How much do dental implants cost? The average prices for a single tooth & full mouth implants

I’m sure you’ve heard that dental implants are shockingly expensive. If you’re like most people, the cost made your jaw drop.

Maybe you’re wondering how much you should expect to pay—or if your dentist is trying to pull one over on you.

In this article, I’ll explain the average cost of dental implants. I’ll also show you why implants cost as much as they do. Trust me, once you see why implants are so expensive, you’ll be happy to pay a premium for a dentist who knows what he’s doing.

At the end of the article, I’ll offer a few simple steps that can help you to save big on your dental implants. Keep reading to gain this valuable information.

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Single tooth implant cost

single tooth implant illustrationA single-tooth dental implant cost between $1,000 and $3,000. The abutment and crown add between $500 and $3,000. So, the total dental implant cost per tooth is between $1,500 and $6,000.

This is the average out-of-pocket price without the help of dental insurance or discount dental plans. This estimate includes dental implant surgery and some associated costs such as the initial consultation), but the total cost of your procedure may be even higher depending on your circumstances.

If you need implants for multiple teeth, the costs only rise higher. There are several types of dental implants, and depending on your tooth replacement needs, one or more could be an option for you.

Average cost of multiple dental implants

multiple teeth implant bridge illustrationMultiple implants are an option for patients who are missing more than one tooth.

Generally, multiple teeth implants cost between $3,000 and $30,000, and may even cost more. Replacing two to four teeth with multiple high-quality tooth implants might cost between $6,000 and $10,000. Please note this estimate may vary based on individual patient circumstances and additional associated costs.

This procedure is typically only performed on patients who have healthy teeth on either side of the open area. The procedure also requires a healthy gumline to hold the implants in place.

The number of implants you need depends on the number of teeth you need to replace. The location of the missing teeth plays a role, as well. You may not need individual implants for each tooth if the target teeth are adjacent to each other.

Cost of full mouth dental implants

full mouth dental implants illustrationNowadays, many people opt for implant-supported dentures (also known as full mouth dental implants).

Expect to pay between $7,000 and $90,000 for a full set of implant-supported dentures, with an average price of $34,000. A dentist will charge you between $3,500 and $30,000 for installing a single plate (top or bottom) of these dentures.

Unlike traditional dentures, full mouth dental implants are stable and stay in place without the need for adhesives. They are a great option for those who are missing several teeth in a row. However, you may need to have many teeth removed before all of the necessary implants can be added. This can significantly raise the associated costs of the procedure.

These dentures are becoming more and more common, especially on the lower jaw, where it is difficult to create a gumline fit.

Implant-supported denture plates aren’t so different from normal dentures, but the associated procedures can really rack up the final bill.

Why do dentists charge so much?

One of the primary reasons that the cost of dental implants is so high is that you may need to pay both a dentist and a surgeon. On top of that, you may need to make multiple visits to complete each step of the procedure. More visits and more professionals to pay means more money out of your pocket.

There’s more to a dental implant than just hopping in a chair, receiving anesthesia, and having an artificial tooth put into your mouth. To ensure your safety and the quality of your artificial tooth, there are many more steps involved. Here are a few of the costs on your dental bill that may give you a scare.

X-Ray or CT Scan

Before placing the implant, your dentist will need to take an X-ray or CT scan of your mouth, and will use these images to find the best precise location for the implant. These images serve as the blueprint for the dental surgery. A dental surgeon cannot undertake a dental implant procedure without looking at that blueprint.

Unfortunately, the cost of these diagnostic tests can add up. Depending on how many images the dentist and surgeon need, X-Rays and CT scans can cost somewhere between $25 and $200.

Bone Graft

There’s also the possibility that you may need a bone graft. A bone graft is a surger in which a surgeon takes small particles of bone or a whole piece of bone from elsewhere in your body and places it in your jawbone. This procedure is only necessary for patients who do not have enough bone in their jaw to support an implant.

