-frequency vibrations while also reducing discomfort. Orthodontists offer their patients similar devices, but they can cost up to $900. This is almost as much as the entire byte cost.

byte gives you both regular and nighttime-only options. The whole process is remote. After the treatment you will have to wear retainers. The first set is free.


The first thing patients praise in Smilelove reviews are their customer service. They are great in providing fast help if you’re ever unsure about anything. The whole treatment is remote, as they offer an impression kit only, so you cannot visit an outpost.

Smilelove’s proprietary ClearComfort technology ensures that aligners are very transparent and comfortable. They are trimmed in order to minimize gum irritation as well. The material of the trays is Essix plastic, highly regarded in this field.

The average time of treatment is 6-8 months. At the end, you receive free retainers, which will be identical to the last set of trays. The only difference is that it will be made with tougher plastic. This way they are more durable.

Aligner Co

Aligner Co offers the cheapest invisible braces treatment on the US market. The price includes an impression kit, your custom aligners, and the first set of retainers.

Aligner Co is also famous for its customer service. It is reportedly easy to get in touch with and always ready to help. You take your own impressions at home with the assistance of their instructional video. There is also a live chat to help you out if you have any queries.

The aligners themselves are designed by orthodontists. They will arrive about three weeks after you accept the treatment plan. Many patients claim that they can see clear results after 5 months.


The greatest thing about SnapCorrect is that their aligners are the clearest out there. You don’t have to worry about them being cloudy or matte. The trays are completely transparent, so no one will know you are undertaking treatment.

The process takes from 3 up to 18 months. After that, you wear a retainer, the first set of which comes included in the price. Everything happens from home since the journey is completely remote.

If you run into any trouble you can call, chat, or email SnapCorrect customer service 5 days a week.


Invisalign is probably the most well-known invisible braces brand offered in dental offices. This means you have to take into account regular visits. On the Invisalign website you can choose a dentist or orthodontist in your area who will monitor your treatment.

You get aligners set by set during each appointment. There are usually about 25 trays in total. They move teeth by a fraction of a millimeter to ensure treatment is safe and all organs in your mouth are cooperating.

Patients usually wear every set for two weeks. Your doctor will decide whether you are suitable for changing aligners every week. This means your treatment can last as little as 3 months.

There are also other in-office brands such as ClearCorrect and some orthodontists offer their own, custom trays.

Who is a candidate for clear aligners?

Clear aligners are generally meant for those whose misalignment is not severe. If you have slightly crooked, spaced, or crowded teeth, such a treatment could be great for you.

The important thing to remember is to visit your dentist regularly throughout the treatment. Invisalign offers regular check-ups, but those don’t include maintenance such as a prophylactic cleaning.

Most brands also require the patient to have all permanent teeth, no baby dentition. This means you must be about twelve years old or older. It’s also worth reaching out to the provider if you have crowns, bridges, or dental implants. For some, this could make treatment impossible.


  • Slight misalignment
  • All permanent teeth
  • General oral health
  • Consistency

Not so good

  • Severe misalignment
  • Bite issues
  • Crowns, bridges, and implants
  • Gum disease
  • Active tooth decay
  • Baby teeth

Some of the issues above can be fixed prior to treatment, so if you are rejected make sure to target the problem. You can reapply and perhaps be accepted the second time.

How do invisible braces work?

Clear aligners work on a similar basis to traditional wire brackets. They apply force to the dentition that is not placed optimally to very slowly move it. Each tray is slightly more symmetrical and therefore arches steadily become even.

Patients should wear invisible braces as much as possible, at least 22 hours a day. It’s easy to spot that you should also be sleeping in them.

The aligners should really only be taken out in two situations. The first is eating and drinking and the second is for cleaning. You should also brush your teeth every time, so they help in forming healthy habits.

How much are invisible braces?

The price range for invisible braces is very wide. It all depends on the brand, though. The biggest price indicator seems to be how much time a specialist has to devote to the patient.

That’s why in-office options tend to be the most expensive. The average Invisalign cost is $5,700. The price is also dependent on the type and severity of misalignment you have. Other factors the experience of the specialist and your location.

Home teeth straightening kits usually have a set figure which doesn’t change from patient to patient. The costs range from $1,395 to $2,400 (excluding impression kits).

Below we have prepared a quick run-down of invisible braces costs.

BrandImpression kitAligners
Candid Co$95$2,400
Aligner Co$75$1,395
Invisalign-$5,700 on average

Final thoughts

Deciding which aligners to choose when you want to straighten your teeth without braces may not be easy. In a nutshell, if you are okay with regular dentist visits, you can consider Invisalign. The highest quality of monitoring when it comes to at-home invisible braces is offered by Candid Co. Aligner Co is the cheapest.

We hope this sum-up has been helpful to figure out what is right for you. Have you already decided which company to go with? Comment down below.

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