How Can You Get Dentures For Free? Explore Medicaid, Discount Plans, Charities & Grants

Free can often mean low quality. You wouldn’t want to take your car to a mechanic who never charges anybody — that’s very suspicious.

Fortunately, there are real ways to get good dentures for low-income folks, like low-cost or free dentures. You may not have known about some of the options out there.

It can be stressful thing when you need dentures but can’t afford them.

And people assume dentures are overpriced, but keep in mind that dentists need to have a special set of skills and knowledge to fit and manufacture dentures.

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It’s Not So Expensive After All

When you realize how much work and materials goes into creating a new set of teeth, you’ll see that the price can actually be reasonable.

However, basic dentures can still cost upwards of $300, or even more depending on what type you need. This can still be a lot of money for someone with a lower income.

So here are some denture options for poorer folks who can’t afford to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new set of teeth.

Basic traditional dentures can cost you several hundred dollars, so it may be worth looking into more affordable alternatives.

Dental Insurance And Related Options

The first and best option is to contact your dental insurance company — whether private insurance, Medicare, etc. — and ask if they will cover the dentures you need. Often times, the insurance company can cover most or all of the cost.

However, that’s not always the case. Here are some other options you can consider.

Dental Discount Plans

Dental discount plans are growing in popularity as people begin to realize how much money they can save on dental services.

This is a membership plan with a small annual fee that gets you discounts on dental care, regardless of pre-existing conditions or insurability.

Once you get a plan, you would just show your membership card at every dentist visit, allowing you to get up to 60% off of the cost of the services. You can learn more about these plans, and get your own, on this page here.


In some states, Medicaid will help cover some dental services, possibly dentures. If you have a very low income, you may qualify to get Medicaid benefits. You can find out if you qualify by contacting your local Medicaid office.

Reduced-Cost / Free Clinics

In many state, there are dental clinics that offer free or reduced-cost services. Below are a few websites that allow you to search for these types of clinics in your area:

Your Local Hospital

Local hospitals sometimes have dental clinics, so it’s a good idea to call your local hospital to ask if they do. If they have a dental clinic, they can tell you what services they offer, what the associated fees are, and how they take payments (or if they offer a payment plan).

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

FQHCs are sometimes called Primary Health Care Service Delivery Sites. They’re basically health care facilities that are purposefully located in regions considered medically underserved. And they sometimes offer dentals services.

Community Health Centers

There are plenty of CHCs throughout the country and many of them provide free or affordable dental care (among other health services). They’re able to offer cheaper dental care because they’re funding comes from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

Dental Schools

This one is a little out of left field as some people may not be comfortable having a dental student work on their mouth. But they can provide good quality and low-cost dental care, obviously working under the supervision of an experienced professional dentist.

Check our list to see if there’s a dental school near you.

Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

PACE is a program that can provide low-cost dentures for seniors, specifically seniors who need care within the context of a nursing home. It’s available in some states to those with Medicaid and Medicare dental plans.

If you’re looking into free or affordable dentures, you have so many financing options, like Medicaid, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and so many others.

Charities And Grants For Dentures

In addition to or instead of the above options, you can also look at grants for dentures. Thanks to the many grants available, there are easily accessible denture services for low-income households that can help cover the cost of dental care.

Donated Dental Service Programs

The DDS program offers free and comprehensive dental treatment to people with disabilities, the elderly, or those who cannot afford the health care they need. It’s run by a volunteer network of dentists and dental labs all over the United States.

DDS programs are not in every state, so you’ll want to see if you have one near you.

Domestic Violence Give Back a Smile Program

Thanks to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, this program offers free restorative dental care to people with damaged teeth from criminal domestic violence. Any victim of domestic violence whose dental injuries were caused by a spouse or partner is eligible (victim must have been out of the abusive relationship for at least one year).

This is a very specific situation, but we wanted to include it just in case this is you or someone you know.