The cost of the bone graft will vary depending on the source of the bone and how much bone is needed. The surgeon can also source the bone from a cadaver or a cow, or can have the lab create synthetic bone. The average price for these options ranges from $250 to $1,100.

If the surgeon harvests the bone from your own body, usually from the hip or the chin, the cost is much higher. Typically the cost of a self-sourced bone graft is between $2,000 and $3,000, because the procedure involves two surgeries—the bone harvesting and the bone placement—and requires hospitalization.

Teeth Extraction

If any of your teeth must be removed before the dentist can place your dental implants, that will cost extra, too. The overall cost of the extraction varies depending on the length of the visit and the difficulty of removing the tooth.

On average, here’s what a tooth extraction costs:

  • $75 to $300 for a non-surgical, gum-erupted tooth removal
  • 150 to $650 for a surgical extraction with anesthesia
  • $185 to $600 for soft-tissue removals and complicated surgery
  • $75 to $200 for a wisdom tooth removal

The Dentist’s And Surgeon’s Level Of Experience

As we mentioned above, the cost of your dental implants will vary depending on the time it takes for the surgeon to perform necessary additional surgeries and for the dentist to remove your teeth and place your implant.

The best kind of dental professional to go to would be a prosthodontist, someone who’s an expert in restoring and replacing teeth. Your entire prosthetic can rely on dental implants, so it’s best to have a specialist in that area place them securely.

These services can cost anywhere from $500 for a surgeon still in dental school up to $2,000 for an experienced dental surgeon. You’ll also need to pay the anesthesiologist, whose fees range from $500 to $800 per hour.

Cost Of Materials

The three primary components of a typical dental implant are the implant (zirconia or titatnium), the abutment, and the crown. Each of these components can be expensive.

Here’s the average cost of these materials in the United States:

  1. The implant (the part placed in the bone) can cost between $1,600 and $2,000
  2. The abutment (screws into the implant) can cost between $275 and $450
  3. The crown (attaches to the abutment) can cost between $1,000 and $3,000


The cost of getting a dental implant is significantly higher in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Other countries like Australia, Thailand, and Mexico charge much less for dental implants. If you live in the U.S. and need a dental implant, it may be more fiscally responsible to seek dental care overseas.

Here’s what to do next

It’s true—dental implants are pricey. But if you need an implant, you know that it’s more than just for looks — it can give you back the lifestyle that you want.

Continue reading on the next page and learn how to get affordable dental implants.

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  1. I had a single implant placed in the early 90’s. The cost to me was $5,000. Reviewing current dental implant costs in 2017 indicates that the cost for a single implant is currently between $3000 and $6000. Low end $1500 cited seems ludicrous. Which indicates that the real cost probably hasn’t come down at all in the last 25 years. Why?

    Recently went to two different dentists who provided estimates of an all-on-four dental placement. One office charged $23k and the other charged $28k. And I’m absolutely certain I could have found an office that would have produced an estimate of $30k. Same procedure.

    What’s going on? Why hasn’t implant technology brought prices down? Who’s getting rich? Doctors? Labs? Manufacturers? All of them? I’m certainly not.

  2. How the hell do you “Doctors” sleep at night charging people that much money for something you don’t come close to paying that much for? I truly hope Karma comes and bite you in the ass!

  3. I am just starting the process and for complete implants upper and lower they are charging me $59,000. Ludicrous but I have no choice, no insurance and I am disabled and have a fixed income. I had to finance $29,000 of the total bill with payment of approximately $900 a month. That is half of my disability check. I have been looking for hours for financial help with this if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thank you and bless you.

  4. i had upper and lower implants, 6 screws on the bottom and 5 on top, with bone grafts done in nicaragua. total cost of about $10,000.

  5. I cracked a tooth (molar) that broke off, leaving the bottom half intact. I suspect that this happened due to nighttime grinding because of restless sleep due to arthritis and leg cramps. When I went to the dentist for cleaning and evaluation the first word out of the dentist’s mouth was implant. I did not accept the suggested treatment. It’s three years later. I suffer no pain. I’ve never had cavities and still don’t. I carry Humana medical as retiree of the Texas education system. I just read that Humana is a good choice for a dental plan. I’m looking into that suggestion. Until I read this info and comments, I had no idea this procedure could cost what my house cost!
    Thanks for taking the time to educate us via commentary.

