Dentacoin: A Breakthrough Change In Payments For Dental Care

If you’ve ever heard the term blockchain or the digital currency Bitcoin, you should also know about a company called Dentacoin. They combine then cryptocurrency world and the dental industry like never before.

Introduction To Dentacoin

Dentacoin is a website that provides different dental care services, and it’s built with blockchain technology and accepts cryptocurrency payment.

Though this site, you can get dental insurance, store your medical info online for easy access, read user reviews, and much more.

Note: Dentacoin’s main mission is to make overall dental care better and more affordable for patients all over the world.

How Does Dentacoin Work?

So how does Dentacoin use blockchain technology to provide dental care services to people? The best way to answer that question is to explain the tools and services they offer.

Currently Implemented Tools

There are three main tools they currently offer: Trusted Reviews, the Dencare app, and Denta Vox.

With Trusted Reviews, you can make yourself heard by reviewing the quality you received from dental professionals. Likewise, you can read others’ opinions are certain dentists so you know which professionals to consider and which to avoid. This also allows those professionals to see what they could be improving.

Plus, when you use this tool, you can earn Dentacoins, which you can use to help pay for dental services (dental bridge, partial dentures, mini dental implants, denture reline, etc.)

Another way you can earn Dentacoins while helping professional get better is DentaVox, a WebApp full of customers’ opinions. It’s basically the market research data that professionals need. And by contributing through questionnaires, you can earn rewards.

On the Dentacare app, you can find tips and resources for improving your oral hygiene. The focus of the app is on post-treatment care, seeking to encourage good long-term oral health.

Waiting In Queue

Dentacoin also has some tools that coming soon: Trading Platform, Dental Assurance, Health Database.

Dental instruments closeup on the dental chairThe Trading Platform provides a place to get dental care products, tools, materials, and equipment. On this platform, you can connect directly with manufacturers and dentists near you and skip the middleman. This means you can get products for less.

Dental Assurance is a dental insurance but based on blockchain technology (meaning it’s more secure). Unlike traditional dental insurance or dental discount plans, with dental assurance no one person has all of your information. The idea behind it is that your health and best interests are paramount.

With Health Database, you can safely and securely store your medical records. They will available only to you and your doctors (but only with your permission).

How To Buy Dentacoin

Buying Dentacoin is basically like doing a currency exchange. It is its own currency, so when you buy it, your exchanging your country’s currency for this digital currency.

As for the price of Dentacoin, we can’t really say it will be a certain amount because, as is the nature of cryptocurrency, it fluctuates daily and even hourly.

Where To Buy Dentacoin

To buy (exchange for) Dentacoin, you can visit the “Buy” option on their website. You’ll then choose the amount of money (USD, Euros, etc) you want to spend and it will tell you how that translates to Dentacoin. Then hit the “Exchange” button.

There are other places you can buy Dentacoin, like exchange platforms, which include places like Binance and Yobit. Then whatever you buy goes into your wallet where you can see your Dentacoin balance and transfer any amount back into your typical currency.

What Is Dentacoin ICO?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. Think of this like being an investor in a certain type of cryptocurrency (for example, Dentacoin, Bitcoin, or Litecoin).

The ICO determines the percentage that is sold back to early backers of a cryptocurrency project — in other words, the ROI (return on investment) for the “investors.”

Final Word On Dentacoin

The future seems bright for Dentacoin.

There doesn’t seem to be any other company like them — they’re the first and only (as of this writing) place where you can pay for dental services with cryptocurrency.

Many experts say cryptocurrency is the future and will eventually replace the US dollar. If that’s true, Dentacoin as positioned itself perfectly.