Mouthglove Free Dentures Program (For Organ Donors or Recipients)

If you’ve donated an organ or have received a donated organ, you may qualify for this program through Mouthglove Dentures. Take note, this is not for those who have opted to donate an organ post-mortem, but rather someone who has already given or received an organ for a life-saving surgery.

You should also know that help may be limited as they only offer a single donation of an upper or lower set of dentures per month. Also, Mouthglove will require your permission to use your story in their press releases.

But it may be worth checking out if you can get affordable or free dentures.

The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFCC)

The NAFCC is an organization that is determined to make affordable health care (including dental care) available to more people who are medically underserved. Their belief is that good healthcare is a right, not a privilege. And they seek to help people with no insurance or a lack of access to proper care.

They have more than 1,200 clinics across the country, so you should visit their website to see if they have a clinic near you.

If none of the main alternatives work for you, you can look into charities and grants like Donated Dental Service Programs or the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.

Dentures Can Be Free

So, yes, you can get dentures for less than what you’d expect, thanks to all these options. If you put a little time into combing through these options and finding the right ones for you, your dentures could end up being very affordable or even free.

Who says you need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on dentures?


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get free dentures, or at least dentures for a much more affordable price than usual.

So free does not always mean low-quality. Cheap and good can go together quite nicely, at least when it comes to dentures.


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  2. Pamela, I see no one answered you here so far. Have you found a solution to your situation? Have you tried any of these suggestions? I’d like to know if you did… Thanks!

  3. I have 2 teeth my dentures are so old I can’t chew my food fully so I’m constantly constipated. It’s horrible😪I manage to give a dentist $600 but I still owe $800 and can’t afford to pay it. It’s been 1 year now and still can’t come up with the rest of the money. My mouth is a horror and it’s so embarrassing.

  4. I’m 55 I have no teeth they all fell out atfer having open heart surgery in 2014 I can’t eat good food I have to eat softed food I only get 571 amonth and it’s very hard to keep the bills up and save for teeth so can I please have some help

  5. My teeth are bad to I am going to try to get help real soon I cannot take it any more .also my brother had all his teeth pulled and he need help 😂

  6. I’m disabled and I’m need of dental care which I haven’t had because Florida doesn’t care about disabled or seniors my poor mom who lost her teeth after a stroke still had no teeth and her health is very bad. I tried for seven years to find help I’m floroda for her but there is none I found

  7. I relate to you Pamela life is to hard esp being severely disabled as well. We don’t want handouts we just need some help for struggling adults who are disabled at no fault of their own but there is none I feel helpless for my mom she needs help I’d rather suffer than see her suffer as I just struggled to pay 20% co payment for her eye operations. It’s awful living in Florida because I’m NJ I had help with dental and eyeglasses that’s was ages ago and we can’t afford to move nor physically can

  8. Wandering what i’d qualify for? on disability, I had beautiful teeth but got cancer at 37 and went through extensive treatments. Dentist said radiation poison is what was making them chip off and i’d lose them all, i had to have 2 yrs psychotherapy! At the time medicaid paid for the surgery but was going to stop doing so, so was rushed in, all teeth pulled then rushed pair dentures but 3 weeks after surgery, as you know much swelling goes down in a year but couldn’t go back for other pair…they cut coverage off, they are huge…reline just falls off!! this has been since 2010 …thank you

  9. Does any know people are reached out thru here for help. I too am seeking some help but don’t know where to turn. I live in South Carolina. If you hear of anything please let me know and I will do the same

  10. I’m disabled also and I’m telling you life is very hard being on disability. You’d think that the laws would change as to how the amounts are calculated so that we’d have a better income so when times like these arises we’d be better prepared. It’s like you can’t save because there isn’t anything to save