  6. I think it is time someone looks into the Dental Profession. The prices charged are terrible, they know that people do not want to run around with no teeth but yet many have to due to the outrageous amounts dentists charge.
    I realize they have to make a living but come on, most of us do not have a lot of money, we have to finance to get our teeth fixed. I have spent so much money on getting teeth fixed………I am sorry but dentists in my way of thinking are GREEDY.

  7. My dentist quoted me $30k for a full set upper and lower. I told him, “You must be building a new house. ” Turned out he was.

  8. My son just graduated from dental school and is now going on to 3 more years of residency to learn to do implants. He is now about $250k in debt and that doesn’t count the $100k or so that we have spent to help him. He’s been in school for 8 years now post high school and has 3 more years to go still. It’s easy to ask how they charge so much but if you had dedicated that much of your life, time and money to this profession then maybe you could understand better.

  9. Yes, college and professional schools are extremely expensive and good dentists and oral surgeons should be greatly compensated. He will easily recoup the costs of his education.

    Unfortunately, most people can’t afford their services. Other professions require quite a bit of college yet our society places little value to their commitment. Our state is undergoing a shortage of certified teachers as teacher education programs can’t attract candidates willing to go to college for 5 years and continue to go to college once they have a career in order to keep their certification updated. Most teachers have a minimum of a master’s degree yet the starting salary here is 31,000.00. Our society places very little value on any career in Human Services. These are the highly educated committed people who can’t afford dental care.

  10. So I guess the observation I got is the U.S.’s extremely high cost for educating its people… THE ULTIMATE STING!!! Doesn’t cost that much…OUR GOVERNMENT!! SMH!!! #THIEVES and if ur late paying the gangsters back, they’ll for sure proceed to ruin ur life!!???

  11. I went to a dental school in Los Angeles a few years back. I knew students would be working with me, but I felt comfortable because they were supervised by professionals. Well, that’s not always the case. Even though I take extremely good care of my teeth, it turns out after a recent dental visit, my checkup revealed that every tooth the dental students worked on, will have to be either extracted, or taken care with expensive dental procedures. My advice to anyone entertaining the idea of going to a dental school for any procedure(s), is to make sure you go back on a regular basis for your checkups. This insures that any procedure(s) not done correctly will have to be redone by the dental school.

  12. @Bob Floodene $30k for a full mouth of implants? Where do you live? I’ll have it done there! I have 12 teeth left and the crowns have broken off of several. I paid nearly $20K just for the crowns that have now failed! My problem is I have pyorrhea. For the longest time I’ve been told “if you have pyorrhea you can’t have implants” but it sounds like that is no longer the case. I just want my smile back and to be able to eat normal food again instead of drinking instant breakfast and eating scrambled eggs all the time. I can do $30k standing on my head of it gets me a full mouth of teeth!

  13. Guys, don’t be crazy and pay such high sums…this is nuts. I am from Romania, here an tooth implant (titanium, zirconium…or whatever), cost from 350 to 800 euros. I had done 2 implants 3 years ago and the work is absolutely perfect. With the money some of you pay for a nice set of theeth you could travel to Romania, and after the work is done you could then visit several countries on the same money you spend in your countries. By the way, now there is the one-stage-surgery, so you won’t have to travel back and forth. My two implants cost me a little under 1.000 euros, with all the tests, etc. Do not pay those ridiculous amounts of money, you are making rich lots of assholes.

  14. I’m in need of full mouth implants. They told me I have a new car in my mouth. I said what that mean. He said 25,000. I don’t have near that. I need help asap. Can’t eat nothing much but mashed potatoes and rice.

