• To save money on your dentures, you can consider a cheaper type of dentures.
  • Some dental schools offer discounts on their services. Students supervised by licensed professionals offer denture services.
  • Consider dental discount plans and dental insurance. You may also find a charity program that offers free dentures to veterans and seniors.
  • Save money on dental care without sacrificing quality. Use Authority Dental to book low-cost dentists in your city. Contact us today.

Can't afford dentures but need to replace your teeth? Here's everything you need to know.

Low-cost dentures

Different types of partial dentures

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Dentures are the most affordable way to replace teeth, but that doesn’t mean they are cheap. The cost of dentures may easily break your wallet, especially if you don’t do some research to optimize rates.

Here is a list of trustworthy methods of restoring a smile cheaply and safely.

Choose the best specialist

The ultimate way to save on dentures is to find an experienced prosthodontist. The price may be higher at first, but there is minimal risk of additional costs later on. You are paying for quality service as well as materials that will last and won’t have a negative effect on your mouth’s health.

What’s more, an inexperienced specialist is still learning, so the service time may be stretched out. If timing is important to you, choose a seasoned professional.

We have a huge database of affordable dentists with vast experience all over the US. The appointment will be set up for you.

We will consider your insurance and preferred payment options. No cash is no problem, there are many financing methods.

Opt for a cheaper denture type

If you don't mind compromising on tooth shades, gum color, or a longer delivery time, you may want to consider cheaper types of dentures. They are usually cold-cured and made from less durable materials, like acrylic instead of metal.

But there are downsides. Affordable dentures often make for an artificial look and may not fit very well over time. This is because cheaper materials shrink and change shape faster.

You’ll also have to consider the costs of adjustments and sooner replacement than if you were to invest a little more initially. Low-cost dentures usually don’t last for longer than 5 years.

Work with dental students

Dental schools offer discounts on many services. Students can fashion dentures and perform associated procedures such as extractions. The denture is sure to be of high quality, as licensed professionals monitor everything the students do.

The downsides include a possible waiting list and a longer delivery time, as each step has to be graded. Check whether there is a dental school in your area, but remember that waiting lists are usually shorter in smaller cities.

Use the ADA search tool on their website to find dental schools near you. Contact them directly for information about procedures they offer.

Analyze dental insurance coverage

The first thing that comes to mind when considering saving on health care is insurance. Depending on your plan, you can save up to about 50% on your prosthesis. For some, this may be a viable option, but it isn’t without its drawbacks.

Insurance plans come with waiting periods which often apply to non-emergency treatments, including dentures.

You also have to consider annual caps. This means you either can’t have any other work done on your mouth that year, or you can choose to only use insurance on associated procedures.

There are also often high copays and deductibles. Coverage may be very different depending on the condition of your mouth and how long you have been insured. Your provider may also refuse to cover the costs of your prosthesis if the teeth were missing before you got the policy.

Contact your provider if you are already insured to see how much you can save.

Sign up for a Dental Discount Plan

Dental discount plans may be a great alternative or addition to insurance. Whether you can use them at the same time is up to your dentist. Either way, dental plans come with many benefits.

There are no deductibles, copays, annual caps, or waiting periods. You can have work done on issues that arose before the plan was active and you don’t have to stretch your treatment out. The only condition is that you have to go with a dental practice within the network.

There are regular monthly or annual fees and you get reductions on all services, including additional procedures like tooth extraction. You may even consider denture alternatives such as dental implants. Dental plans cover all treatments, whether cosmetic or medically necessary.

Contact local health departments

If you are disabled or have a marginal income, your local health department may be able to direct you to a clinic that will make your dentures at a lower price. Different practices have different acceptability criteria and cover different services.

Contact your local community health center for details on possible pricing and savings on dentures in your area.

Check eligibility for state and government help

There are a variety of state and government programs that may help you finance your denture. Those are usually dedicated to those with a low income, the lederly, or young people.

Medicaid and Medicare are two popular solutions. The first is usually meant for younger people who are underserved and who are in medical need of dentures. The latter may benefit older patients with certain disabilities or diseases.