  11. Life is impossible being disabled in Florida I’m sorry I moved here but I did for my parents who had health issues. My mom is widowed disabled after a stroke and I’m disabled for 26 yrs and right spine operations and I’ve tried for 7 years to find my mom dentures and dental for myself. They don’t care about seniors needs or the disabled and Medicaid offers nothing unless your under 18 as far as dental, coverage etc. They tell you anything after $1,500 for hospital bills per month they will help after you pay that amount out of pocket which unless your in the hospital it’s worrhless. I tried so hard and to watch my mom decline and suffer and me being on a fixed I’m ome I help her with food and neglect my own needs and it’s impossable to save. I took her to aspen dental they quoted $8,000 for dentures the cheapest was $6,000 because she needs two implants to hold the lower dentures in. I can’t afford to fix my car now to get us to the doctors which I can’t drive but do when I have to and deal with the suffering after because we have no family left. If anyone knows of any assistance in central floroda please respond. My mom’s declining from not eating regular foods and I’m helpless and living in constant amxiety because I can’t help enough in my condition now.

  12. I live in Newport Kentucky I am the senior citizen I’m 58 years old I am on a fixed income I live in a senior citizen building and I am in need of teeth I need an upper and lower plates and I am terrified I have not had my teeth pulled yet because I cannot afford to get the teeth my medical card will pay for the extractions but they will not pay for the dentures does anyone know where I can get help with this they did have a program but they did not get the funding this year please does anyone know of anywhere thank you

  13. I applied to DDS (Donated Dental Service), which is a program offering free, comprehensive dental care to elderly, disabled or medically fragile people. I was on a wait list for almost 4 years. However, this varies by state so you should check out the DDS page for your state at

    However, I was FINALLY assigned to a volunteer dentist and oral surgeon just last week and am scheduled for my extractions next week. After that, I’ll be fitted for dentures.

    There are two downsides to going through this program, though. The volunteer dentists usually only offer the cheapest option (for them) not necessarily the best option. They do NOT do implants. That is very unfortunate because fixed dentures (using four to six metal post implants) are the only way to prevent further bone loss and preserve the facial structure of people with missing or no teeth. Another MAJOR downside is that removable dentures need to be refitted every few years due to the continued bone loss. The DDS program only offers assistance once per lifetime so I’ll need to find a way to pay for all the adjustments and any replacement or upgraded dentures (because again they only offer the cheapest, lower-tier dentures.)

    I know I must sound ungrateful but I truly am grateful for the assistance I will receive. It’s frustrating and scary, though, to know I’ll be in much the same position in a few years. In the medical field, they would do everything they could to prevent bone loss. In dentistry, though, it’s a luxury many of us can’t afford.

  14. I don’t like to bi*ch, rant, complain or moan about stuff, but Dentists most certainly are GREEDY, I don’t care what the author says/thinks!

    They do NOT have to charge what they do!

    I have NOT had ANY dental insurance since 1990 (that was the last on the books job I had that offered ANY med insurance!)

    I have had to PAY out of my OWN POCKETS ever since then and now I have only 6 teeth left, 2 on one lower side, two on the other and two on top and it is embarrassing to the point where I no longer like to go out anywhere, not even to NY Yankees games anymore (can’t afford to go to those no more anyway, but that’s another story! lol), nor do I even visit friends or have them over to my house anymore, I try to avoid my neighbors, just so they don’t have to look at me and it is also difficult to chew and EAT!

    I lost my job last year when the company I worked for since 1992 closed up and went kaput and now NOBODY will hire me!,
    As soon as these company people doing the hirings see that I have no front teeth left they always give me the same old song and dance routine B.S., such as “Well, you’re very qualified and very well educated, you would be a great asset to our company, we will gladly keep you in mind for the position!” and of course they NEVER call back, and you can just imagine why they don’t!

    And mind you, I lost most of my fronts due to a slip n fall accident in my home, and no, I couldn’t sue anyone over it!

    The rest were lost due to oral cancer I had 4 years ago, they all needed to come out and of course the politicians that get the BEST FREE medical care on Earth, thanks to MY tax dollars and who you know damn well are ALL getting paid off nicely by the greedy insurance (extortion) co’s (or their “lobbyists”) to make all these crazy “laws” and stipulations and regulations so that even greedier insurance co’s can greedily TAKE all MY money, but never have to give ANY of it back when I need it!