  15. I have heard to places to get these done for far less than in the US. The first is actually considered the capital for all dental work in Europe (not kidding) Budapest Hungary. They actually have 24 hour dental clinics for emergencies there. The other place is is Costa Rica. Budapest supposedly has lower costs. They may as part of the procedure include some hotel nights and or partial credits to cover your travel. These are real qualified dentists. Many people in Europe to to Hungary. Look this up and read.

  16. I have heard to places to get these done for far less than in the US. The first is actually considered the capital for all dental work in Europe (not kidding) Budapest Hungary. They actually have 24 hour dental clinics for emergencies there. The other place is is Costa Rica. Budapest supposedly has lower costs. They may as part of the procedure include some hotel nights and or partial credits to cover your travel. These are real qualified dentists. Many people in Europe to to Hungary. Look this up and read.

  17. Absolutely outrageous prices. In England Pogues singer Shane MacGowan got 22 implants for nothing. When it comes to medical care and dental, there is no place more f*cked up than the USA. One of the richest countries in the world with absolutely zero healthcare except for the rich and oh yes, our politicians who get it absolutely free.

  18. Absolutely outrageous prices. In England Pogues singer Shane MacGowan got 22 implants for nothing. When it comes to medical care and dental, there is no place more f*cked up than the USA. One of the richest countries in the world with absolutely zero healthcare except for the rich and oh yes, our politicians who get it absolutely free.

  19. I have two dental insurances and still could not save my back molar because my cost after insurance would be around $600 for crown and $600 for root canal and that is my cost after insurance an being disabled I dont have that kind of money just lying around in a draw wtf the USA needs healthcare for everyone regardless of anything this world is so full of crap!! And now most politicians who draw over 6 figure incomes and they get free healthcare and dental and whatever else they want for free oh yeah not free we the american people pay for it in the high ass taxes that they place on the middle class but yet u say what middle class totally agree!!

  20. I have two dental insurances and still could not save my back molar because my cost after insurance would be around $600 for crown and $600 for root canal and that is my cost after insurance an being disabled I dont have that kind of money just lying around in a draw wtf the USA needs healthcare for everyone regardless of anything this world is so full of crap!! And now most politicians who draw over 6 figure incomes and they get free healthcare and dental and whatever else they want for free oh yeah not free we the american people pay for it in the high ass taxes that they place on the middle class but yet u say what middle class totally agree!!

  21. Very nicely done! Very clean & easy to comprehend advice on the implants. Many times medical terminology is intimidating & knowledge is power. That factor is exactly how people can negotiate the best price. With the extreme cost variation it’s shocking that it could swing from say $3,000 to $50,000 for implants. I mean that a house verses a house payment.Thank you, on to more research! 🙂

  22. Some people have done everything to take care of their teeth but unfortunately genetics may have played a role in bad teeth. Another thing I know of Dentist actually drilling on cavaties that did not exist, only to fill their pockets with money.

  23. Understand but after a year of working your son will probably be able to pay of the debt, and buy a new house in the process. No doubt he will be a nice young man and be fair to his patients.

  24. Every citizens needs to get active about voting. In every election, every citizens needs to take action and vote for change. We here in American needs to realize, that the Republican party holds all the power and all they care about is keeping a Republican president even if it happens to be the most ungodly ,unprofessional perverted , morally corrupt, and lies so easily. He not fit to be president of America,on many issues he has no idea what he is doing, and it really frustrates me that the Republican party looks the other way when he lies, or just making the most unpleasant comments about anyone. DT likes to belittle people of color and the Republican party sites back, and keeps making excuses for his derogatory comments, like he is a kid, but DT is terrible accident ready to explode. How can our congress, and senator let DT continue on this danger path. The man is unstable and mentally ill, and the Republican party knows the man is not dealing with a full deck. His presence is know longer wanted in so many of our other countries. And now our government has shut down once again. Some people with big money ,money is there god.
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  25. CAN WE PLEASE STOP to effing call DENTAL INSURANCE something that you pay $500 in advance and then MAYBE you get $1000 MAX !! this is not insurance ! it is a BET!!
    IT SHOULD BE STOP BY LAW to be called insurance!
    ONLY STUPIDs can do something like this !
    It carries little advantages! but they are advantages which are paid by other inattentive people !
    A sort of a scam .. they make money on whom forget to do the regular cleaning or based on the scary and annoying part to have to go to the dentist!
    I THINK they are legal to do every proposal they want but CALL it INSURANCE? NO ! eff you!