Check the respective websites of Medicaid and Medicare for more information on whether you can receive some coverage.

Free dentures

Full upper dentures with palate

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There are a range of ways seniors, veterans and those with disabilities may get their dentures completely free of charge. If you qualify, all you have to do is some research and perhaps a little legwork.

Charity programs for dedicated groups

Programs like Dental Donated Services and Give Back a Smile enroll volunteers who may get you your prosthesis for free. There might be a complicated process, however, so check the website for conditions you have to meet.

Dental Donated Services has different qualification criteria for each state. You can check the DDS website and use their tool to find out what conditions you have to meet in your location.

Give Back a Smile, on the other hand, caters to those who have suffered domestic violence. You can get a denture completely free of charge other than a $20 enrollment fee (which can be exchanged for 10 hours of social work).

Veterans can look into VA benefits or private dental offices who donate resources, time, and expertise in their area. This work is usually performed pro bono as a tribute to Vets.

Clinical trials and training courses

If you are prepared to experiment, you may want to check out clinical trials. They often try out new technology like novice materials or special types of clasps to see how they would work out on real patients.

The process may take a bit longer and you may experience some extra discomfort, but it’s a great way to save on dentures. You may have to do a little research, as clinical trials often require patients to have specific conditions to be admitted.

There is a little risk involved, but all procedures are performed by experts who will keep a close eye on your condition. If anything was to go wrong, you are likely to get a fix for free.

Many dentists also want to specialize in new fields, which includes prosthodontics. You may get a free denture by volunteering to participate in their training. They usually already have a lot of experience, so there is no extra risk involved.

National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

If you have no insurance and a low income, you may be able to get dentures affordably through the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics. It is a network of medical offices that provide healthcare to those in need.

They don’t sponsor private individuals, so make sure to find out whether there is a participating office in your area. You may have to provide proof of low income to take part in the program.

Cheap dentures online

Broken full upper dentures

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It’s getting more and more common to purchase dentures online on popular e-commerce sites. Making this choice is definitely going to save you money at first. But you are putting your mouth at risk and compromising on a comfortable fit.

The quality of dentures purchased online is a lot lower than at a professional dental office or lab. Materials are cheaper and therefore more prone to breaking, cracking, and shrinking.

The fit of online dentures is always a problem. No amount of adhesive or reline paste is going to make the denture comfortable. Every denture needs to be custom made with a specialist making the impressions. An uncomfortable fit may lead to lesions or even periodontitis, which are expensive to treat.

If you are set on making an online purchase, make sure there is a warranty on the prosthesis. That way you may be able to at least get some money back if the denture causes issues.

Another thing worth looking out for are “free grants”. According to our research, organizations do not give any funding to private individuals, rather dental offices or labs who may then engage in charitable work. So if you hear about grants for dentures, it’s usually nothing more than an empty promise and an attempt to gather your sensitive data.



What are the pros and cons of cheap dentures?

The biggest pro of cheap dentures is the cost. Many patients would not have access to tooth restoration if there was no affordable alternative.

The cons, however, include a longer process, less durability and comfort, as well as the need to make adjustments and pay for replacements more frequently. What’s more, cheap dentures are likely to look more artificial and are prone to breakage and cracks.

If your denture breaks, it is vital to fix or replace it as soon as possible to prevent food getting stuck inside causing complications to your oral health. Repairs will be cheaper than treatment and it will save you a lot of pain and discomfort.

What is the cheapest price for dentures?

The cost of full dentures starts at about $300 per arch. Counter-intuitively, partials are usually a bit more expensive.

Is it safe to buy cheap dentures online?

No dentist will recommend purchasing dentures online. Such a prosthesis will not be as comfortable or safe as one manufactured at a licensed dental lab or office.

The materials cheap dentures are made from are of much lower quality. What’s more, not having a custom-made prosthesis could lead to complications and even more treatment required in the future.

If you exhaust all your other options and decide to go with an online denture, make sure to read patient reviews. People are likely to express their dissatisfaction and you can avoid throwing your money out the window.