    Sure, Dentists have office rent, or mortgage, electric, phone, heating and other bills that they also need to pay, such as dental supplies, not to mention the ridiculously exuberant medical malpractice insurance extortion “fees”, I won’t ever dispute that fact, but I have NEVER seen a DDS drive a beat to death, rusted out death trap car/truck, like mine is, nor take a city bus, taxi or subway to and from their offices!

    The DDS I have used for the past 20 or so years- (because he knows that I have to pay him out of my pocket, he always charged me very decent rates, that are still pretty damn high though) -drives either his nice brandy new Mercedes-Benz or his very new Lexus SUV, and his whole office was remodeled just last summer!

    I don’t think he is hurting for $ at all, do you?
    And do you think he drives those nice, expensive vehicles because he’s “nice”?
    Oh! Hell No!
    He drives those, because he’s GREEDY AF and charges way more than he really needs to live off of!

    I’m sure his dental school tuition was paid off in just the first month his office ever opened, and I’m sure it’s the same for EVERY DDS!

    So please, save the B.S. for the ignorant and naive!

    BTW, I’m also looking forward to having surgery to remove a few stage-2 cancerous squamous cell tumors from under my scalp, neck, arm, legs and my back, and after that all happens I’ll be dealing with months and months of chemo and radiation treatment cycles and the dreaded hair loss!

    Just great! no teeth and no hair!?!
    Lil’ kids will look at me, scream and run away thinking I’m some freak or monster!

    Most days now I just want to die!

    Ya know, I’m supposed to turn 51 next week on the 24th of July, but I might not even make it till then and might possibly just go lay down on the subway tracks and just end it all very, very soon!

    Living in this POS joo and libtard owned and operated joke of a country that has NO problem taking and handing 90% of MY hard earned salary to FEED, HOUSE, MEDICATE, SCHOOL and give it all to the filthy, useless, worthless, disgusting illegal immigrants who have NOT paid into the system, especially not as much as I have, and who will also NEVER even learn the language of the land they came to ILLEGALLY, yet does NOTHING for ME, than it’s time to either end it all, or GTFO!

    Hey! Here’s an option for some of you guy’s n gal’s out there;
    I’ve heard that Cuba takes real, REAL good care of it’s people, they give the very BEST medical care and treatment in their hospitals, that make 99% of US hospitals look like junkyards!
    They treat you like you are actually a HUMAN and speak to you with the utmost respect!

    And they allegedly have some of the LOWEST prescription prices on Earth and they aren’t afraid to prescribe painkillers!

    Just try to get any pain meds (other than glorified Tylenol) here in the Poo-S-A!
    You won’t get any nowadays, thanks to all the spoiled lil dork kids of overbearing, over sheltering helicopter moms overdosing on mommies meds cause the poor lil snowflakes can’t handle their sheltered, self entitled and spoiled lives!

    I doubt this will even get posted and will get blocked!

  15. Wow! 46 isn’t even old!
    I feel bad Pamela, but 8 teeth, you’re doing better than me right now, I’ve only got 6 left myself due to a bout of stage-1 oral cancer I beat a few years ago and an accident two years ago, I tripped over my cat and landed face/mouth first into a thickass marble coffee table!
    (Yeah! It hurt like hell! One front tooth came right thru my skin just under my bottom lip! And I hadda pull it out myself!)
    So, are you hot/sexy/good or decent looking?
    No offense, but I mean when your mouths closed!,
    Cause I know ppl who would gladly pay well for some “time” with a hottie who don’t/can’t bitey!
    And no, I wasn’t just talking about me wanting one!
    You can make enough to buy the best dentures on Earth in no time at all!
    And I AM very serious!
    If it sounds like something you’d be into, I can get you the clientele!

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