  26. Who wouldn’t love to have affordable dental work but it is not my governments responsibility to make sure I have a beautiful smile. Most people these days want dental work for vanity reasons. I remember my great grandma feasting on chicken one afternoon with no teeth at all. She knawed on that drumstick with her gums and didn’t seem to care one bit about her toothless smile. In contrast, girls with beautiful teeth already are getting invisiline and teeth whitening. When you see all the work involved in providing implants I don’t see how it can possibly be cheap. You have all the years of schooling and training to become proficient and then there is the medical equipment needed and the design and production of the implant materials, the overhead for the dental office; receptionist and assistants and someone who processes the insurance. So the government is supposed to pay for that with what??? My taxes ?? Oh wait I forgot about the magic pot of money?

  27. You are so correct my friend. Let’s not forget about the poor Dentist that needs to buy his 16 year kid a fucking Lamborghini!! Over priced bastards.

  28. $30,000 for a full set upper and lower? That is actually not bad. Imagine two implants and crowns for about $17,000.

  29. I had to fight with our dental insurer each and every time I had a teeth cleaning. It was recommended I have my teeth cleaned four times a year; the insurance wanted to pay only for two annual cleanings. Actually, they just wanted to pocket the premium and not pay because I do not remember one instance where they did not come back asking questions, wanting more copies, etc.
    These insurers are scam artists.
    What I don’t understand Obamacare is supposed to be so great and benefit so many people why then does it not include dental care? Yes, children get dental care but adults need dental care as well. Seniors too (Medicare does not pay for dental care either).
    Those who cannot afford dental treatment will have to go toothless. This is pitiful!

  30. it is because the personal responsibility of keeping our teeth for the best it falls on us if it is not paid from the Fed ! … $3000 a tooth it means that the Gov would pay 3,000×32 = $100,000 for each person per life (+ another $50,000 for maintenance!) .. it is impossible ! also because everybody would brush less because the cost is not on them …
    At large 360ML people x 100,000 = 36$ TRILLIONS added debt!?!? ahahahah

    we need to pay attention where it stands the good caritative public help and a way to become wrongly entitled on the shoulder of others …

    IF NOT LET’s have also our CAR paid by the Obama Care!! I need the car to go to the DENTIST ! ahahahahahahah

    This is the problem of GIVING out something to slow brains !! They do not stop to ask MORE!! and more and more !! like kids …

  31. Give me a break. No one is asking for a government handout. In case you forgot, medicare deductions are taking out of a person’s salary as long as they work. So the care they get when they retire, which btw, is not free –depending on income you still have to pay a quarterly rate which isn’t chicken feed — isn’t an entitlement; it’s money these people earned throughout their working years. We are not talking about welfare or medicaid here.
    Regarding personal responsibility, I am so sick of tired of hearing tone-deaf people like you harp on this. No one said dental care should be free.

    I hope you never lose your teeth. If you do, you can always have dentures.

  32. Brushing your teeth does not always protect you, especially if you eat the standard (sugary) American diet.
    You can brush and floss all you want and still end up with the need for a tooth replacement. I can’t believe the ignorance displayed in comment following this article.

  33. Boy oh boy, can I talk about dentists (butchers) that drill huge holes, fill them, and when the filling falls out, the tooth collapses.

  34. what you are saying it is that Dentist should work for free! .. you have to be real ! what you pay in advance do not even cover the fix cost of your shoes ! please wonder about the cost of dentists!
    If I lose the teeth I have my savings! like my family taught me and not spending everything you are waged!
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  35. Ok Mister High and Mighty, I am so glad you have everything under control. No layoff for you ever. You have it all figured out. Good for you.
    I am the last person that expects a handout. This country is supporting a lower class, one that has children without being able to pay them and then blames society. I do not expect a handout; actually, I wouldn’t want one. Medicare has been set up to help. Only those on Medicaid get a free ride, everyone else pays.
    I don’t want you to pay for my teeth. Don’t get your knickers in a twist, I never asked for you or anyone else pay for my teeth. You are on a rampage, just ready to pounce on anyone who you consider wants something. You couldn’t be more wrong.
    I don’t think I would ever be able to get through to you. You are too thick.

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    but at the end I am very sorry for your issues and hope you will find a way out …

  37. hmm ok you jackass teeth break its not just about brushing you’re teeth even if you brush them every day they can still break and yes the government dose have a obligation to to help its people that is why we pay taxes and its what it should be used for programs like universal healthcare and not to bail out the wealthy so please shut the fuck up you deluded asshole

  38. And so, you invested that much money for…? To MAKE big money, right? So what you probably know is that you are investing in meeting the people with inflated incomes to pay you back for inflated expenses of college and make your life inflated. You will be in the company of the upper-echelon and that’s fine for you. Obviously we who are a bit less fortunate in the income department are looking for answers that don’t keep this kind of monopoly going on and on. What giants are we facing? Schools and staff costs, including insurance? Tools of the trade…titanium? Doctor’s malpractice insurances? You name it, it’s there and it is GIANT. So where do we begin? We don’t get this solved by simply defending (with all due respect), the cost for college. That is also waaaaay over-inflated. I certainly don’t have the answers but someone does and it’s those of us who continue to insist upon transparency and integrity that continue to ask for answers. I am oversimplifying as well but there are greedy “bas…ds” all the way through this process and somehow we need a “swamp cleanup” the same as we need in our government.

  39. Sadly, even when you do get Medicare, it doesn’t help much with dental. There is literally no decent insurance for people with severe dental problems. I just saw a doctor today who told me one of my kids is going to need around $50,000 worth of dental work. How the heck am I supposed to pay for that?

  40. I brush, floss and rinse multiple times a day, and take great pride in my teeth. Unfortunately, the medical condition that I have causes a lot of problem including a rapid degeneration of my teeth – which is the reason for my visiting this page. However, because of the same condition, I may be allergic either to the implants or to the bonding agent (I’m allergic to other life-saving devices I have implanted in my body right now). I won’t know until I try. It’s a really expensive experiment.

  41. $5800 and it took the guy less than one hour and that does not include the abutment or crown. rip off artist. of course they will not give you a firm price before it is done, so got you by the balls.

  42. Few years back I broke my upper front tooth. My American dentist estimated the work using 4 units crown at $12,000. My wife, who is originally from Kyrgyzstan, found one of the best dentists there, who did the same type of work for $1,400. I paid for the air ticket $800 and the place to stay there booked with airb&b another $300. In total, $2,500. Food is very cheap there. You may have a dinner of the lamb ships kebab with salad and rice for about $4. A taxi ride of about 3 miles is under $2.

  43. I’m not sure if I understand your meaning correctly, but dental problems are largely genetic by current understanding– not primarily due to poor dental hygiene. I have brushed and flossed regularly all my life, gotten regular dental cleanings and checkups, and still have needed many crowns and a bridge in my mouth. The bridge is now failing and I will need at least one implant. This is not “my fault”– it’s mostly the luck of the genetic draw.

  44. Hello. There. They are spending I just. Pay $49000. Dollars I fell in truck stop many years ago in shower. Broke my teeth up I drive truck worked. Hard last thirty years. Saved my money made some investments drove my same pickup for 22 years. Eat lot good food at house worked many off weekends. I love my total. Implants. I. Could have bought a sorry new pickup for $60000 dollars or worthless camper for bunch of money. No I bought my new teeth. I can use the rest of my life .i still working hard. Saving some. Money. And too top it off I’ve been a above knee amputee for 37 years. Had deal with that. I just keep working hard. I did it anybody can do it. Yepper

  45. I can not find a dentist near me that is reasonably priced or that will quote me for what I want!! I just recently went to Elmwood dental in Rochester, NY… They quote me $20k for upper and $15k for lower, must put down 1/3 to start.. I asked if it came with a free car. I have my front teeth yet, but they just want to rip them out and put full implants in. I just wanted to get partial implants for the back teeth and be set up for the future, if and when my fronts decay then go with full mouth implants utilizing existing studs. Not possible they told me, its all or none or pay for every single tooth to be an implant. Where is the technology? The dentist also said that implants were like computers, outdated in a year. Our country is a f–king joke!! Only the rich can afford implants here.


  47. Same questions as Joanne. If all is well, I’ll go tomorrow! Would you mind sharing the info? Or else, how to even find out about such places? Thanks so much!

  48. “No one is asking for a government handout.”

    The fantasy world you live in must be really nice… millions seek handouts every day. Most people on the Bernie train are seeking handouts… what do you think free college, free healthcare, etc is? I still remember all the Obama-phones, were they, or not, handouts? They may have not been free to the taxpayers, but, they most certainly were handouts…

  49. We seem to be talking past each other. The topic was medicare, no? Did I not mention that it is income based? Yes, many pay nothing but the middle class certainly pays Medicare every quarter. They get nothing for free nor would they expect free things.
    Why are people so upset? All I questioned why we did not have better dental plans, including adding one in Medicare. Those who have lived off the system will continue to live off the system, probably doing better than those who have worked their entire lives and played by the rules.

  50. Your thinking is not clear. Actually, it borders the ridiculous. What do dentists and whores have in common?
    P.S. I don’t want others to pick up my dental expenses.
    Take a deep breath and get a grip. You ARE losing it!

  51. Since you are bringing up “personal responsibility” then we should also not pay for medical cases for those who are obese and as a result have cancer or Type2 Diabetes. Those who smoke and get cancer, we don’t pay for them easier. Those who get pregnant, well, they pay for it themselves. What remains?

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    What I give to you and we all deserve it is COMPETITION THE MOTHER of ALL DEMOCRACIES !! because that all the dentist are filthy rich in excess it is because it is missing! …
    THE REST it is ALL ALL ALL power of votes ! and that is why then Republican on the other side they screw you with a lot of BS !!
    Gov should be there to pull and tight competition so to keep all the pricing down…

    And then of course we separate the CIVIL DUTY with the CHARITY !
    NOBODY wants you dead or missing teeth.

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  55. Hello, did not you consider Ukraine as a possible destination for your dental travel? As far as I know, there are special agencies that can help you with all of them during the entire trip with you and I can advise one of these. Also, prices are some of the cheapest in the world (due to economic components) and dentistry at a very high level

  56. ahahah and here another one! All on board!! as I said:
    ” … and then the TYPICAL Democrat response on when they are BENT over 90% by FACTS, they go into the personal stupidity thinking that it makes it change their status! so starting calling “racist! insensitive! or … Jack ass !”

    And that is why you call yourself twocentsplus! ahaha the amount of $$ in your bank!… and when you speak 4 languages like me come back because your are a LOOOSEEER!! … rule #1 of a normal real man: If you offend Substatiate the Offense with facts ! … say something COGLIONE NUMBER 2!!

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  57. Alex…its a year since your post. Are you still ‘problem free’ with the implants.
    I was quoted as much as $8K each…& they say I need 7 implants. And the guy did his residency in Brazil..not usa..& isn’t an oral surgeon. A greedy dds trying to cash in…big time
    I would really appreciate some contact info for your dentists in Romania please?

  58. I have been checking prices in three locations and the prices quoted in this article are insane. Don’t even think about calling any dentist associated with this article.

  59. I’d like the same answers as the other two. Can you share where in Nicaragua you rec’d this treatment? How has your experience been now since it’s a year later?

  60. Just bring the oversea dentists to the USA and pay them minimum wage. Then they will be rich when they are back home and our dental health is safe. Same for healthcare. Beat that. Here is healthcare solution is 10 seconds.

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